Image from web page 1821 of “la, California, town directory” (1915)

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Image from web page 1821 of “Los Angeles, Ca, town directory site” (1915)
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Identifier: losangelescalifo1916losa
Title: Los Angeles, California, city directory site
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Publisher: Los Angeles Directory Co., 1915-
Adding Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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FILING CUPBOARDS – SYSTEMS AND SUPPLIESBANK EQUIPMENT SWEETSER & BALDWIN CO. 529-33 MARSH-STRONG BUILDING The California Nafional Supply Co. oil well supplies Main 9373 149 North l . a . St. Phones Residence 10749 LOS ANGELES (1916) CITY DIRECTORY 1827 SMITH—Continued Minnie M wid A B dom 1747 N Eronson Minnie M s.eani Coulter D G Co roentgen Haw-thorne Minnie R wid John r 1SB2 W 41st Minnie S wid E J h 2302 Juliet Mitchell we gro and meats 637 W 8th h 804 S Hope Mollle seam roentgen 711 N Bailey Monta H cond r 928 W 11th Morris h 2117 Reservoir Morris painter r 761 W sixteenth, Morris J slsmn Angelus Wine Co h 341 E 60th Morton G h 2208 Bird Morton H authorities h 417 W 52d Moses lab h 150 N Clarence** Muriel r 903 W Blst pi Musetta M elk r 922 E 12lh Myra E bkpr Merchants Finance Co roentgen 1606 W 11th Myron J cond h 16BS 2: 39th« Myrta B nursing assistant 8341/2 W 40th pi Myrtle a r 348 W 45th Myrtle A milliner r 1040 Florida Myrtle C dressmkr r 3957 Woodlawn av Myrtle L, r 1327 S Manhattan pi M Bell Mrs r 13181/2 Wrig

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Image from page 721 of “Washington (District of Columbia), town directory” (1921)
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Identifier: washingtondistri00unse
Title: Washington (District of Columbia), city directory
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Publisher: Polk
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Phones Principal 311-312 811 E. St. N. W. HIGH-SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE •OF ST. JOHNS COLLEGE GREENWOOD Irene elk bkpr Am safety & Trust Co rl845Kalorama rd nw Jas W printer g p o hl211 Montello av ne Kath E asst Public Library r806 Md av no Lillian Mrs hairdrsr 1215 1st se Mabel A elk cen o r516 E Cap Maud M tchr r806 Md av ne Ordvvay motorist rl215 1st se Percy lab r26 McCullough nw Wm B car repr 1817 Nichols av se hl316 Irvingnw Wm B jr elk dept int rl316 Irving nwGreer see additionally Grier Alice E clk Ambrose Swan r907 Columbia rd nw Carrie dom r463 School sw Cath E delivery bd rl740 eighteenth nw » Cecelia B baker 116 12th ne h do Chas D M h2, 1424 W nw Chas E slsmn h421 2d ne Clias I hl367 Fla av ne Chas M meter rdr P E P Co rl367 Fla av nw C-E doormn Hotel Lafayette rlllO 22d se Earl car mech rl332 12th nw Emily C personal wkr rl906 H nw Emma elk rl628 K nw Ernest L company p o hl410 22d se Ernest M jr mach rl410 22d se Eugene presser r338 Elm nw Geo driver r41 Hanover nw Geo lab h

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Image from page 869 of “Electric railway log” (1908)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: electricrailway541919newy
Title: Electrical railroad journal
12 Months: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: Electric railroads
Publisher: [New York] McGraw Hill Pub. Co
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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gebooklet containing much interesting in-formation with regards to coal from variousgeographical parts of the country. Belden production Company, Chi-cago, 111.: Bulletin No. 1208 on Belden-mold, descriptive of material, terms andconditions covering quotations, orders andproduction of artificial molded insulation. Allis-Chalmers production Com-pany, Milwaukee, Wis.: Bulletin No. 1091on its Type OB-4 Governor for auto-matic legislation of stress for environment brakeequipment and stationary or portable aircompressors. General Electric business, Schenec-tady, N. Y.: The Geco resistor for incan-descent headlights for 500 to 600 volt cir-cuits, giving lamp data, fat, dimen-sions, information of mounting, and dia-gram of connections. Steel & Thermit Corporation, NewYork, N. Y.: A folder entitled HowThermit Cured My Diseased Neck, illus-trating a repair from the 16-in. diameterneck of a big roughing-mill pinion usedby the Universal Rolling Mill business,Bridgeville, Pa. Issued on December 5

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Consolidation of Street Railway Journal and Electeio Railway Assessment Vol. 54, No. 19 /v^*- Baltimore and New York November 8, 1919 Speak the Speech of the People – t ^-f^^ OBSOLESCENCE, decline, amortization, repro-duction and reasonable price of return tend to be soundfnland ponderous expressions, however they are because obvious as mudto the patient just who painfully spells on with one fingerany word longer than a syllable. This is certainly an undeniable fact maybe not takeninto account frequently enough in planning piiblicity content onthe reasons for an elevated fare or a decrease in taxingburdens. The language of finance is a lengthy eliminate fromthe message of those and from their particular knowledge indaily life. Householders whom purchase gasoline stoves aren’t inthe practice of putting by 10 percent of this cost of the stovesannually for a replacement fund, as well as understand nothingabout the chance of obsolescence as a result of coming ofthe superior electric range. But this they do understand:That they cant borrow brand new money unless they spend the

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