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Image from page 23 of “Western Comrade” (1915)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: westerncomrade2910np
Title: Western Comrade
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Publisher: [n.p.]
Contributing Library: California State Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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e.Put the disemployed worker therefore the idle exploiter atuseful work. Start the task of renovation and beginit today!—G. E. B. The Breadline The breadline stiffs, with hungry maw, are waiting forthe pious paw That arms out grub to every dubThats down and out and under;The fly-cop swings his come-along and eyes the guysthat bum along, The motor hoots, the car toots,The news kids pause and wonder:The lady in the tooting car, the vendor when you look at the buf-fet bar, And Hinky Dink and Bath-House GinkAll have their quip at Hobo! However when theyre through with Weary will most likely andTired Tim and Lazy Lil, Their particular speaks a bluff thats of sufficient age For prehistoric Dodo;Your Weary Will and Tired Tim may review no text and sing no hymn, might nest with fleas and scent of oil And tramp without a kettle.But Tim and Will have switched away, theyre pulled along a judgment time and do not worry but its below And now youve reached settle ! S.H. 24 The Western Comrade Seven Months Prog! Co-operative Colony Shows Remarkai

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ORKERS at the Llano del Rio Co-opera-tive Colony are making these types of quick prog-ress in many departments that it isdifficult to keep up with them. Since theadoption for the department plan therehas been better enthusiasm and activitythan in the past. The device of departmentization iscalled the corporation procedures. Under this planthere tend to be six departments: (a) Agriculture, (b)Building and Engineering, (c) Commerce, (d) Indus-try, (age) Education, (f) Finance. A manager of each division is appointed bythe board of administrators. The supervisor of departmentA acts as superintendent and has now the control over theworking of farm departments. This manager wasfirst appointed in addition to continuing to be appointments weremade on their suggestion with their endorsement. £ we -» * – 1 /:* -v-rk■[■.- 7 Developing Rows of Temporary homes Each manager serves susceptible to a recall by two-thirds majority of the employees in his division andat the will of board of administrators. Vacancies inthe divisions are fille

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Image from web page 19 of “History of Milwaukee, city and county” (1922)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: historyofmilwauk02bruc
Title: reputation for Milwaukee, town and county
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: Bruce, William George, 1856-1949 Currey, J. Seymour (Josiah Seymour), b. 1844
Subjects: Milwaukee (Wis.) — History Milwaukee County (Wis.) — Record
Publisher: Chicago : S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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ales and finance, and following the Edward P. Allis business offered its passions to thepresent Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing business, Mr. Allis had been chosen president of theboard of directors of Allis-Chalmers production Company, which place heresigned quickly because of his wellness. In the 14th of November, 1877, Mr. Allis was hitched to skip Mary SimmonsPhillips, a daughter of George A. and Mary (Nazro) Phillips, who have been locals ofBoston and found Milwaukee soon after the close for the municipal war. They cast intheir great deal with all the pioneer residents of town and very long occupied a position of socialprominence here. Mr. Phillips, too, had been a dominant figure operating sectors. He wasassociated vvith a Mr. rock in hardware trade in fast form of rock &Phillips, recognized as leading merchants of this city. Mr. Allis was distinctly property guy and discovered their biggest satisfaction at hisown fireside with his household. Throughout the summer and autumn months they spent their particular

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WILLIA^r W. ALLtS HISTORY OF :I1LVATKEE 15 time at their particular breathtaking summer time home, AUlen Wood, regarding banking institutions of Nemahbin lake, inone of the very most picturesque places in all Wisconsin. Upon the causes are located nearlyall varieties of timber native to this portion of the country. Mr. and Mrs. AUis weremembers regarding the Unitarian churcli while the previous was a lifelong republican, giviURunfaltering allegiance on celebration and its own maxims. He passed away October 10,1918, but many years may have already been put into the pattern for the centuries ere bis nameceases to be children word at buddies who knew, adored and honoredhim. He was a person of all kindly personality and processed taste. He found thegreatest enjoyment in literature plus his homo at No. .S2() Marshall street he had asplendid collection, containing among the finest ccUections of uncommon editions and auto-graphed copies of books in the united states, including one which bears the autograph ofQueen Victoria. He read many commonly and along m

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Image from web page 468 of “Le quincaillier (Juillet-Decembre 1907)” (1907)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: lequincaijuidec1907mont
Title: Le quincaillier (Juillet-Decembre 1907)
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Topics: Commerce
Publisher: Montréal :
Adding Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Commerce* finance, %nbu$ttit, ftgairance* pxopvittt Sintmobtliere, cEtc. EDITEURS : Los Angeles COMPAGNIE DE MAGAZINES COMMERCIALES (The Trades Publishing Co.)25. Rue Saint-Gabriel. – MONTREAL phone Bell Main 25*7 MONTREAL ET BANUEUE – .BO IABONNEMENT CANADA ET ETATS-UNIS – 2.00 PAR AN.UNION POSTALE – – Fns 20.00 11 nest pas aeeepte dabonnement afin de moina quuue annee full. Labonnement est consldtie comme renouvele si le souscripteur ne nous donnepas avis contrail e au n.oiiiH qnlnxe jours avant lexplratlon, et eet avis no peut etredonn^ que par ecrit directemcnt a i»» bureaux, nog agenls n6 tan t pas car rises arecevolr dfl tell avis. Une annee commences est because of en entler, et 11 ne sera pas donne package a un crdrede discontinuer tant (cake tee ai Teragea ne delivered pas payee. Nona naccepterons de cheqnea en peiement d aoonnement, quen autantque lemontant est fait payable au set a Montreal. Hence cfaegnea, mandats, bona de postc, doivent etre fails payables a lordre de : LE PRIX COT

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