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Image from page 230 of “Ravelings” (1918)
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Identifier: ravelings1918monm
Title: Ravelings
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Monmouth College
Subjects: Monmouth College (Monmouth, Ill.)
Publisher: Monmouth College
Contributing Library: Hewes Library, Monmouth College
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

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Text Appearing Before Image:
mand. 20. Barnett remarks in class meeting that the girls usually finance their ownway to class banquets and it may make some difference in the number of dates. 21. Doc. is informed that a Soph has been see on Broadway with the Fresh-man president. 22. Town and Gown Banquet. Endowment campaign is launched andFive Thousand Club is formed. 23. An unexpected holiday. Clipping from the Review—The Juniors ^a{sa—sS^E?-v- ^-^ Paue Two Hundred Forty-three started the pep going with their songs and yells. They seemed better organizedthan the other classes. 24. Miss B.—Anna Mary, wont you play or sing for us? Oh yes! Youdont do anything but dance. 25. Dr. Rankin at college church. Doc. thanks Chick for coming so farfront. 26. Why has Lyie become so suddenly shy of the ladies. We wonder. 27. The dorm is entertained with a back yard serenade. The third floorcontributes a Hershey bar. 28. A bunch of innocent bystanders help freshmen do their stunt in frontof the dorm. A frog chorus is given.

Text Appearing After Image:
1. Fluz returns from the Border. Robby doesnt understand the commo-tion in class—What is the joke, class? I excused Mr. Baldridge to go to a fun-eral. 2. Girls Glee Club appears at Little York. Wisdom and Mrs. Mc. aredetained by a flat tire. 3. Wisdom and Mrs. Mc. arrive in Monmouth. 4. Rev. Grier preaches his last sermon. We are revived again. 5. Canning once more peaceably passes the flag pole. 6. Governor Ferris to Rebe—Are you an instructor here. Miss Lowry? 7. Seniors go to dinner at the dorm. Dean Whiteman arrives late in orderto avoid asking the blessing. 8. Dago Kelly acquires a car and is taken for a taxi man by one of thefaculty. 9. Peg is heard to remark in Columbus Junction that she and Don are look-ing for a house. 10. Ruth C. and Gailene take Ward riding in a borrowed rig. The policeare notified. I I. Musical troupe comes down from whipped cream to skimmed milk again. 12. Mildred I. sends forth cries for help from the darkness. Miss Brown-lee to the rescue. Second im

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