Image from page 39 of “Hand-book of electro-therapeutics” (1910).

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Photo from page 39 of “Hand-book of electro-therapeutics” (1910)
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: handbookofelectr00duga Title:< a href="" > Hand-book of electro-therapeutics Year:< a href="" > 1910(< a href="" > 1910s )Authors:< a href="" > Dugan, William James, 1869- Subjects:< a href=" ” > Electrotherapeutics< a href="" > Diagnosis, Radioscopic < a href ="" >
Electric Excitement Therapy Author:
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Philly: F.A. Davis Contributing Collection:
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body, due to the fact that the resistance to
be conquered will certainly belarge– i.e., from 3000 to 6000 ohms. The condition confrontedmay be compared with an instance where a big engine is called for topump water with pipes which present the downside of greatfriction. We get a large voltage by attaching the cells in series, i.e., by signing up with the unliTce elements together, the zinc of one cellto the card on of the following. For electro-therapeutic use, allgalvanic batteries are attached in series. If we wish to heat up a platinum cable for cautery job, wewill have but a small resistance; so we generate a large amperageby linking in multiple or parallel. This is done by joiningthe liTce aspects, i.e., the zinc of one cell to the zinc of the next. It is really essential that the electro-therapeutist under-stands completely the distinction in between batteries attached inseries as well as batteries attached in multiple or parallel. A battery organized in series is displayed in the followingdiagram:– Text Showing up After Picture: Zinc. Carbon. Zinc. Carbon. Zinc. Carbon. Fig. 2.– Cells in series. Unlike aspects are attached in series. 24 ELECTRO-THERAPEUTICS. If each cell in the above battery offers a pressure of onevolt and also one ampere in amount, we will have iliree volts andbut one ampere. A watt= volts times amperes, for this reason 3 v. times 1 a. ^ 3watts. This diagram reveals a battery connected in numerous orparallel. Note Concerning Images Please note that these pictures are drawn out from checked page images that could have been digitally improved for readability- coloration and appearance of these
pictures could not perfectly appear like the initial work. Photo from page 99 of” A text-book of radiology”( 1915)< img alt=" platinum card" src="" width=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href="″
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Identifier: textbookofradiol00mort Title
: < a href="" > A text-book of radiology Year:< a href="" > 1915(< a href="" > 1910s) Writers:< a href="" > Morton, Edward Reginald, 1867- Subjects:< a href="" > X-rays< a href="" > Cathode rays< a href="" > Ohm’s law< a href="" > Fluorescence< a href="" > X-rays< a href="" > Radiography< a href="" > X-Rays< a href="" > Radiography Publisher:< a href="" > New york city: E.B. Reward & Co. Contributing Library:< a href="" > Francis A. Countway Collection of Medicine Digitizing Enroller:< a href="" > Open Expertise Commons and Harvard Medical College View Publication Web page:< a href=" "rel="

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platinumcontact– the various other point
being installed on the back ofthe iron block or armature– H. The reduced screw is for regulating the stress, as well as byturning to the left the springtime carrying the armature ispulled back, causing the contacts to be extra tightlypressed with each other. When both of the screws are eased the armatureface is concerning one-eighth of an inch from the end of thecore of the coil. 73 74 TEXT-BOOK OF RADIOLOGY. The adjustment of this break requires some practice, as some coils call for a different change to obtain thebest outcome. As excellent a technique as any type of is the following:– Both screws being sagged, and also the platinum facesC C being nicely smoothed and also flattened with a great documents, the top screw B is relied on the right until theplatinum contacts are practically touching– leaving a spacebetween equal to the density of a seeing card. Theclamping nut on B is currently run up against the pillar, so asto prevent this screw turning while the coil operates. Text Appearing After Image: Fig. 30. Application Contact Breaker( from Wrights Induction Coil ). The existing being switched on,

the reduced or tensionscrew T is slowly
relied on the left, as well as the moment thecontacts come together the current flows and the coil isin activity, really gently in the beginning. As the tension is increasedthe outcome of the coil raises, but the interrupter worksmore gradually owing to that the core of the coilmust become a lot more very magnetised before its pull uponthe armature suffices to divide the platinumcontacts. This form of interrupter is utilized just on mobile coilsor those taken abroad on a project for which it is very MERCURY INTERRUPTERS. 75 appropriate from its simplicity, and that almostevery instance could be x-rayed by the aid of a coil fittedwith it, yet certainly in the harder instances theexposure has to be inconveniently long. It functions at its best with a current of from 12 to 24volts, and also the quantity of inverted present is so tiny as tobe quite negligible. In getting a b Keep in mind About Photos Please keep in mind that these pictures are extracted from checked page photos that might have been digitally enhanced for readability- coloration and appearance of these images might not flawlessly look like the initial job.