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Image from page 44 of “Report associated with receipts and expenses regarding the City of Nashua” (1920)
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Identifier: reportofreceipts1919nash
Title: Report of the receipts and expenses associated with City of Nashua
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Nashua (N.H.)
Publisher: [Nashua, N.H. : The Town
Contributing Library: University of New Hampshire Library
Digitizing Sponsor: University of New Hampshire Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
o -vi; o (N to la o lo CO 00 ci CO C~ O Tt r-( CO C^ 1-H cT o i-T i-T CO tH fvi 00 -^ COtH CO O rH lO oC5 «0 CJ t-^ i-i -~ 00 lO t- CD CD 00(M -<* CO CJ-^ ^ T-i —I c:) Oi C: O -^ CO OCO (M O00 CD OCOlC 00 M O o (M •-5 (J ISCO K -c ^ O 3 jr t cs . s o 0) o ££ o OJ ] O 05CO in t-^-* t^ CO00 -^ 00 CO CO (N00 rH CO CD CO 05^C^CO CO CO CO CD69- C- o CO 00 Oi Ci CD CO 0000 LO in o(M ^ t- in < o^ -^iOCDC-OOC5,i<!ooaiPH O ;2 W PC – OJX X o-o P ^ *^ rO LiPi o1^ (M O X c o ^ RECEIPTS AND EXPENSES 39 o-o c- o o oo o c- o c oO O IC .i o o c(MTfiHOOiounooiNioirst-ot-cooioict- 1-H Q H CO Q fi I = is o c§^^^ CO to C- COO (N o J3 13 fl ^T3 _ , y -^ h^ >■. C t« « O 3 3 «^ ^ S S £ O) m <D <UC b£bC §

Text Appearing After-image:
00 as OS os_ w (u-o be 03 Pi c8 02 RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES 41 City Clerks division Appropriations, Receipts and Itemized expenses associated with a few Departments as authorized because of the Finance Committee through the year 1919. GENERAL GOVERNMENTSALARY ACCOUNT Appropriation ,300.00 ,300.00 ExpendedBresnahan, C. R., City Messenger … ,200.00 Crowley, James B., Mayor 1,500.00 Cyr, Arthur L., City Clerk, Overseer for the Poor 1,800.00 Dearborn, Samuel, Treasurer, Collec-tor 2,000.00 Greeley, Harry P., City Solicitor 800.00 ,300.00 Total ^rimM ASSESSORS DIVISION Appropriation ,700.00 ,700.00 42 MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT REPORT Expended Baker. S. X.. Services 75.00 Berrjpercent Hazel E., Sendees 65.84 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., Re-pairs 3.72 Classon, C. W.. Stamps 2.90 Cole, F. E. & Co., products 212.60 cotton fiber, Arthur H.. Salary 1.200.00 Cotton fiber, Arthur H., Usage Of Car 15.00 Davis. Henry H., Salary 1,500.00 Dais Heniy H., Cash paid 82.99 Fijal, S., Serices 18.00 Greenough, V.

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