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A miner’s camp
poor credit
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Image from page 46 of “Missions in brand-new Ontario” (1906)
poor credit
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Identifier: missionsinnewont00alle
Title: Missions in brand new Ontario
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Writers: Allen, James, Rev
Subjects: Methodist Church Missions
Publisher: Toronto, Methodist Church
Adding Library: Queen’s University Library, W.D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library
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ollect half-wornclothing from charitably disposed persons, and giveit for little or absolutely nothing. Great literature and readingrooms, bright, cozy and attractive, are provided. Thebest folks of our Church give serious thought andcareful planning to religious solutions that combineall appealing, impressive and helpful elements. All of this should be done. However if it’s directly to lavishmoney and private service so that you can get anomadic banditti of idleness which includes sworn allegianceto whiskey and sloth, could it be to your credit to neglectmen whose toil produces one-third of the revenue ofOntario, and is making feasible the larger civilizationthat belongs to garden floor and crowded town, and 44 whoever risk of life and limb equals the danger of Britishsoldiers over time of war? O for men of Jesus labeled as to preach—strong, well-qualified, completely skilled men of Christlikecharacter. This is our primary need. Pray ye, there-fore, god of collect, he will be sending forthlaborers into His collect.

Text Appearing After Image:
45 The following suggestions had been meant to the GeneralBoard of Missions at its last program: 1. That plans be made for employmentof the meeting pupils in special evangelistic ser-vices throughout the summer months. 2. whenever essential the travelling costs bepaid of ministers just who invest their particular breaks in evangel-istic solutions. 3. That arrangements be made for earnest revivalmissionary services, held by returned missionaries, bycollege or any other goal rings, regarding poorer and lesspromising missions, aided by the view of leading all of them toself-support. 4. That as an ailment of a grant being made toan arranged objective, the Quarterly Board of theMission shall (a) Publish yearly an audited financialstatement in accordance with the discipline; (b) Adopt theweekly envelope or some approved systematic and con-tinuous method of increasing money for ministerial sup-port and be in charge of its efficient working at eachappointment; (c) Make an intensive fabric of themembers and adherents of

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Image extracted from page 111 of ‘Los Ingleses reports como son; carácter, leyes, usos y costumbres del pueblo inglés, y todas sus extravagancias, etc. [With pictures.]’
poor credit
Image by The Uk Library
Image obtained from:

Title: "Los Ingleses stories como boy; carácter, leyes, usos y costumbres del pueblo inglés, y todas sus extravagancias, etc. [With illustrations.]"
Author: BERTRÁN SOLER, Tomás.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS", "British Library HMNTS 010483.a.5."
Webpage: 111
Place of Publishing: Valencia
Date of Publishing: 1858
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 000301549

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