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Image from page 54 of “reputation for United states textiles : with kindred and auxiliary sectors (illustrated)” (1922)
credit card rate of interest
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Identifier: historyofamerica1922bost
Title: reputation for United states fabrics : with kindred and additional industries (illustrated)
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Topics: Textile business — United States Of America Textile fabrics — Usa
Publisher: Boston : Frank P. Bennett
Adding Library: Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
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s, before it gets the cashor the cash it offers expended for natural cottonto be carded, spun, woven,and finished,thereafter to be supplied in the marketplace byits ow^n attempting to sell company and offered to a jobberor a cutter on a credit basis. The fact that couple of production firmshave sufficient capital to finance the directselling of their result has actually fostered the de-velopment associated with the large commission housssknow^n as facets. In a specific good sense a these improvements of money resistant to the shippedmerchandise. Through beneficial bankconnections, a banker, a professional in finance,sales, and salesmen of cotton fiber products, thefactor obtains his money at a wholesale ratesomething under what he charges themil! which gain, arising from their trans-actions of credit, constitutes a considerablepart of their revenue. In many cases thefactor will offer the company with storagefacilities, a sales space, and a dynamic sell-ing staff, which offers the mills merchandisein all of the areas associated with the country. Their product sales-

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View of Lawrence, iviass., S.nowing in Background Duck Mill, Pemberton, Bay State and Pacific Mills element is in fact a commercial banker. Thefactor undertakes to offer the products of themills, because he’s economically capable carrylarge shares of product, or if he prefersthat the mill carry the item, he ad-vances the income for this purpose. The typical connection between your element andthe mill can be as follows: straight away afterthe mill makes a shipment of merchan-dise, it could draw contrary to the aspect a sumrepresenting a previously concurred percentageof the value associated with shipment. This advanceis generally about two-thirds for the sellingvalue for the items. The aspect chargesthe mill interest in the prevailing price for men report the trade problems and thetrend of general public need, in addition to mill keepsin close touch with its aspect to learn whatgoods tend to be most profitable to manufacturebecause of a ready need. The sellingprices for the merchandise tend to be fixed by themill and also as shortly while the g

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