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Image from page 149 of “Home telephone directory” (1910)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hometelephonedir1910homed
Title: House telephone directory site
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Home Telephone Business (San Francisco, Calif.)
Publisher: [San Francisco, Calif.] : Residence Telephone Company of San Francisco
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
s & Shoes 658 HowardS 3714 Winsor S Wiley Res 570 GroveJ1886 Winston B H & Co Rooming & Apartment homes, financial loans & Ins 214 Pacific BldgM1538 Winter & Co Supply Cooked Meat 417ShotwellM1428 Winter Henry C Res 2909 MissionC4013 Winters Canning Co 210 CaliforniaS 4347 Winters Mrs E Res 229 AshburyS 3596 Winther Martin Res Rm 105 1738 FillmoreS 3645 Winther S Res 2180 SutterC 1424 Winton Hotel 445 OFarrellJ1672 Winton engine Carriage Co Autos 300 Van Ness AveC 1050 Wise Clark & Co Pianos 233 give AveC4721 Wise Otto Irving Atty 817-19 1st Natl Bk BldgJ 1699 Wisemans J T Law & Collection Oo 540 Pa-cific BldgJ1596 Wishon Prank I. Mfrs Agt 1075 Monadnock BldgM1558 Witcosky John Res 60 HomesteadC 5751 Withey Sc Tuttle Lyceum & Musical Talent 3d Fir 315 SutterJ 4118 Witschey Edw Res 1141 HarrisonJ 4404 Witt G E Co oil-burning Machinery 850 HowardC 6263 Witte Mrs Annie Res 778 CommercialM2663 Witte H Res 443 WallerC 4925 Witter Medical Springs Inc 415 Westbank Bldg

Text Appearing After Image:
G. W. WHITE, PRESIDENT J. W. STERN, VICE-PRES. AND 6CCTV. WILSON BROS. CO., INC. Loading MOVING, STORING Shipping Cor. 14th and Sanchez Sts. Tel. M 2 710 142 FOR BRAND NEW NUMBERS CALL COI SAN FRANCISCO M2764 Witt« W J Rm 1l4f. Asbbury T1106 Witty Oeo l.v* 1761 Lake C2521 Wltzel & Baker Whsle Com M.t 108-10 Cal S 32G6 Wobbe John Win.-s & Liquors B W COr Bcotl M1572 Wobbe John Earn.s A Liquors 299 Fell C 6434 Webbers Inc OflliCS Supplies & Printer* 774 MarketC 4996 Wobbers Stationers 771 MarketM1787 Woerner David Cooperage Co S V cor 11th an I l.irriscmM1240 W O equipment Co S588 16thJ 1523 Wo Hop & Co Ladles silk Underwr 49 TaylorJ 1831 Wolcott I. w Mgr Sherwin-Williams Co 454- G6 2ndM3214 Wold C L Saloon 435 Duboce AveC3480 Wolf Bros Cigar Store SS BillsJ 3527 Wolf C Co Whsle Grocers 716 ClementinaM3462 Wolf Mrs C H Res 14;{2 WallerJ 3409 Wolf Chas Jr Res 26 RouschS3099 Wolf Dave Res 1858 Green C3724 Wolf Edward & Co Whsle Cigars 161-67 CalC 2420 Wolf & Hollinan Rl E

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Image from page 1863 of “Washington (District of Columbia), town directory” (1921)
new car loan
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: washingtondistri00unse
Title: Washington (District of Columbia), city directory
12 Months: 1921 (1920s)
Publisher: Polk
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
w 61 Shepherd F N 514 Mansfield Jas L Thomas Frank 65-66 McPherson B E Mrs 516 Holmes Carrie E Mrs 1151 Buckley Michl E 71 Haughev Wm W 518 Miller Clinton 1177 Vacant 72 Hoover Hubert D 519 Beall Andrew 1179 Boston Bosetta the 73 Bates Walter I. 522 Fells Thos 1181 Sims Lorena M Mrs 74 Dunlop Robt II 524 Holmes Walter, exp s electronic cor Truck Co No 2 75 Marden S.unl 526 Snowden Lucy M 76 Satterfield Calvin 527 Hill Thos B 1200 Walsh Kath L, dry products Street proceeded 528 Lancester Wm 1202 Welsh Morris, gro 1320 Smith Ernest C Rev 529 Smith Frank 1204 Bartram Electrical Garage 1321 Vacant 530 Bowen Abr 1210-16 Luttrell Co, autos 1323 Madeiras School for Gtrla 831 Hatton Saml 1218 Buckley Michl E 1325 Porter Geo T 332 Contee Edith 1220 McKean Fredk G 1326 ONeill .lentilr Mi> 834 Cook Eliz Mrs 1222 Fourier L G 1336 MeKenney Fredk I> ARTHURP. G R E E L E Y ATTORNEY and Counselorin Patents and Trade-Mark forces previously As-sistant Commis-sioner of Patents Washington Loan and Trust BIdg. L 1884

Text Appearing After-image:
W H w <H CO W coZ < o u 2 < < ^^ CO g CUT STONE For Building needs MOBILE FRANKLIN 6949 PHILIP SMITH WORKPLACE – WORKS – DISPLAY BACKYARD FIRST AND B ROADS S. W. MONUMENTSMAUSOLEUMSMEMORIALS 6ENERAL CEMETERY WORK NEW HAMPSHIRE AV nw (1921) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA NEW HAMPSHIRE AV we Corcoran 1341 Bayless Saml E 1400 Italian Embassy Counsellors Offlce1408 Wash Conservatory of MusicLadovitch Ernest Dupont circle Massachusetts av P 1500 Leiter Jos 1501 Hitt Sallie R Mrs1515 Grandin Emma P Mrs 1519 Calhoun Clarence C 1520 McLean Geo P 1521 Wright Eliz W Mrs1523 Vacant 1525 Cromwell Eliz S Mrs 1526 Wilcox W D 1527 Vacant1529 Vacant1531 Vacant 1533 Hewson John H1535 Vacant Q1600 Argentina EmbassyLeBreton T A 1604 VanWyck Geo P 1605 Dalzell John 1606 Symons T W 1607 Blair Woodbury 1608 Sharp Mary A1610 McCawley Chas L1613 Simpson Eliz B Mrs1615 Clemmons Albert 1618 Belmont Perry 1619 Gheen Florence Mrs1621 Adams Mary B1627 Davis Norman H R1701 Jay Peter A1703 Stedman Isabel D Mrs 1706 S

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Take note that these photos tend to be obtained from scanned page pictures which will happen digitally improved for readability – color and appearance of those pictures may not completely look like the initial work.