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Image from page 145 of “reputation for america from earliest discovery of The united states into the end of 1902” (1903)
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Identifier: cu31924088421528
Title: reputation for america through the very first breakthrough of The united states into end of 1902
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Andrews, Elisha Benjamin, 1844-1917
Publisher: New York, C. Scribner’s sons
Adding Library: Cornell University Library
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mmuted to huge fine andlong imprisonment. After the retirementof the Democracy from power in 1896 theannexation associated with the islands had been quickly con-summated. Walter Q. Gresham, Secretary of State. fi 132 EXPANSION [1895 in the early section of Clevelands second term,died in May, 1895, becoming been successful byRichard Olney, transmitted from port-folio of Attorney General. Per day, Cleve-lands international plan,hitherto therefore inert, be-came strenuous to theverge of rashness.Deeming the Mon-roe Doctrine endan-gered by Great Brit-ains apparentlyarbitrary encroach-ments on Venezuelain repairing theboundary between Venezuela and BritishGuiana, he insisted the boundary dis-pute ought to be settled by arbitration. The message when the President tookthis floor shook the united states like a decla-ration of war against the uk. Ameri-can securities fell, the gold reserve dwindled.The President ended up being, however, supported.Congress had been discovered willing to help the Admin-istration by-passing any measures needed

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Richard Olney. 1894] CLEVELAND AGAIN PRESIDENT 133 to protect the nationwide credit. In December,1895, it unanimously authorized the appoint-ment of a payment to decide upon thetrue boundary range between Venezuela andBritish Guiana, utilizing the function of givingits report the full sanction and help ofthe united states of america. The dispute had been finallysubmitted to a distinguished tribunal atParis, ex-President Harrison, among others,appearing on the part of the Venezuelan Re-public. While Great Britains claim had been, ina measure, vindicated, this proceeding es-tablished a brand new and potent precedent insupport both of the Monroe Doctrine andof intercontinental arbitration. In 1894 a ten months session of thefamous Lexow legislative committee inNew York City revealed voluminous evi-dence of corrupt municipal governmentthere. The authorities power constantly leviedtribute for security not just upon legiti-mate trade and industry, but upon illicitliquor-selling, gambling, prostitution, andcrime. The main cre

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