Image from web page 894 of “post-office Edinburgh and Leith directory site” (1846)

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Image from web page 894 of “postoffice Edinburgh and Leith directory site” (1846)
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Identifier: postofficeedinbu187677edin
Title: Post Office Edinburgh and Leith directory
Year: 1846 (1840s)
Writers: Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory Restricted
Publisher: Edinburgh : Postmaster General
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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gh, Leith, Portobello, Trinity, etc.The Schools are in all times available to Visitors, where test Bundles might be seen. A myriad of a changing division has just been added, sales which is why are solicited.Plain and Fancy changing done under the fee of a First-Class Turner. 14 LOCHEND PATH, LEITH. CASH TO LEND.JTHE ACCOMMODATION LOAN CO., 21 ST. JOHN STREET. CASH higher level on PRIVATE SE-CURITY, in amounts from £1 to £100,repayable by Weekly Instalments.For types of Proposal, apply toJOHN MACKIE, management and House-Agent- EDINBURGH LOAN CO/8 WORKPLACE, 39 SOUTHERN BRIDGE, AND 1 SOUTH NIDDKY STBEET, ROBERT WILSON, Proprietor and Manager. (later of Anchor Close, 243 High Street.) MONEY ADVANCED On the normal kinds of Moveable Property, in strict accordance witb the Pawnbroking Act. PRIVATE ROOMS. JOHN MACKIE, Junr. Hoarse anir |nsnrana ^gcnt,21 ST. JOHN STREET, EDINBURGH, Agent when it comes to Economic lifetime, Imperial Fire, andGlasgotc Plate-Glass insurance firms. POST-OFFICE DIRECTORY ADVERTISER. 159

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Makers of cable Netting,IRON GATES AND RAILINGS, IRON AND CABLE FENCING, Rivetted Iron Beams, French Beams, Cast-Iron Beams and Columns,and all sorts of Iron work with structures. IRON BRIDGES, ROOFS, AND HOMES. IRON WINE BINS of numerous construction, like the most recent and a lot of Approved styles. THOS. GIBSON & SON. See Catalogue—gratis on application. THOS. GIBSON & SON. ON ESTATE OF PEATON,ROSENEATH. BEGINNING within half-an-hours go ofeither Cove Steamboat Pier, on Loch Long,or Rahane Ferry, in the Gareloch, and endingabout ten full minutes walk from Coulport Ferry, Feusfor Villas may today be obtained over the shoreand various other Arable areas, together with good old Woods,commanding the grandest views regarding the Firth ofClyde, while totally sheltered through the Eastand North Winds, at Annual Feu-Duties of £10,£9, etc., per Imperial Acre. Affect John D. Campbell, Esq. of Peaton,at Gareloch House, Koseneath, Dumbartonshire;or to Messrs. Mackenzie, Gardner, & Alex-ander, Wri

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Image from page 142 of “A brief history associated with the usa” (1880)
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Identifier: briefhistoryofun00unse
Title: A brief reputation for the United States
12 Months: 1880 (1880s)
Authors: A.S. Barnes & Co.,publisher
Publisher: New York Chicago [etc.] A.S. Barnes & Company
Adding Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Understanding Commons and Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Healthcare Library

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nce. His discoveries in electrical energy tend to be world-renowned. (See Steeles NewPhysics, pp. 228, 251.) Franklin ended up being an unflinching patriot. During The united kingdomt hedefended the explanation for liberty with great zeal and capability. He aided to write theDeclaration of Independence, and was one of its signers. Having been appointedambassador to France, he first invested all his ready money, -f 15,000, in conti-nental loan, a practical evidence of his patriotism, since its repayment had been extremelyimprobable. His impact during the French court was unbounded. He was reveredfor his wit, his genius, their dienity, and his charming conversation. He becaroe tothe American cause when you look at the old world what Washington was in the brand new. On hisreturn he had been elected president of Pennsylvania for three consecutive years. Hegave the entire of his income. $.30,000, to benevolent things. In the eighty-secondyear, he had been an associate for the Constitutional Convention. At hie demise twentythouBand individuals assembled to do honor to his memory.

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. 128 EPOCH III. [1778 Jersey and overtook them at Monmouth. General Lee,*who carried out the assault, purchased a retreat. The males,entangled in a swamp, had been getting demoralized as theyretired through the field, whenever Washington, riding up, bitterlyrebuked Lee, by his personal presence rallied the males, andsent them right back from the enemy. The fight lasted all thatlong sultry time. f In the darkness of evening Clinton stoleaway together with his males to Kew York. Promotion in Rhode Island.—A combined assault onNewport was organized becoming produced by the French fleet underDEstaing (des-taug), and also the US military under GeneralSullivan. Immediately after the French entered Narraganset Bay,Howe came off the harbor using English fleet. DEstaingwent out. to satisfy him. A storm emerged on, which so shatteredboth fleets which they had been compelled to put straight back for repairs.General Sullivan, being therefore deserted, retreated simply in timeto escape Clinton, whom came up from New York with rein-forcements. The French

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