Image from web page 313 of “After 5 years : the quinquennial record regarding the class of 1908, Princeton college” (1914)

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Image from web page 313 of “After five years : the quinquennial record associated with the course of 1908, Princeton institution” (1914)
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Identifier: afterfiveyearsqu1908prin
Title: After five years : the quinquennial record associated with class of 1908, Princeton university
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Princeton University. Course of 1908 Clothier, Robert C. (Robert Clarkson), 1885-1970
Subjects: Princeton University
Publisher: [Princeton?] : The Class
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a Class of red-blooded, live guys,almost two-thirds either never take in at all or so a little it isonly a cut-and-dried formal aflfair. REPORT OF FUNDS WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE CLASS TREASURY Receipts Feb. i6, 1913—Cash at hand (turned over to R. C.Clothier, Acting Secretary by J. L. Kauffman,retiring Secretary) .96 July 2y, 1913—Repayment of loans formerly designed to 1908 Reunion Committee 145-05 Sept. 17, 1913—Gift to Class produced by G. M. Over-ton (split equally between Memorial Fund and Record Fund) 100.00 8.01 repayments Summer 24, 1913—Postage on Class Bulletin, mimeo-graphing expenses and field rent -0^ Sept. 26, 1913—To A. C. Studer (Memorial Fund) @ Overtons gift 50-00 Sept. 26, 1913—To the Record Committee @ Over-tons present 50-00 Dec. 20, 1913—Postage stamps for basic course correspondence 10.00 Jan. 2, 1914—To University Press @ Class cards and incidentals 9-^6 4.28 Feb. I, 1914—Balance at hand 3.73 Respectfully presented, R. C. Clothier,Secretary and Treasurer. 271

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REPORT OF THE MEMORIAL FUND COMMITTEE The course, through its Memorial Fund Committee is pledged tothe University inside sum of ,000.00 to-be compensated during the rate of,000.00 annually. This arrangement called for 1st payment in1910, two years after graduation, and ended up being made. Absolutely nothing wasgiven in 1911, in 1912 another payment of ,000.00 had been compensated. InAugust, 1913, 0.00 ended up being compensated. You can find in most 139 guys in the Class who have previously offered anythingto the Memorial Fund. All 139 aren’t regular clients.Of the 139 whom pledged on their own not more than 50 have actually compensated allfive installments. RECAPITULATION Paid to Treasurer of University In July 1910 ,000.00 In July 1912 2,000.00 In Aug. 1913 900.00 ,900.00There happens to be interest (including interest to Jan. i, 1914, of .16) $ 298.17 Complete add up to the credit for the 1908 Memorial Fund. .,198.17 Amount on deposit in Montclair Trust business on Jan. 14, 1914 281.98 Total credit ,480.17 Total costs from 1908 currently $ 187.8

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Image from web page 391 of “Inglenook, The (1911)” (1911)
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Identifier: inglenook1911132752bret
Title: Inglenook, The (1911)
12 Months: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Brethren Publishing House Miller, S. Christian
Subjects: Church of the Brethren–Periodicals
Publisher: Elgin, Ill. : Brethren Publishing House
Contributing Library: Bridgewater University, Alexander Mack Memorial Library
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f Reviews for September there isan illustrated account associated with VinelandTraining School. The instructors do not use force or com-pulsion but some motivation is fond of work ,and in this way an attempt was created to getthe pupil contemplating some body thing ifpossible just because it is only a toy. There’s amerit system also. Each child is provid-ed with a store charge card, and upon thisit gets a mark from each instructor to whomits classes and conduct have now been satisfac-tory. All these scars is equivalent to.a cent, and on Saturday the kid can goto the store and buy as numerous penniesworth as you will find markings. The childrenwho fail in classes or conduct aren’t pun-ished; they simply do not get the marksthat could have allowed all of them to gratifysome lengthy cherished desire for basketball or top,for doll or tresses ribbon. The kids of school have actually or-ganized a really special society. It’s onlyone purpose and that is to help keep the mem-bers in a great laughter, to stop them?from getting despondent. It’s no

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a kid when you look at the Imbecile Class Who Was Ren-dered Fully Self-supporting1 ThroughTraining in Industrial Work. The Inglenook 991 Beers, holds no meetings and recognizesilv two by-laws. They have been these: Oneember seeing another member looking■oss or unfortunate must state immediately, Do you;long? in addition to other user must an-ver with a grin. Aside from the normal limbs for the com-:On schools, the different trades and music■e taught. The Promotion to Save the Children. We now have mentioned previously the methodlat New York City was using toiwer the demise rate of infants during theot summertime. A great many other locations al-have established pure milk offer sta-■ >n<. in which nurses not only distribute pureilk nevertheless they additionally show moms how toire with their kids during hot weatherid simple tips to give all of them. Among the citiesaing progressive work with the matter wend Newark, N. J., Philadelphia, Boston,ew Haven, Conn., Baltimore, Birming-am, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville,/heeling. Washington, brand new Orleans,leveland

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