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Image from web page 108 of “Atlanta City Directory” (1922)
auto loan prices
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Identifier: atlantacitydirec1922atla
Title: Atlanta City Directory
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Publisher: Atlanta City Directory Business
Contributing Library: Emory University Libraries
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rtising is evidenced by their particular continued patronage. THE ATLANTA CITY DIREaORY BUSINESS. Ill FINANCING MARVIN R. McCLATCHEY CANDLER BUILDINGTelephone Ivy 4572 GENUINE ESTATE-LOANSINVESTMENTS EACH CITY AND FARM RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY J, b* S L1C L R real-estate debts very first and Second home mortgages Made quickly. Present Rates Loan Broker, The Mortgage Bond Co. of New York Phone Bell Ivy 955 Healey Building, 51 N. Forsyth St., 0pp. P. 0. A. G. SMITH Suite 313-314 Palmer BuUding BeU mobile Ivy 4270 home mortgages and Insurance We Make real-estate Loans at rates of interest from 6 to 8 %. Also purchase and sell Notes REMIND PROVIDER GUARANTEED XT f IT 7 PHONE otherwise SEE ME i> U TY SURETY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, Inc. Member United states and Georgia Licensed Lenders Associations103 Central Building (Main Floor) Corner Pryor and Alabama Sts. DEBTS On Furniture, Pianos, Autos, Liberty Bonds, or Any Good Collateral SecurityUnder Supervision of, and Bonded to, their state of Georgia mobile Main 3057 A. B. MADISON, management TTir LOANS

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0 LOANS enhanced A^tlanta Realty NO COMMISSIONS otherwise RENEWAL CHARGES M. P. TAGG, 1323 Healey Building mobile Bell Ivy 3793 LOOSE LEAF TECHNIQUES

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Image from page 672 of “San Francisco and Bay counties phone directory” (1917)
auto loan rates
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Identifier: sanfranciscobayaug1938pacirich
Title: San Francisco and Bay counties telephone directory
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Pacific Phone and Telegraph Company
Publisher: [San Francisco, Calif.] : Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co
Contributing Library: Prelinger Library
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AUTOMOBILE • FURNITURE • PRIVATE COMPLETE PRICE: .50 every 0. You borrow 0 and repay5.50 organized in ten simple tnonthly installments. INCLUDING: l?t Month $n.oo 2nd Month.90 third Month.80 4th Month .70 5th Month.60 6th Month.50 seventh Month.40 8th Month..30 9th Month.20 lOthiMonth.10 TOTAL COST.50 every 0 Installment financial loans from up can be obtained during the above proportionate price. FOR IMMEDIATE HELP-Loanson Diamonds, Jewellery,Watches, Silverware, Etc., 1 PER CENTA PERIOD. And Remember: you can find NEVER any costs, extras or insurance coverage charges herel SAN FRANCISCO REMEDIAL LOAN ASSN 932Mission, near Fifth • EXbrook4610 started to safeguard borrowers WANT QUICKCASH?

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Image from page 88 of “Wealth of the Uintah Basin, Utah, and car guide ..” (1914)
auto loan prices
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: wealthofuintahba00cook
Title: useful the Uintah Basin, Utah, and car guide ..
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Writers: Cook, Charles Booker, 1863- [from old catalog]
Publisher: [Denver, Printed because of the Carson-Harper co.]
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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TouristsHeadquarters in the car HighwayDuchesne, Utah Recently Remodeled24 Rooms Colton-DuchesneStage Line J. R. WILSON REAL-ESTATE AND LOANS Duchesne City plenty DUCHESNE, .-. UTAH Odekirk & Company Duchesne, Utah the product quality shop TEN BARREL GASOLINE TANKOIL Outfitters: Tents, Tarps, Wagon Covers Farm Implements General products A. F. MAXWELL Oeneral Mercnandise Canned Goods Gasoline ana Oil MYTON, – – – UTAH I.W.OdekirkS^Sons MYTON, UTAHGroceries^ new and Cured Meats Ice Cream Parlor and Luncn place m connectionD. J. PEARCE J. F. BABCOCK property We make a specialty or Uintah rarm lanasand My great deal City lots TtriTesf^ MYTON, UTAH xA^ Ducnesne Record The Paper that addresses the great Uintah Basin Subscription, .00 per year. Get a good report andkeep in toucn ■with tne fast development or tne larg-est undeveloped area in tne United States Published at Myton, Utah J. P. MAY, publisher

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WILLCOX ACADEMY VKUNAI.. ITAIl I.stablislu-d ..i l!l();! by tlie Coagifffationiil KducalionSociety. All grades through the Primaryto tour many years Hitli School course.Tuition veiy low. Well (rained teach-ers aud good gear. Address Geo. A. I>c»vviiy, VrliKi(ial automobile Supplies and Indian Curios at Myton Bridge shop C. T. BEGGS Myton, Utah Pioneer Livery and VJiXlil^C A. LIDDELL, Proprietor Myton, Utah Indian Curios Candy and Cigars Post Cards Magazines Drugs and SundriesW. C. PERRY, Duchesne, Utah Transients Rates by Week *^ Calvert resort °° Myton, Utah AII the Comforts of Home MRS. S. M. CALVERT, Prop. The Reservation News Published weekly at Myton, Utah when you look at the heart of theGreatest Undeveloped Empire of Northeastern Utah discover the vast sources of the Uintah Basin by sending .50 for a yearssubscription on INFORMATION MORTON ALEXANDER, Editor and Publisher MYTON, UTAH Get m Right Witn Quality and provider Moline and Deering agriculture implements,tne kma that bring tne smiles

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*!20 100 ISMonths 10.80 ISO 13 Months 14*^0 YOUR CAR OR TRUCK TAKEN CARE OF otherwise NOT?Phone IIE inloek 3323 ¥ see .J^momMs ^ ^rTTrMhm 234 LOA—LOA tiLASSIHKD TKKKPIH»K DIRKCTORY Auto Loans Furniture • Salary

Note About Images
Please be aware that these pictures tend to be extracted from scanned page images that will happen digitally improved for readability – color and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the first work.