Image from web page 98 of “a brief history of the United states individuals” (1902)

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Image from web page 98 of “a brief history of the American individuals” (1902)
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Identifier: historyofamericap02wils
Title: A reputation for the American folks
12 Months: 1902 (1900s)
Writers: Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 John Davis Batchelder Range (Library of Congress)
Topics: United Says — Record
Publisher: New York and London, Harper & brothers
Adding Library: New York Public Library
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their dutyand take action. He kept always a sort of knightly high quality,and the energy to prepare and hope and drive forward thatbelongs to youth. He was a Tory, and believed thatthe Stuarts needs to have the throne from which theyhad been pushed before he was created; but that performed notmake him disloyal. He had been an ardent reformer; butthat failed to make him visionary, for he was in addition train-ed in matters. His clear-cut functions, honest eye, erectand thin figure bespoke him every inches the high-bred gentleman additionally the decisive man of action. In Parliament he’d already been made certainly one of a committeeto inspect prisons; in which he was keenly touchedby the miserable plight of many honest guys who.through mere misfortune, have there been languishing inhopeless imprisonment for debt. He bethought him- ()2 POPULAR UNDERTAKINGS self of likelihood of offering such men a unique chanceof life plus the data recovery of lot of money in the us; andthe thought grew into an idea for a colony. Heknew the way the south coastline lay vacant between

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Charleston together with Spaniards at St. Augustine. Therewere great places indeed there, no doubt ; along with his troops eyeshowed him, by only look into a map, exactly how line apoint of vantage it could he made if fortified againstthe alien power in Florida. So he made their plans.It should he an armed forces colony, a colony of fortified63 A HISTORY FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE articles; and truthful men who’d dropped upon povertyor misfortune home needs the opportunity, if theywould work, to profit by the task, though heshould take them from debtors prisons. Both Kingand Parliament listened very willingly as to the he pro-posed. The King signed a charter, offering the under-taking to the fingers of trustees, who had been in effectto be proprietors (June, 1732); and Parliament votedten thousand pounds as the subscription on enter-prise; while guys of because liberal a spirit as Oglethorpesassociated on their own with him to carry the humaneplan away, offering money, counsel, and solution withoutso much as an expectation of g

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