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Image from page 563 of “the road railway diary” (1884)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: streetrailwayjo251905newy
Title: The Street railroad log
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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y completed at the shops of this Indiana TractionCompany at Anderson, Ind., the corporation having co-operatedheartily when you look at the rather tedious work event to an experimentof this sort. The gear for automobile ended up being secured partially byloan and partly by purchase of materials through funds donatedto the work by numerous electric and steam railway companiesand by designers interested in the research of importantrailway issues. The Indiana Union Traction business, inaddition towards services offered in its stores and offices, placedat the disposal associated with commission a couple of high-speed Baldwintrucks and a set of four Westinghouse No. 85 engines, rated at75-hp each. The Baldwin Locomotive Functions made thechanges in center dishes and negative bearings associated with the trucksnecessary for them to turn freely underneath the frame of asteel flat automobile loaned by the Pressed Steel automobile organization. Amotor-compressor of sufficient size, with governor and brake cyl-inder, was furnished by the nationwide Electric Company, and

Text Appearing After Image:
INTERIOR OF WIND TEST CAR EXCITED FROMTHE CENTER the body is assessed through scale beams, constructedfor the studies by Fairbanks, Morse & Company and loanedby them. The beams tend to be provided with dash containers, andthe evaluating mechanism consists of the regular beam withweights and poise, and, additionally, a spring balance with dialis employed to render simpler the manipulation associated with the device.A successful strategy happens to be completed about this automobile when it comes to March 25, 1905.] STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. 541 purpose of breaking up the top and rear resistances from thetotal. The vestibule is in addition to the body, it is carriedtherefrom through a link suspension. To guidethe vestibule also to transfer the pressure into the weighing de-vice, a steel-trussed oak framework, attached to the vestibule,projects into the automobile a distance of 8 ft., which is guided on allsides by small Chapman bearings. This method of suspensionhas proven really satisfactory. So that you can secure stability ofthe v

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Most recent Yearly Credit report Report Information

Photo from web page 444 of “Yearly record of the directors of the Boston Elevated Railway Co.: 1898-1940” (1898)
annual credit report
< img alt=" yearly credit rating record" src="" size=" 400"/ > Photo by< a href="" > Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: annualreporto18981917bost Title: Yearly record of the supervisors of the Boston Elevated Railway Co.: 1898-1940 Year:< a href="" > 1898 (
< a href="" > 1890s) Writers: < a href ="" >
Boston Raised
Train Firm Subjects:< a href="" > Boston Raised Railway Business< a href="" > Railway, Raised– Massachusetts– Boston< a href="" > Local transit– Massachusetts– Boston Metropolitan Location< a href="" > city transit< a href="" > raiilroads Author:< a href=" ” >
Geo. H. Ellis Contributing Collection:
< a href="" > State Transportation Library of Massachusetts
Digitizing Enroller: < a href ="" > Federally funded with LSTA funds with the Massachusetts Board of Collection Commissioners

Sight Book Page: < a href="" rel=" nofollow"
> Book Customer Concerning This Publication: < a href ="" rel=" nofollow" > Brochure Access View All Images: All Images From Book Go here to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > sight book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Prior to Image: 1.96 Less amount charged Bay State St. Ry. Co…. 22,839.00 188,912.96 Restoration book … 130,000.00 Winter expenditure book … … 50,000.00 Rewards paid on capital stock 1,193,970.00 Balance brought to excess account … 63,198.55 Overall,785,978.25 15 B. ENDING JUNE 30, 1914. Credit. Income from OperationFrom passenger revenue. From parlor, chair, and unique vehicle revenueFrom mail revenueFrom express rental.From lawn sprinkler auto profits From miscellaneous transportationrevenue … From terminal and also car privileges From lease of tracks as well as terminals From rent of equipment. From rental fee of structures as well as otherproperty From power From miscellaneous earnings Miscellaneous IncomeInterest on deposits.Interest from protections ownedInterest credited constructionMiscellaneous rate of interest,629,616.81 117,112,924.95 23,851.68 38,720.98 60,208.00 41-39 1,423.90 214,081.69 49,111.03 1,200.00 82,631.59 43,777-871,643.73 35,278.05 63,968.89 47,832.98 9,281.52 156,361.44 Text Showing up After Picture: Complete c. WEBSITE TRAFFIC STATS. Round Trips. Run by Rapid Transit Guest carsRun by Surface Traveler cars.Run by U.S. Mail

automobiles … Run by Express automobiles. Total amount Profits Miles. Run by Rapid Transportation Guest carsRun by Surface area Passenger carsRun by U.S. Mail cars.Run by Express carsRun by Sprinkler car Total. Revenue Auto Hrs. By Rapid Transportation Automobile By Surface Auto … … By U.S. Mail automobiles By Express cars By Sprinkler auto -Complete Passengers Carried.Revenue Passengers on Rapid Transit and Surface autos. Revenue. i From Earnings Travelers on Rapid Transportation and also Surface cars From Shop, Chair, and Unique vehicles From U.S. Mail vehicles From Express cars From operation of Sprinkler vehicle Overall Revenue prom Auto Operation. 1,176,127 5,560,143 22,220 7,163 6,765,653 11,647,877 45,973,201 245,847 123,097 414 57,990,436 794,55 o 4,573,272 26,319 n,95 o 41 5,406,132 343,181,049 117,112,924.9523,851.6838,720.9860,208.00 41-39 ₤ i7,235,747-oo f c i7 D. © MILEAGE OF TRACK. Complete Keep in mind Concerning Images Please note that these photos are extracted from scanned web page photos that may have been electronically boosted for readability- pigmentation and also look
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Image from web page 1674 of “moving-picture Information (1911)” (1911)

Have a look at these house equity images:

Image from page 1674 of “moving-picture News (1911)” (1911)
home equity
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: movingpicturenew04unse
Title: Going Photo Information (1911)
12 Months: 1911 (1910s)
Subjects: motion photographs
Publisher: Cinematograph Publishing Company
Contributing Library: Library of Congress, MBRS, Going Image Area
Digitizing Sponsor: Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

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Text Appearing Before Image:
26—The Patchwork Quilt Dec. 27—Testing His Courage Dec. 29—A Doubly Desired Orphan Dec. 30—In the Clutches of a Vapor Bath.. SOLD! The very best suggestion for our function movies is they are being SOLD.Last week we discarded six says, and every condition legal rights customer that has dealt withus is satisfied. Theyre all making money. One man began with 0 worth ofbookings, guaranteed through our workplaces. You are able to do the same. GET INTO THESTATE RIGHTS GAME WHILE MAKING A MINT OF MONEY. Get movies that standthe acid test—the sort we produce—of two, three and four reels each, and build-up acircuit in your condition. Then youll have a steady income. We would like you to see ourfilms before you buy them. We pay railway fare to those that purchase legal rights. Come andsee us. ZIGOMAR—the master of sensational photos. LOVE AND AVIATION—Beautiful spicy and ethical drama. WRITE FOR BOOKING—WIRE FOR STATE THE F. & E. FILM BUSINESS E. MANDELBAUM, Pres. GENERAL WORKPLACES:112 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, 0.

Text Appearing After-image:
LEGAL RIGHTS PRICES CHICAGO:36 W. Randolph St., Jerome Abrams, rep. DETROIT:305 Equity Building, G. W. Weeks, representative. 50 THE MOVING-PICTURE INFORMATION (Continued from page 47.) First off, John Carrol be-takes himself on Western wilds forthe benefit of his wifes health. Carrol isa miner, therefore we do not observe that he hasa cinch of good things of life. Butyet he is pleased with his partner and littleone—and which cannot be delighted withthat youngster about. The miners wor-shiped the lady, her moms and dads adored her.God be praised for giving such angelsof pleasure down here among the list of poorand lowly, for little else have they mthis badly balanced globe, along with its Mor-gans and Rockefellers and its East andVVest Siders. To see this joyous kid ride home a-piggy-back on her behalf dads broad butstooped arms had been indeed a treat.But one-day she had taken the woman final rideon that dear old back. He had been not asusual digging and blasting, somethingsuddenly went wrong. Just how could thisman, who was simply carefulness personified,hav

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Image from web page 135 of “Universities and their sons; record, influence and faculties of United states universities, with biographical sketches and portraits of alumni and recipients of honorary degrees” (1900)
home equity
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: universitiesandt04cham
Title: Universities and their sons; history, influence and attributes of United states universities, with biographical sketches and portraits of alumni and recipients of honorary levels
12 Months: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence, 1828-1914 Thayer, William Roscoe, 1859-1923 Smith, Charles Henry, 1842-1933 De Witt, John, 1842-1923 Williams, Jesse Lynch, 1871-1929 Van Amringe, John Howard Wingate, Charles E. L. (Charles Edgar Lewis), b. 1861 Lee, Albert, 1868- Paine, Henry Gallup, b. 1859
Subjects: Harvard University Yale University Princeton University Columbia University Universities and colleges
Publisher: Boston : R. Herndon organization
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
successful farmer of Balti-more county, as was also his daddy, John King,and the second performed garrison responsibility in Baltimoreduring the War of 1812. Their mom had been adaughter of Edward Day, an extensive landownerof the exact same region. Having attended various privateschools in neighbor hood of his house he wassufficiently advanced level during the age of nineteen toenter the University of Vermont as a Sophomore,and he had been graduated when twenty-two yrs . old..■^fter studying law for some time underneath the directionof the late Hon. Reverdy Johnson, he became a lawstudent at Harvard, in which he took the degree ofBachelor of Laws in 1850, and having completedhis last preparations in the office of this late Hon.John Glenn of Baltimore, he was exactly the same yearadmitted on club in that town. Deciding perma-nently in Baltimore, he soon established a lucrativegeneral law business, practising inside numerous courtsof the state, such as the Court of Appeals. Fornearly fifty years he has got already been prominently identified

Text Appearing After Image:
JOHN C. KING aided by the legal career of Maryland. From iS6rto 1867 he had been Judge associated with the Court of CommonPleas, and it’s also generally speaking conceded that no localjustice ever before obtained a liigher track record of integ- UNIVERSITIES AND THEIR SONS 12J rity and impartiality. In iSSS he was appointed Noble labored faithfully and vigilantly for three because of the Supreme legal a Master in Chancery in the many years, after which time he had been admitted as Equity Courts, and continued to serve in that the same companion. Subsequently business features convenience of a decade, or until 1S98, when he enhanced therefore rapidly that to-day the company consumes resigned. Judge King continues to be in energetic practice. In six shops. Beside the basic cliarge of the big the interesting agitation which preceded the breaking- school-book jobbing business, Mr. Noble directs the from the Civil War he sided utilizing the Union cause, planning and manufacture of tlie publications of and through the battle rendered important support the fi

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Image from web page 889 of “simple home explore the personal system–the habits of men and women–the cause and avoidance of disease–our intimate relations and social natures” (1896)
home equity
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: plainhometalkabo00foot
Title: Simple residence discuss the peoples system–the habits of males and women–the cause and prevention of disease–our intimate relations and personal natures
12 Months: 1896 (1890s)
Writers: Foote. Edward B[liss], 1829-1906. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Marriage
Publisher: New York : Murray Hill writing company [etc., etc.]
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
and spouse. The idea that so generally prevails, that spouse should be the solemaster of all products of this family members business or the family members estates, whileit causes much annoyance and sometimes enduring toward partner daring the contin-uance of a matrimonial contract, causes better injustice toward partner incase of separation or breakup. In cases of the sort, usually the merest pit-tance is defined aside for alimony for the spouse when the belated spouse is luxu-riating in wealth. An example illustrative with this takes place toward head oftho writer at this moment, wherein the separated wife of a person which isworth not less than two or three hundred thousand dollars, receives ali-mony into the extraordinary quantity of seven dollars per week—consider-ably not as much as his coachman gets for their services! If the view I amendeavoring to wow upon the thoughts of the public could become general 37 866 ESSAYS FOR COMMITTED PEOPLE. regarding joint copartnership of husband and wife when you look at the family revenues Fig. 189.

Text Appearing After-image:
THE APPLE. Raised by the mutual business associated with the pair, must be divided equally in case of split or divorce proceedings. such injustice cannot em-anate from court-room,nor be accepted by a Chris-tian neighborhood. The leastthat is justly set asidefor the partner in case of sepa-ration or divorce proceedings, is an equalhalf of which has been ac-cumulated from time ofthe marriage towards the time ofits dissolution, unless therebe children, in which case theshare which in equity belongsto all of them, should first be de-ducted from the whole, andan equal unit made of theremainder. Then parentadjudged most readily useful competent tobring up the kiddies shouldbe the trustee of these por-tion. Normally thisoffice would fall towards the mom,and in nature ought to, unless you will find explanations of enough fat to order usually. When, but a woman marries a rich husband, or a guy marries arich wife, it might be difficult to apply this guideline in split or separation and divorce,because, if used, it might encourage mer

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How-to Raise Cash Quick With Unsecured Loans: Helpful Information

Looking for some inside informative data on personal loans? Listed here is an up-to-date report from signature loans experts who should know.

This is one of convenient and honest discover money for almost any individual purpose. Signature loans tend to be a simply an easy method of borrowing money from a bank, building community or lender. Typically, unsecured loans are offered for to 15,000, and would-be repaid over everything between six months and 10 years.

Secured bad credit loans are secured by the any security that you might obtain such as for example your home or any other types of real-estate asset. An unsecured loan is financing which is not guaranteed by collateral and it is consequently more challenging to be eligible for and will more often than not incorporate a higher interest rate. Secured finance tend to be set aside by inhabitants just who dearth loftier quantities. Thus, neighborhood with stakes in real domain or who own houses have the path of for sale in the secured home loan.

Secured signature loans are backed up by the home or just about any other valuable residential property as collateral. These financial loans are multipurpose loans and can be applied for purpose. Protection is good thing having but occasionally lack of that doesn’t make a difference that much. That’s the case with unsecured unsecured loans in British. Secured personal loans offer the longest repayment duration with unsecured loans offered over 25 years.

Personal financial loans can be utilized for just about any purpose generally these signature loans assists people at right time. Personal loans can be applied on the web just with a credit card. Unsecured loans are riskier for the loan providers because they are unsecured. Short term loans signify consumers offer security to get the loan.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting details about signature loans. You may possibly determine that following info is much more interesting.

Lenders are more versatile with regards to money, making a secured unsecured loan probable even though you have now been rejected for an unsecured mortgage. In a secured personal loan, your property or assets are pledged as collateral. Loan providers face less threat with secured personal loans once the financial loans are arranged against a security or asset.

People with even tarnished credit rating can certainly still are able to enjoy reduced rate of payment as bad credit loans are easily offered at reasonable rates. Loan providers supply a quantity which range from 5,000 to 75,000 under secured bad credit personal loans. In case of better loan companies goes for assessing equity inside collateral. Loan providers are selling bad credit personal bank loan to poor credit consumers.

High risk signature loans all have one part of typical: they’re a kind of unsecured credit, which means they are not backed by collateral. That you don’t promise your vehicle or home in the eventuality of defaulting regarding loan, for example. Personal loans tend to be loans that exist by finance institutions regarding private monetary reason. The banking institutions offering signature loans in British consist of banking institutions, building communities, loan financing businesses etc. Signature loans could be an excellent way to achieve this.

Once you are out of the issue area together with your funds, then you’ll definitely have extra money to spend in other means, like conserving for your your retirement or happening holiday. Personal loans is generally categorized into secured and unsecured loans. Being grab secured loans you are required to pledge your important asset like residence, vehicle, bonds alongside such asset.

take the time to look at the points provided above. That which you understand may help you get over your hesitation to take action.

Concerning the author: specialises in high risk signature loans and responses concerns such as: I need your own loan fast but I have bad credit . You have full permission to reprint this short article provided the links are included and kept unaltered.

Find Much More Personal Loans Articles

Guides And Information Regarding Credit Repair Services

Regrettably, its not all credit help available tend to be real. Some companies offering quick credit restoration assistance are actually deceptive and off to earn money on cost of folks enduring bad credit. How could you protect yourself against these kinds of companies?

unfortuitously, its not all credit assistance available tend to be real. Some companies that provide quick credit restoration help have been misleading and are also off to earn money within price of people enduring bad credit. How could you protect your self against these kinds of companies? Evaluate these types of reminders:

Don’t believe in untrue claims. Is the company providing to repair your bad credit in return for the charge? You’ll come across credit restoration organizations saying to be able to incredibly fix bad credit by detatching bad things from your own report.

you, no individual or company can simply beat derogatory details from your own credit file unless it is really out-of-date. As one example, for those who have an archive regarding individual bankruptcy, delinquent repayments, taxes liens, along with other courtroom judgments, these will continue to be within report for about seven years.

The just method it is possible to enhance your rating can be straightforward as settling your debts including keeping existing together with your repayments. Starting an innovative new account is another fantastic method to reconstruct bad credit if you should be able to send your payments promptly.

If a credit restoration company advices that you create another identity and other illegal techniques, you should never focus on the advice. For instance, you will find people who make use of an Employer Identification quantity in the place of their own Social protection quantity to full cover up his or her poor rating. But quote that whenever someone look to these methods to boost, you are putting your self at a higher risk. You may deal with legal actions in the event that you have found out.

Do what you can do. If you wish to improve credit history, there is something you certainly can do all on your own. For example, begin by evaluating your individual credit file. Order a duplicate of your yearly credit report coming from the three significant credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).

Make certain there are not any mistakes or out-of-date information within report. Keep in mind that errors may badly impact your credit rating. However, you are able to ask the actual credit reporting agencies doing the required corrections through sending a credit dispute page.

Be client. Fixing bad credit requires time and energy to work. Understand that no credit fix service can assist you reunite excellent credit right-away. You need to work with improvement and it may just take between per year to a couple years, depending on your overall credit rating.

Be informed. Do your analysis. It is possible to certainly seek out many genuine companies and organizations accredited by the federal government. These companies provide credit counseling solutions to provide you with right and specific suggestions about the best way to reconstruct bad credit.

Look at the US Department of Justice web site ( for a collection of approved credit counseling agencies. The nationwide Foundation for Credit guidance or NFCC ( is an additional resource where you can find agencies offering economic counseling and knowledge.

Suzy Vanstrusen is a credit analyst and a writer of the web site and has already been providing customers with tips and tricks in credit restoration .

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How do you select the right car finance? This simple auto loan contrast shows you how to cut-through the BS and select the most effective and most affordable auto loan.

Doing this tends to make car finance easy, and lets you recognize the undoubtedly low priced car loans from the more costly people. The greatest car loans interest rates tend to be not the best way to select a loan – because costs and costs add significantly toward real price of motor finance. Seeking the lowest auto loan repayments is a flawed method too.

This review is a straightforward ‘how to’ help guide to determining – simply and logically – which car loan is the greatest auto loan for you.

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Image from web page 166 of “The Vienna galleries : providing a short history of the public and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a vital information of paintings therein contained” (1912)

A couple of nice debt management photos I found:

Image from web page 166 of “The Vienna galleries : giving a short history of community and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a critical information of this paintings therein included” (1912)
debt administration
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: viennagalleriesg00prey
Title: The Vienna galleries : providing a brief overview for the community and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a crucial information associated with the paintings therein included
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Writers: Preyer, David C. (David Charles), 1861-1913
Topics: Painting
Publisher: Boston : St. Botolph Soc.
Adding Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ut 1658, bears the traces associated with economicstruggles through which he had passed away; the other(No. 1268) shows him inside the final years, with thedeep furrow involving the eyes of painful thought.His was an eventful life, where he saw thesun of appeal sink beneath the clouds of neglect,and the success which his wizard introduced himmelt away through overwhelming debts of hiscareless management. And we also cannot forgethow the devotion of his buddy Hendrikje Stoffelscomforted him inside the declining years, and enabledhim to illuminate their works closely with the effectiveness of hisgenius until the end came. On start of their Amsterdam careerwhen but thirty years old, he painted the magnificent,regal portraits of a man and a female (Nos. 1271and 1272). Right here we discover nevertheless the interest to de-tail by which their brush plays caressingly with thearticles of finery, without neglecting that heart fulnessof appearance which he never ever omitted. Only a fewyears later, in 1639, arrived that portrait which to

Text Appearing After Image:
REMBRANDT Plate xvi Ubc flemish anfc> Dutcb paintings 121 me is without question the best portrait of old ageever painted, the Portrait of their mommy (No.1273). Neither Plate XVI, nor the manyreproductions, whether from steel or copper or light-print, is ever going to supply the vividness of that ebbinglife, the breath of truth, that chord of humansympathy which one feels tightening, when standingbefore this marvel regarding the painters art. Additionally the Apostle Paul, stated previously,dates out of this time; as the viewing Youth (No. 1269), a portrait recognised by Bode to beof his son Titus, is of a later duration. Fellow-pupil with Rembrandt in PieterLastman studio was Jan Lievens, whom painted hisfriend Rembrandt as a Youth (No. 1278),around which Jan van den Hoecke painted a wreathof plants. The maturer talent of Lievens is seenin the Portrait of a classic Man (No. 1277). Among the first students who stumbled on Rembrandtsstudio in Amsterdam was Govaert Flinck, whosework can be ascribed to

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Image from web page 99 of “The Varsity war health supplement 1916” (1916)
debt management
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: varsitywarsup1916stud
Title: The Varsity war supplement 1916
12 Months: 1916 (1910s)
Publisher: Students Administrative Council, University of Toronto
Adding Library: University of Toronto Archives & Registers Control Services
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
a lot better than the Anzacs, and/or English, Scotch or Irish, butwe have actually battled aswell. Our guys have actually quitted themselveslike males and that is adequate. We’re baptized and admittedto the councils worldwide. We now have aided into the greatestemergency society has actually ever before understood. We also savedsome of those days if the fate of empire was hanging inthe air between morning and night. For a generation whenmen and women gather collectively in Canada you will have menwrearing medals on the clasps attached to that will beFrench and Belgian names indissolubly related to thesoldiers of Canada. Within environment will mature thechildren who were too-young to take the mans component at thefront or even the womans part yourself, but that will be shapedmentally and literally because of the great deeds of the fathersand moms; and which shall calculate the consequence on the genera-tions yet to come? As soon as the war is finished you will have at first an unpleasant periodof readjusting our affairs financially, industrially and socially.

Text Appearing After-image:
94 THE VARSITY MAGAZINE SUPPLEMENT What result will the responsibility associated with war debt have actually upon ourincomes and our capacity to produce inexpensively? Exactly what suitableoccupation can we find for the going back troops as well as for thesoldiers and immigrants off their lands? How do wedea1 effectively with our immigration dilemmas, raciallyand industrially? We would like males on the land, maybe not in thecities, so we must soplan that guys canacquire the land andpay because of it as quickly aspossible, way too long asthey tend to be sensibly fit.We want males of othernations to understandthat that is a Britishcountry and that ifthey started to Canadatheir children mustspeak English. Immi-gration under otherconditions will rapidlybecome intolerable.exactly what will occur tothe many women whohave loaded the places of men during war? Just how can weput to ordinary uses the skill in company, engineering,invention, craftsmanship, division and co-ordination oflabour discovered for making munitions of war? How do wepreserve the newest relations between the stat

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Image from web page 735 of “Baltimore and Ohio workers magazine” (1912)
debt management
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: baltimoreohioemp03balt
Title: Baltimore and Ohio workers mag
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Baltimore and Ohio employees mag Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Topics: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]
Adding Library: University of Maryland, College Park
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS People and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
t to those associated with the range who had been there. We have to benefit perfectly by the instances thereset, perhaps not the smallest amount of of which were the classes in promptness as demonstrated by our 3rd vice-president and general manager in performing various sessions. These people were always on time.We were impressed using magnitude of undertaking for the management of such a System asseen from view of an executive officer making to realize the important component those of theline fill, if effective answers are becoming obtained. We had been more than pleased to hear it announcedthat the book of Employes Magazine could be resumed, understanding complete really that this wouldbe welcomed because of the employes in particular. J. W. ROOT, Trainmaster, Wheeling, W. Va. 41 • ^g 4(^ 4 # i^B^ -Ns :;^^^ Pw^ 1 i^ Mfllr ^1 >; w ufl ^^^^Hy. l-^^^n^^^^V ^ pMI ^ this is actually the bit of metal (real dimensions) that flew straight in the eye of Gabe Golart, metal vehicle Repairman,on October 25, and Here you will find the Goggles that Saved his picture

Text Appearing After-image:
Mr. Railroadman—ask Gabe Golart if it wasworth while to wear these Goggles—then get and do also 42 :i The Savings Feature regarding the ReliefDepartment By Dr. S. R. Barr, Superintendent HHIS Feature ended up being founded andmade part of the Relief Depart-ment on August 1. 1882, and itspurpose together with objects soughtto be achieved are maybe mostclearly expressed in Regulation No. 3,which reads below: The Savings Feature will pay for opportunityto em()loyos and their particular almost family members t ■ deposittlieir savings and earn interest thereon, and toenaMe employes simply to borrow cash atmoderate rates of interest as well as on easy terms ofrepayment, for the true purpose of ac(]uiring or im-proving a homestead, or releasing it from financial obligation. Any employe associated with the Company, whethera person in the Relief Department ornot. their wife, son or daughter, father or mother,or the benoficiary of every deceased memberof the Relief Department, can become adepositor, and then make deposits with anydepositary designated because of the business,in any

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Most of us get our financial cues from the media or an advisor if we are lucky to have one. Our understanding of financial information for our specific investments is most times limited to the information sent to us by our employers.

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