Image from page 151 of “Savanna Farmer’s directory of Stephenson County, Illinois” (1917).

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Image from web page 151 of “Savanna Farmer’s directory site of Stephenson Area, Illinois” (1917)
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Title: < a href ="" > Meadow Farmer’s directory of Stephenson Area, Illinois Year:< a href="" > 1917 (< a href="" > 1910s) Authors:.
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SilverwareAmerican Cut Glass JewelerOptician This is the placeto buy Watches, Clocks, Jewelryand Silverware. Repair Job andEngraving Done Come to us to haveyour eyes testedand fitted by alicensed Optome-trist. All workguaranteed. H. A. ROTZLER 94 Chicago St., FREEPORT, ILL. Dustman, Hubert A Specialist Eagles Hall Club East Side Grocery Groceries Economy Gas Range Tops.Economy Car Ins. Assn. Eberle, John Mason Contractor Edler, Ed., Soap Edier, Geo Furnaces, Sheet Metal Embury Church. Eichorn, Geo. F Dressmaker Ellis, Jno. F Cigars Eisenhower, Steffen-Yount … Compensation Eisley, Miss Julia Tailor Elite Cafe. Elks Hall Club Emmert Drug Store Drugs Emerick & Ringer Jewelers Emmert Medicine Store.Enterprise Cigar Co. Enterprise Livery Business Supply Residence Phonograph Erb, H. B Realty Erie, The Information, Cigars Essex, Mrs.- E. E Dressmaker Everts & Smith Furnishings Elks Hall. E. & W. Clothes Residence Apparel Farmers Garage Fidelity Finance Co. Text Appearing After Picture &: COOK WITH GAS YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ANDFRIENDS IN THE CITYDO– WHY DONT YOU ON THE RANCH We produce and also set up the well-known originalSeverance gasmachines– chilly procedure, no getting, no engine, no risk andalways on-line. It is all the same as city gas. Very cheapand really easy. A youngster can take care of our plant. We could giveyou all modern-day gas home appliances as well as fixtures– irons, instantaneouswater heaters, gas logs, area heating systems, and so on. Any type of design light inboth upright as well as upside down mantles. Stock container heating units, anystyle or size gas range. Quotes on works offered free of charge.WRITE FOR INFO TO-DAY– DONT DELAY THE SEVERANCE GAS EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 128 FREEPORT, ILL. 148 FARMERS AND BREEDERS, STEPHENSON AREA Note About Photos Please note that these photos are drawn out from scanned page pictures that may have been electronically boosted for readability -coloration and look of these illustrations may not flawlessly look like

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Rod and gun Year:< a href="" > 1898 (< a href="" > 1890s) Authors:< a href="" > Canadian Forestry Organization Subjects:< a href="" >
Fishing< a href="" > Hunting
< a href="" > Exterior life
Publisher: < a href="" > Beaconsfield, Que. [etc.] Pole as well as Weapon Pub. Co. [
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e box to assist introduce it.J. F. GREGORY, Dept. F. St. Louis, Mo E. F. R. Zoellner INDUSTRIAL BROKER1106 HOLY PLACE BLDG., TORONTO Canadian Manufacturing facilities a Specialized Locations Safe Financings, Exceptions, Etc., Worked out The only strop-per that stropsany razor diag-onally. Surefire forlife. Brandts Patented Auto-matic Razor Stropper. instantly putsa best side on any razor, old design orsafety. Huge seller. Every guy wantsone Compose fast for terms, prices andterritory. R. N. Brandt Cutlery ^ Co., 42 Hudson St., N. Y. Available for sale or To allow SUMMERTIME PROPERTIES AND COTTAGES Additionally Lovely modern two tale summerhome located on Lake LAchigan, TerrebonneCounty. 16 rooms, 4 bathrooms. All neces-sary outbuildings, watercraft home and electric motor boat.Winter lodge, 30 acres land, fine Lake, brooktrout and also black bass fishing, partridge anddeer searching in period, entirely furnished.For details apply to CHAS. E. SPRAGGE, REALTY AGENT,151 St. James St. Montreal, Que. POLE As Well As GUN IN CANADA. 1535 McLaughlin

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A wise, roomy, Roadster, with 30-h. p. Buick electric motor, walwe-in-head type; 108 in. wheelbase; superb finish as well as furniture; NICKEL SURFACE; removable edges, including extrarim, basic equipment; concealed horn and also coil; and trademarked control as describedbelow. The snappiest vehicle of its kind generated this year. PATENTED FEATUIffl [/or 1912. ENCLOSEDCONTROL This is one of thegreatest single im- ^ provements ever em- ^ ibodied in the con- -^/ ^. Vustruction of an auto-mobile. It bringsthe brake as well as controllevers to the mostconvenient position, without chafing or in-terfering with themovements of thedrivers arm or legs.

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