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Image from page 212 of “The Spanish-American republics” (1891)
vehicle funding
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: gri_spanishameri00chil
Title: The Spanish-American republics
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Child, Theodore, 1846-1892
Publisher: New York, Harper & brothers
Adding Library: Getty Research Institute
Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Analysis Institute

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PERU. 195 fefe . 1 ^mi eous crockery-ware, which form the cornerstone of Peruvian antiquities.These huacas should really be dug-up among the list of damages of the ancientInca locations, but most of the pottery has become manufactured in a modern manu-factory at Paita. I have always realized that the scarcer money is ina country, and theworse the state ofits finances, themore numerousare the tables ofthe money-chang-ers. The evi-dence of Limaconfirms this ob-servation. Thefinances of thecountry are noto-riously in afearfulstate. Althoughthe hills of 2Peru tend to be complete ofgold, gold, andother preciousmetals, there isnot a native goldcoin becoming foundin the country,except as a his-torical fascination;and the very smallamount of coin incirculation is ofthe many primi-tive and incon-venient type, con-sisting of coarsecopper one and two cent pieces and incredibly heavy gold dollars, also weighty to-be car-ried in a civilized mans pocket. The outcome is an extensivecredit system as well as the usage of bank checks. The Limefios prefer to

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&sr ^•u vz^.cx^; TORRE TAGLE HOUSE, LIMA. 196 THE SPANISH-AMERICAN REPUBLICS. encounter debt freely instead of be strained with a few weight ofsilver dollars. In the 2nd place you remark the rareness of carts, and also the useby choice of mules and donkeys as beasts of burden. The entire day the streets tend to be full ofitinerant venders, many ofwhom are available from thesuburbs plus the nation.The milk-woman, a ne-gress or a Ckola, with darkskin, lengthy braids of blackhair, and a white strawPanama hat of masculineshape, sits enthroned onthe top of her cans, andoften holds a baby in herarms; or, if the girl Indianblood be verv strong, thebaby will likely to be hung on herback in a pouch. Thewater-seller, or agtiador,|s trips on hind-quartersof a donkey, together with his wa-ter-barrels before him.The bakers make use of squarepanniers made from parch-ment stretched on a wood-en frame, as well as supple-mentary loads a long sackis suspended for each sideof the mule or donkey.Fruit – sellers are to befound at every stree

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Image from page 443 of “yearly report regarding the Secretary associated with Treasury regarding condition of the finances when it comes to 12 months ..” (1876)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: annualreportofse1975unit
Title: Annual report of Secretary of this Treasury from the condition for the finances when it comes to 12 months ..
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Writers: United Says. Dept. of the Treasury
Topics: United States. Dept. regarding the Treasury Finance, Public
Publisher: Washington : G.P.O.
Contributing Library: U.S. Dept. associated with Treasury, Treasury Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Dept. regarding the Treasury, Treasury Library

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mount of income equalroughly into the cost increases they paid. 402 1975 REPORT REGARDING THE SECRETARY ASSOCIATED WITH THE TREASURY But contemplate it that way. Assume you’re investing a year on applesand the buying price of oranges had been to double, while at exactly the same time your take-home paywere increased yet another ^)0 a-year. Can you still purchase the exact same amountof oranges? Or can you maybe, at least somewhat, substitute pears andbananas the oranges you previously purchased? The data is incontrovertible that a member of family improvement in price will cause arelative change in consumption. Their education to which that takes place is introduced toby economists as the elasticity of demand, additionally the exijerience associated with the final 18months provides remarkable evidence that cost greatly impacts interest in oil andoil items. You can see that through the chart which employs : evaluations of Total Product Demand Thous Bbls/Day 21,000 20,000 19,000 18,000 17,000 16,000 15,000 14,000 13,000 — Historical Trend — genuine & brand new Trend

Text Appearing After-image:
1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 The chart demonstrates the intake of petroleum has actually great seasonal varia-tion, but has grown steadily for many many years. But the most important price in-creases which happened just last year assisted arrest that ascending rise and cau.sedconsumption become considerably lower than it can usually have already been. Therewas some absolute drop in consumption, and an extremely significant general dropfrom just what usage would otherwise were. DISPLAYS 403 within the longer run, the reduction in power use from cost increases which havealready occurred is supposed to be still higher, as there are numerous adaptations which tax-payers can and will make as time passes. Purchasing better mileage vehicles, insulating domiciles,and changing industrial facilities from oil to coal basically various examples. Comparable resultshave occured in other countries. Therefore, the Wall Street Journal for January 29reports: Britain, West Germany and a lot of countries rely upon increasing pricesto encourage cuts in power usage. The Petr

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Image from web page 157 of “Knights of Pythias directory site and Buffalo street directory site and guide ..” (1894)
automobile financing
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: knightsofpythias00kueb
Title: Knights of Pythias directory site and Buffalo road directory and guide ..
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Writers: Kuebler, Albert J., [from old catalog] comp Kraebel, Fred, [from old catalog] joint writer
Subjects: Knights of Pythias
Publisher: Buffalo, N.Y., Kraft & Stern, printers
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Finance Christ Fay Master of Exchequer.. • JNO. DOSTER Master-at-Arms Chas. H. Koch Inner Guard Philir Becker External Guard Wm. Seifert Name. Occupation Address. Bryans. Root Teamster 599 Howard st Boldt, Louis Saloon 1212 Clinton st Boldt, Wm Brakeman 21 Bushnell ave Broker, Geo Brakeman 86 Mulberry st Beck, Philip Carpenter 1201 Clinton st Doster, John Carpenter 18 Jones st DeGuchery. E Switchman S. Buffalo Fisher. Geo. V Moulder 773 Bailey ave Fay, Christ Carpenter 237 Oneida st Godfrey, Jas. J Tinsmith 40 Imson st Ginther, Wm Switchman 77 Troup st Hubbard, Julius Brickmaker 1323 Clinton st Jacob, Geo Wood Turner 50 Hickory st Kraft. H 431 Sycamore st Koch. Chas. H Butcher 704 Carroll st Matthews, M. W Engineer 1329 Clinton st Miller, Jno Saloon 33 Holt st Moreman, F Rochester, N. Y. Manchester, H. L R, R. Fireman 1226 Clinton st Meyer, Henry Carpenter 365 Bristol st McBride. Jno Tinsmith 1298 Seneca st ODonnell. Daniel Baggageman 24 Scoville ave Pfoehl, F.W Grocer 1334 Clinton st

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We. DAVIS,Ladies and Gents Tailor, 467 William Street. Latest Styles and Fabrics in Suitings,Pantings and Overcoatings. Suits. Pants and Overcoats made-to-order cheaper thanby any money tailor in the city, on Weekly or Monthly Payment*. Latest Styles in Ladies, Misses and Childrens CLOAKS,Capes, coats and clothes. Available cheap on Weekly or Monthly Payments. LODGE DIRECTORY. Polker, Chas Teamster 18 Gilbert a_ve Poth, Jno Collector 20 Baitz ave Rassback, F. E Saloon 5 Deshler st Rainow, Jas. N Engineer 156 Peabody st Schulz, Chas vehicle Inspector 441 Bristol st Seifert, Wm Mason 499 Bailey ave Schriber, Peter Switchman 105 Smith st Smith, C. E Engineer 1347 Clinton st Seifert, Fred Butcher.. 1047 Elk st Stroke. Chas. J Foreman 19 Manitoba st Tobias. W. F Brakeman Emporium, Pa. Tiffany, W. C Art Dealer 241 Seneca st Vergil, Herm Teamster 27 Scoville ave Veeder. John R Clerk. ..Browns resort, Seneca st Wilson, W. the Switchman Weber, Frank Moulder Cheek owaga, N. Y. MATT. ENDUES, Counselor-at-Law

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Nice Car Financing photos

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Image from page 111 of “Legislative regulation of railway finance in England” (1911)
car financing
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: legislativeregul00wang
Title: Legislative regulation of railway finance in England
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Wang, Ching-Chun, 1883-
Subjects: Railroads and state Railroads Theses
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Text Appearing Before Image:
*rvG*iv ►In- ference capital werq/ikujDuie.!-anoth-er—as 56 w&& to 44, while in 1870 and 1871 the relative proportions were reversed, becoming 43 to i2 57 and 42 to 58 respectively. Such changes might have beenbrought about by two entirely different causes. In the first place,when railway enterprise became established, it might be reasonablyexpected that the preference capital would tend to increase morerapidly than the ordinary. When a railway pays large dividendson its ordinary shares, it car raise money on easy terms by issu-ing preference or debenture stocks at fixed rates of interest.This seems to have been largely the cause in England. On the otherhand, when a company pays little or no dividend on its ordinaryshares, it will be compelled to resort to the issue of such pre-ferential shares for raising money, in order to avoid heaviersacrifices. ql. Companies Clauses Act, 1863,26 & 27 V. c. 118, s. 15.d2. Capt. Tylers annual report to the Board of Trade, 1873, p.4.

Text Appearing After Image:
Another class of shares or rather another nomenclature given to the ordinary shares, known as preferred and deferred shares, Cas*e into vogue since 1868. These, in reality, do not constitute any separate class of shares, hut simply represent two divisions into which the ordinary shares are divided. All the rules governing the ordinary shares are also applicable to these sre-trsiri^ preferred and deferred stocks, ex-govern cept that special rules have been adopter to^the process or, andthe conditions under which, the division may be executed. The f irst/instance of ( stock*splitt ing , by whi ch the -drir* vicidOn t^e ordinary shares/linto preferred and deferred0pwp«H4©Rs 13 i-s. kTungp, took place in 1854 in the case of the Great Forthern.Luring that year £ 12 having been paid on each £20 share of thatCompany, a panic seized upon the public mind and grave doubts wereentertained as to whether the Ircldly competitive scheme of thatcompany could be comptyLed in the face of adverse c

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Image from page 40 of “S.A. mining and engineering journal” (1891)
car financing
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: v22p1saminingeng1094joha
Title: S.A. mining and engineering journal
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Subjects: Mineral industries Mining industry and finance Mines and mineral resources
Publisher: Johannesburg
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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y annexed the prizeoffered to the American machines under tiiis particularheading. Great regret was expressed on every side owingto the absence of a Vauxhall in the competition, a carwith an enviable record in events where speed is the de-termining factor. It is understood, however, that a machineof this type had been entered in the stripped class, theabandonment of which has already been referred to. The Club propose holding the hill climbinc competition,the next event on the seasons programme, on the 29thinst. At time of writing, it is regretted, the venue has notbeen decided upon, but the results of the deliberations ofthe Trials Committee, who have the matter in hand, willbe announced early in the coming week. The intention isto select, if possible, a suitable course for the contest withineasy distance of Johannesburg, where the public will beafforded an opportunity of witnessing the performances ofcompeting cars. 10/14 AUSTIN TWO-SEATER AS POWERFUL AS MANY SO-CALLED 15 H.P. CARS.

Text Appearing After Image:
Particular!from GILLS GARAGE. Eloff Street, JOHANNESBURG. P.O. Box 4659. Phono 1505. 64 THE SOUTH AFKICAN MINING JOURNAL. Joiianuesburg, Sept. 14, 1912. Automobile Enterprise. Expansion iu the South African motor industry continuesapace, as is evidenced by the several new garages beingerected at, the present time in Johannesburg, the con-trolling centre of this enterprise. In addition to those ofwhich mention has been made in these columns, stillanother substantial, and in every respect up-to-date, garageis to be built on a new and valuable site recently acquiredin a prominent position. From a general commercial stand-point one must conclude that this important new construc-tion bespeaks a condition which cannot be defined otherthan prosperous, and contributes additional proof, if suchwere required, of the prominent factor the automobile hasbeen in bringing about and the wonderful development whichhas characterised this part of the Empire in the past. Nowthat the severe conditions imp

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