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Image from page 102 of “Farm echoes” (1881)
consumer fraud
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: farmechoes00star
Title: Farm echoes
Year: 1881 (1880s)
Authors: Starr, F. Ratchford (Frederick Ratchford), 1821-1889
Publisher: New York, Orange Judd company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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und by a written contract, duly signed and witnessed,to observe all the regulations deemed necessary to securethe best and purest milk, and from Jersey cows (fre-quently called Alderneys ), so soon as the change from*native cows can be effected. To prevent the possi-bility of mistake or fraud, the services of a medical gen-tleman of high professional standing have been securedto test the milk from every herd, my own as well as theothers to which I have referred, also the milk of eachand every cow in all these herds. These tests are mostthoroughly made, and a full written report of all is givenme. The effect of this frequent and searching profes-sional investigation has been most beneficial, and thefarmers, who at first stood in no little dread of it, nowfully realize the decided advantage it is to them. Everycow that has not given satisfaction has been promptlydisposed of by them, and there is now a healthy rivalry—an esprit de corps—among them, just such as I have FAEM ECHOES. 97

Text Appearing After Image:
TESTING QUALITY OF MILK. 98 FARM ECHOES. been desirous to create, one which is producing muchgood to themselves, and which confers a benefit upon alarger number of city families than could otherwise bereached, and vastly greater than they have any idea of.I have offered a premium to the farmer who, by the doc-tors report, has the best record at the end of a certainspecified time. All the milk sent from this farm (except such as isknown as special, being always from the same cow, andwanted for invalids and infants) is put into a largetank, made at an expense of several hundred dollars, be-cause constructed of the best and purest materials. Afterbeing sufiiciently cooled in this tank, which is surroundedby iced water so as to extract the animal heat as quicklyas possible, the milk is drawn, twenty bottles being filledat the same time, through as many nickel-plated faucets.It is only in this way that consumers can have milk ofunvarying quality. Every precaution that can be thoughtof is t

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Image from page 405 of “The essential facts of Oklahoma history and civics” (1914)
consumer fraud
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: essentialfactsof00robe
Title: The essential facts of Oklahoma history and civics
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Roberts, Charles Henry, 1861-
Publisher: Chicago, New York [etc.] B. H. Sanborn & Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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thus ultimatelybe paid by the person who purchases the goods. Another source of federal revenue is found inthe excise duties on luxuries like tobacco, liquor,and beer. This tax is originally paid by the man-ufacturer of the article, but he adds it to the price,so that ultimately the consumer has to pay it. Smuggling. — The government not only has toprovide for the collection of these taxes, but itmust protect itself against fraud. Some personswould like to import merchandise without pay-ing the lawful import tax. The government musttherefore patrol the coasts of our country withrevenue cutters to prevent smuggling. Whenpeople coming from abroad enter a port like NewYork, their baggage will be examined by customofficers to ascertain whether it contains any goodsupon which a tax should be paid. It is not TAXATION 129 pleasant to have ones baggage turned upsidedown and inside out by a stranger. Yet in someway the government must collect its duties andprotect itself against imposition.

Text Appearing After Image:
United States Custom House, Seattle Forms of Taxation. — The money needed bystate and local governments for rendering serviceto the public is collected through various forms oftaxation. There is a tax on land and buildingsfrom which the largest amount of revenue is ob-tained. There is a general property tax paid uponall property not of the nature of real estate.This tax does not bring in a large amount, becausepeople usually do not pay upon all the property 130 CIVIL GOVERNMENT they really possess. Some even go so far as de-liberately to conceal from the state what propertythey have. This is dishonest, and in no way betterthan cheating a private person. In some states there are taxes on property whichone gives away by will. When a person dies,leaving property, the state collects a certain per-centage of it for its own use. If the property goesto the widow or the children of the deceased person,the percentage collected is usually smaller thanwhen it goes to distant relatives. Of cour

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

US Consumer Credit Card Debt Balloons to All-Time High

American consumers have accumulated .02 trillion of debt on their credit cards as of June, according to the US Federal Reserve. This is more than the record set just before the 2008 financial crisis.
US household debt balances were .73 trillion in March 2017, compared to the 2008 peak of .68 trillion.

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Animation between Robert and the Cloud regarding debt and ways to properly manage debt.

What Can Lead to Consumer Credit Counseling and How It Helps

What Can Lead to Consumer Credit Counseling and How It Helps
Consumer credit counseling services provide much-needed help to those who are having financial problems. Often this was precipitated by an unanticipated loss of income for which they were unprepared. Easy temptation and easy credit is difficult for many to overcome. This is only one of the reasons someone might find themselves in insurmountable debt.

Sometimes the urge to not disappoint friends and relatives is unbearable, and people will participate in events and gift-giving that they cannot afford. Others fear that their standing in the community will be tarnished if they don’t project the outward symbols of success.

Parents are constantly being goaded by their children into buying things that they don’t need because other children have them, or it’s the latest toy or gadget being promoted to them. In many families, taking the ritual summer vacation to a faraway resort is regarded as a necessity, and cannot imagine living without it.

If you fell into any of these traps, don’t worry, there are things you can do. The first step is to get in touch with Credit Counseling Services in your area. A consumer credit counseling service can help you with the following.

Analyze bills that are past due

One thing Consumer Credit Counseling does is try to work out some repayment plan that will eventually pay off the past due amount, and the consumer will again be current. Thus the consumer will pay the credit counseling agent a fixed monthly amount, and the agent will divide that among the past due bills, and pay them.

Assist in planning a workable budget

Another service that Consumer Credit Counseling Services provide is to help you determine an approximate figure for living expenses, and then encouraging you to spend whatever is left will on driving down your bills. This process can also involve suggesting ways expenses could be reduced or eliminated.

Suggest how to save for unforeseen emergencies

Unforeseen expenses can really derail your repayment efforts and drive you back into debt. These services can help fight this by showing you the best way to start a weekly or monthly savings plan that will be available when unexpected expenses pop up.

These services and more available at Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

Depending on your situation you may receive these services or others that are more appropriate to your needs. If you’re ready to start paying off your debt call a Consumer Credit Counseling Agency today!

Credit Counseling Services
Advantage CCCS counselors are certified consumer credit counseling professionals that provide personalized debt consolidation counseling and budget analysis. Credit counselors are ready to help you eliminate your credit card debt by providing their free credit counseling and, if appropriate, their debt management program services.

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Debt control 101: 7 secret Rules every Consumer should be aware of

People usually feel overrun if they started to a place in life where they must request assistance from a credit counselor or financial obligation administration specialist. Without some specific directions to assist them along the way, numerous can make poor choices and, eventually, just compound their particular original financial issues. But what is financial obligation administration, and so what does it certainly involve?

Debt control, defined merely, is a process where financial obligation is alleviated and in the end reduced through the managing of customer possessions and direct negotiation with creditors. Debt management is generally offered by qualified debt “counselors” or a professional debt management company. These financial obligation administration companies use what exactly are called “debt administration plans (DMPs)” wherein consumers deposit set funds every month into certain records which are after that employed by the debt administration company to pay off credit card expenses, student loans, health bills or other as a type of personal debt.

Choosing a debt management provider isn’t something that should be taken gently. What can you try to find when selecting a credit counselor or financial obligation management company? There are lots of things to consider, but these 7 key principles to picking a credit/debt administration firm makes the method less stressful that can enable you to get a lot closer to economic comfort quicker and simpler you then previously thought possible.

1. Get a Referral – Ask anyone who has experienced the same scenario. Take time to make inquiries, to find out when they had a knowledge about a certain firm or a bad experience. Getting information directly from another consumer who may have made use of credit counseling or financial obligation administration in the past is an excellent way to discover before you decide to agree to purchase solutions. Besides, a professional company ought to be happy to offer samples of accomplishment, without revealing someone else’s personal information.

2. Nationwide Accreditation – While no specific national or state certification will guarantee success, you can find businesses within the U.S. with the soul reason for advertising high criteria and honest methods inside credit business. The United states Association of Debt control Organizations are one of the more prominent inside business. Members of this company focus on credit counseling, financial obligation management plans, budget/finance business knowledge plus much more.

3. Bbb Membership – Contact the higher Business Bureau in your area or area and ask for details about the credit counselor or financial obligation administration company you are looking for. You may even want to speak with some body within the State’s lawyer or Attorney General’s workplace to see if the organization has been the subject of any regulating activity. Eventually, in the event that firm at issue features a web site, check to make certain it[s a member regarding the on line arm of the BBB and contains already been granted its coveted “Reliability system Online Seal.”

4. For revenue vs. Non-Profit knowledge – Many consumers have a misunderstanding about Not-For-Profit financial obligation administration businesses vs. For-Profit companies. They both offer concessions the customer whereas some says require non-profit status before the company can perform company within the state. Credit card companies fund most Not-For-Profit credit counseling companies with funds and Fairshare deductions for them to recuperate funds from customers that are at this time not making their payments. The largest difference usually a Not-For-Profit doesn’t pay taxes whereas a For Profit does. Study the business carefully to see if it makes use of “non-profit” status simply as a marketing tool.

5. Exorbitant prices – recently, credit card issuers as well as other lenders have actually decreased some of the funding for credit guidance. It has led guidance organizations to increase their particular costs. Several of those increases tend to be reasonable, but customers should be mindful never to try a business that charges a large upfront repayment just to establish an account. Set up a baseline of $ 50 monthly is a great guideline for a preliminary new financial obligation administration program. On the other hand, a credit therapist or financial obligation manager should not likely charge a fee in excess of $ 100 to ascertain your account and negotiate together with your creditors. Some companies will waive their initial registration fees completely if you can’t manage them.

6. Genuine Education – try to look for a credit counselor or debt administration pro who’s sincere about providing you information that will help handle economic dilemmas. You should not need to pay extra for CDs or videos that require you to learn on your own. If individual you are chatting with does not or cannot provide satisfactory responses towards questions, discover another company.

7. A Written Arrange – an established credit counseling company or debt administration business will need time for you to review your position, allow you to with cost management and cash administration, and put your own plan on paper. This personalized program should include precisely how creditors should be paid, and practical objectives for coming back one to full financial wellness. Some corporations even provide a free financial obligation comparison estimate which can be an effective way to see how much cash it can save you, exacltly what the new interest is and exactly how long it takes you to receive debt free on your own debt consolidation program out of the gate. Impractical claims should not be an element of the plan. For instance, a debt administration or credit-counseling firm won’t have the expert to alter your credit report nor should it ever before imply this has done so previously.

Coming face to face with monetary difficulty might appear is significantly more than you can easily deal with, to start with blush. Thankfully, there are many reputable credit counselors and debt management organizations available to you who is able to help allow you to get begun once more inside right direction. Following these 7 simple recommendations when selecting a firm will go quite a distance in guaranteeing your making your decision normally the best option for the present economic conditions.

Casey Markee is a consultant with across the country financial obligation management program supplier Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation (CAPC). Visit them on the net and try their particular no-cost credit card repayment calculator and eliminate your credit card debt today.

America’s Beginner Debt Crisis: Jessie’s Tale | Consumer Reports

Countless Americans just who decided to go to university are now crippled by their particular student loans. “Debt is the very first thing I consider all my choices,” says Jessie Suren, just who graduated with a criminal justice level and it is struggling to repay the woman debt.

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What is Consumer Credit Counseling?

What is Consumer Credit Counseling?

Credit Counseling Services can provide lower monthly payments on credit card debt and other unsecured bills. One phone call can quickly help you learn for yourself if you qualify and understand just how much lower your payments can be.


Credit Counseling is often referred to as a form of debt consolidation because you combine all of your payments that are in the debt management program into one payment.


Credit Counseling Services Help Lower Your Monthly Credit Card Payments

5 Ways to Compare Credit Counseling with Debt Settlement

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Best Debt Relief Solution Options – An Overview


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What is consumer fraud? (ICPC)

At Investigation Counsel PC we are familiar with investigating and litigating many forms of consumer fraud. But what does it actually mean? This animation explains these scams and what victims should know.

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