Image from page 127 of “possibility emblems, divine and ethical, antient and modern-day, or, Delights for innovative, in above fifty select emblems , curiously ingraven upon copper-plates : with fifty pleasant poems and lots, by means of lotto, for illustrating age

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Image from web page 127 of “Choice emblems, divine and moral, antient and modern, or, Delights for the innovative, in above fifty select emblems , curiously ingraven upon copper-plates : with fifty pleasant poems and lots, by way of lottery, for illustrating age
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Identifier: choiceemblemsdiv00rbau
Title: Choice emblems, divine and moral, antient and modern-day, or, Delights when it comes to ingenious, in above fifty choose emblems , curiously ingraven upon copper-plates : with fifty pleasant poems and lots, through lotto, for illustrating each emblem to promote training and great counsel by diverting relaxation
Year: 1732 (1730s)
Writers: R. B., 1632?-1725?
Subjects: Emblems
Publisher: London : Printed for Edmund Parker …
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d that both Shame and need on them attends. Such-like is the eftate, just who (to appearHlch guys to other people) do with inward Pain,A gladfome outward Port defire to bear,Tho* they at laft nor riches nor Credit gain.And fuch are thofe^/y/crr/V^^, who ftrivcFalfe Hearts beneath Fair-fpoke-a-Words to cover up :Por they oervail themfelves however with a Sive^Thro which their particular Purpofes at size are fpyd:And then they both wofully lamentTheir hriitijh Folly^ or fo hardened growIn finning, which they never can repent 5Kay, jeft and feoff at their particular Overthrow. But no falfe Vail can ferve (when Jesus will fmite^To fave a Scorner^ or an Hypocrite. Good deal a 5 divine and Moral. l o iLot a5. Consume heed you don’t very forgetThat you’re dancing in a Net>Many you can find your JVays do fee,Altho you might think unfeen you be. Your Faults we wil^ no nearei* touch jMethinks your Emblem blabs an excessive amount of ^However, if you mend what’s amifs,You fhall be neer the worfe with this. F 5: Emblem XXVi: 102 Selection Emilemsy Emblem XXVI.

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Gaudet T^tkntia durk^ The !Divfne and Moral. i o 5

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Image from web page 176 of “Outdoor life and Indian stories : making open air life appealing to young Americans by telling all of them about woodcraft, indications and signaling, the performers, fishing, camping … : additionally tales of noted hunters and scouts, great Indian
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Identifier: outdoorlifeindia00elli
Title: Outdoor life and Indian stories : making open-air life popular with youthful Us citizens by telling them about woodcraft, signs and signaling, the performers, fishing, camping … : in addition stories of noted hunters and scouts, great Indians and warriors … all of them true and interesting
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916
Subjects: Indians of North America Camping
Publisher: [Philadelphia? : s.n.
Adding Library: New York Public Library
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ust could possibly be put in those of th<*other battle, and sad certainly had been it for Moravian Christiansthat they would not act upon his very own advice. Before entering Salem, the chief made all his warri-ors keep their particular weapons behind, so as not to alarm their particular hosts.When prepared toleave, he turnedand addressedthe assembledChristians thank-ing all of them for theirhospitality, andassuring themthat they couldalways dependupon his stead-fast relationship. The next event will illustrate a peculiar stage ofthe personality of the remarkable man : one of the more noted scouts related to ColonelBrodheads army, and afterwards with Harmar, St. Clair andWayne, was an Irishman known as Murphy. He was a rollick-ing other, with the wit and waggery of their individuals, brave tothe final degree, and a master of woodcraft. Some of the exploitswith which he is credited sound amazing. No Indian couldfollow a shadowy^ path through the woods much more truly, and fewwere his equal in sources and quickness to look at right

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A FIGHT AT ODDS 164 WARRIOR AND KNIGHT thing to do in a crisis. He was tall, bony, homely of fea-ture, with a surprise of fiery red locks and a freckled countenance.With numerous, his biggest present was their fleetness of base. In allthe events by which he engaged he never met his superior.Simon Kenton, just who, in his prime, could run like a deer, saidMurphy managed to lead everybody else. This point became popular to the Indians, and manyof all of them help with their utmost attempts to recapture him. Awareof the valuable assistance he gave toward whites, they might havegiven a great deal to lay on the job him. He previously slain and scalped(sorry to say that barbarous rehearse had not been restricted towards redmen) a few of their many noted warriors, and there would havebeen general rejoicing among all the tribes could the meansbe found to test their destroying profession. Really, catastrophe came to Murphy finally. He previously a hardfight with three Delawares, one summer time mid-day, in thedepths of backwoods. He shot one, wounded the next,and

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