‘Apple day” at the Ithaca City Market where in the fall of 1915, six …

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‘Apple day” at the Ithaca City Market where in the fall of 1915, six …
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Image by Cornell University Library
Collection: Human Ecology Historical Photographs

Title: ‘Apple day” at the Ithaca City Market where in the fall of 1915, six hundred bushels were sold to consumers before sunrise.

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Image from page 449 of “Journal of electricity, power, and gas” (1899)
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Identifier: journalofele241251910paci
Title: Journal of electricity, power, and gas
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Pacific Coast Electric Transmission Association
Subjects: Electrical engineering Electricity Gas manufacture and works
Publisher: San Francisco : Technical Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
Five-Car Northern Electric Train. 392 JOURNAL OF ELECTRICITY, POWER AND GAS [ Vol. XXIV—No. 17 THE WATTHOUR METER. BY WM. M. SHEPARD AND ALLEN G. JONES. CHAPTER VI.MISCELLANEOUS. (Continued.) The Pre-Payment Watthour Meter. The prepayment device as applied to the gasmeter has demonstrated its usefiihiess after a numberof years of service, it being especially valuable incities where many of the consumers are transient resi-dents, and also where those served find it a burdento make the usual monthly payments, preferring topay as occasion demands. The slow introduction ofprepayment electric meters has been partly due to thelimited demand, because usually the class of peoplethat have been using electricity for light, power, heat-ing and cooking have not been of the kind that woulddesire or that would necessitate the installation of pre-payment meters. Now electricity occupies such abroad field that it may be said to be used by all classes

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 74 shows the prepayment device when usedas a separate part of a watthour meter.Construction and Operation. The small knob shown protruding from the frontof the case is provided with a slot for the reception ofcoins of the proper denomination. After the coin isplaced in the slot the knob is given a half turn to theright, the coin engaging the shaft of the creditingmechanism and the main circuit being simultaneouslyclosed. The coin is carried around with the turn of theknob and released into a chute which conveys it to acoin chamber in the base of the meter. The first coinplaced in the slot will cause the indicating hand tomove to the figure i on the crediting dial, the sec-ond coin will cause the hand to move to the figure2, and so on, provision usually being made to accom-modate tv/elve quarter dollar coins at once. Thus,00 worth of current may be paid for in advance, andas each quarters worth is used, the debiting mechan-ism will cause the indicating hand to recede to the next

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