Image from web page 135 of “The blue and white [serial]” (1922)

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Image from page 135 of “The blue and white [serial]” (1922)
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Identifier: bluewhiteserial13ashe
Title: The blue and white [serial]
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: Asheville School (Asheville, N.C.)
Subjects: Asheville School (Asheville, N.C.) Private schools School yearbooks
Publisher: Asheville, N.C. : The Senior Class
Adding Library: University Library, University of Vermont at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

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any Hormiguero Central Corporation Central Patricio Punta Alegre Sugar business Central San Ramon San Agustin glucose business Central Senado Soledad Sugar business Cuban Canadian glucose business Trinidad glucose business Florida Sugar Company EUROPEAN ASSOCIATE: EDWARD GREY & COMPANY LIVERPOOL BOSTON NY PHILADELPHIA 10 Broad Street 111 West Street 135 Southern Second Street » » » » » • * • • • • • • • • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ «• >- ♦ v y ftft ❖t Y T . T f y * y y we ft ft 4 y y X At your solution with closed or open automobiles at all hours $ y we y y y y y 4 we ft Y J we ft y $ y y ft y ft $ we J. L. RARDEN I y ? y y ? Wo/ « Minute later Auto provider percent ft y y y y t y t y t y t y y y y y y Y Y T Y ft t Y Y y y y t y t Y Have Your Parents Use Our Cars •§ ft , Y When in Town Y Y | y ?we YYYYYfY?Y ftI £ Asheville, N. C X*t yyyyy phone 431 2 N. Market St. X Y y ftY yyvyyy Yft ROBERT E. McKEE General ContractorConstruction Engineer 1900-1932 Texas St.El PasoTexas

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+—. . + Compliments ofthe GLASS OF 1925 +-———• i unique Ready-to-Wear for males, Womenand kids Mens and teenage Mens Lounging and Dress Clothes,Furnishings and Haberdashery associated with the Better Kind. Golf and Hunting Togs, Hiking and Camping clothing,Sweaters, Shoes, etc. Fishin tackle thats fit for fishin. Full lines ofBaseball, Football, and Tennis Goods. 11 Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. George W. Langford Company contractors PRINCIPAL OFFICE with Louisville, Kentucky inside financing and erecting of office structures,hotels also sound building propositions _ourfinancial connections be able becoming ofconsiderable solution to proprietors by taking bonds inpayment of a big an element of the agreement cost. Ourconstruction organization is unexcelled CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED Compliments ofGEO. B. MATTHEWS & SONSNew Orleans, Los Angeles. LACKNER, BUTZ & Company Mortgage Investments Bank Floor, Conway Building111 W. Washington St.Chicago Illinois Municipal Bonds ARE TOTALLY FRE

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Image from web page 374 of “City documents. Municipal register, mayor’s target, yearly reports, etc” (1894)
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Identifier: citydocumentsmun1918newb
Title: City documents. Municipal sign-up, mayor’s address, annual reports, etc
12 Months: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: New Bedford (Size.)
Subjects: New Bedford (Size.) — Politics and federal government
Publisher: New Bedford, The Town, Printed by the Baker Mfg. Co
Adding Library: Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Digitizing Sponsor: Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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pig PARK DEPARTMENT FINANCIAL REPORT New Bedford, Mass. December 1, 1918. Into the Board of Park Commissioners : The Twenty-fifth Annual Financial Report ofthe receipts and expenses associated with the department ofparks, the year ending November 30, 1918, whichI have the honor to submit contains in detail, inform-ation about the funds associated with division in-cluding the receipts, expenditures, and disbursements ofthe Park Commission, and affords in this summary,which can be offered herewith, the opportunity for thosewho have an interest in parks, and their particular managementand upkeep, a proper description of all moneysprovided by the taxpayers for previous year, and thesame is hereby submitted to the people with their con-sideration.

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P20 PARK DEPARTMENT financial record for the 12 months Buttonwood Park ,902.42 Hazelwood Park 2,792.13 Brooklawn Park 7,785.13 Triangle Park 50.00 Typical 7,847.37 Workplace 4,857.18 Ashley Park 1G0.80 Bridge Approach 1,112.68 Grove Park 2,482.82 Balance on hand 9.47 used in unappropriated Funds (see City Auditors Balance 718.80 ,718.80 Receipts Appropriation ,000.00 Sale of milk 112.59 lease, (cafe benefits) 150.00 Purchase of greens 376.21 Sale of lumber 80.00 ;718.80 Office Expenses and MiscellaneousExpenditures Superintendent and Clerk ,369.73 Phone 124.17 products 119.44 automobile Rent, repair works, gasoline, etc 553.08 Printing 60.45 Annual Report 124.00 Traveling Expenses 345.51 Painting workplace 55.07 Miscellaneous 105.73 ,847.18

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Image from page 15 of “it of employees in investments and companies” (1920)
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Identifier: trainingofworker00univ
Title: The instruction of employees in trades and sectors
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: University of Texas at Austin
Topics: Vocational knowledge
Publisher: Austin : The University
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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asses. For example, a WesternUnion messenger guy desires to become a telegrapher, or acash woman in a department store would like to become a sales-woman. Part-time courses must be designed for them. When may be the school open?—Part-time schools tend to be heldduring doing work hours, on the employers time, and also at least144 hours training must certanly be offered annually. They mayalso be held during the slack season. In which will be the classes held?—Usually in the plant, store,or factory where in actuality the pupil works, but constantly in someeasily obtainable destination. What topics tend to be taught?—Trades which is why there is ademand for education. A few instances get: Morseoperating for messenger boys; salesmanship for cash women. That the instructors?—Mechanics from investments whohave had training in methods of teaching their particular trade. Exactly How may be the college financed ?—The State and Federal Gov-ernments pay one-half the expense of training, while theconcern or local community will pay others 1 / 2. 14 University of Tx Bulletin

Text Appearing After-image:
Loading Timber—BeaumontEVENING TRADE EXTENSION INSTITUTES Aim.—To help workers to be much more skilled in thetrades. Who Will Be the pupils?—Men and ladies who tend to be work-ing at their positions, but who would like to plan better po-sitions. Whenever may be the college available?—Any time outside regular work-ing hours, mornings, evenings, afternoons, and off per-iods. What topics are taught?—Any topic regarding theregular career associated with employee. A few examples aregiven: Blueprint-reading for Machinists, Carpenters, Electri-cians, Structural Steel Workers, Plumbers, Bricklayers, andConcrete Form-Makers. Calculating for Carpenters, Inside Wiremen, and Plumb-ers. Chemistry of Oils for Refiners. Distillation of Natural Oils for Still Men. Nationwide Electric Code for Wiremen. It of employees in Trades and Industries 15 Starting and Lighting for car Mechanics. Chassis Repair for Auto Mechanics. Technology of Milling for Millers. Sanitation for Bakers. Universal Milling Machine Process for Machinists

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