Insurance 101 – What Determines the Cost of Auto Insurance?

If you drive a car, then auto insurance is a necessity. It’s the law! Your insurance company calculates your insurance premium by predicting future claims experience based on a variety of factors. Watch our video to learn more about what determines the cost of your auto insurance.
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Figuring out the correct deductible amount for you should not be a mystery. In this video, Answer Financial provides relatively simple ways to determine the deductible that fits your personal situation. Additional info on our blog post:

Auto Insurance Deductibles Demystified!

Answer Financial is one of the largest auto & home insurance agencies in the U.S., with over 2.8 million vehicles and homes insured. Think you’re paying too much for auto and home insurance? Give us a call at 1-866-635-7777 or head to our website at and let us help you compare rates from our top auto and home insurance providers.

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