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Picture from web page 485 of “Legislative guideline of railway financing in England” (1911)
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: legislativeregul00wang Title:< a href="" > Legislative law of railway finance in England Year:< a href="" > 1911(< a href="" > 1910s) Writers:< a href="" > Wang, Ching-Chun, 1883- Topics:< a href="" > Railroads and state< a href="" > Railways< a href=" ” >
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> Book Viewer About This Book:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Brochure Entrance Sight All Images:< a href="" > All Pictures From Book Click right here to< a href="" rel=" nofollow "> sight book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online variationof this publication. Text Showing up Prior to Picture: on the ground that it would certainly make the individuals courts in would their very own case which such a tribunalAlack independence and also con-tinuity. The last proposal made to trie Home of Commons approximately 1867was that the train business should elect a body of 300 persons, from which five auditors need to be decided to hold their placesduring good behavior. It was proposed that the debenture-holders need to additionally participate in the election. Uo legislation, however, 1 sprang from these costs. Therefore as much as 1857 the major items aimed to be secured by 2 Legislative activity could be summarized as follows:- (1) A clear and also loyal record and account of all thefinancial deal of the company. (2) Authority for investors to evaluate within specific set durations the business accounts as well as to take copies or removes. (3j The consultation of auditors from among the shareholdersto audit the balance sheets and accounts. 1. Hansard, v. 187, pp. 1589-1500. 2. Record of Royal Payment on Railways, 1867, p. xliv.

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( 4) The prep works of a scheme for the declaration of adividend to be paid of the profits of the business. For the purpose of safeguarding these items, Parliamentadopted the following rules. Each firm at its annual conference must assign twoauditors, one of which should retire each year hut needs to be re-eligible. The directors must provide to the auditor half-yearly orother periodical accounts and annual report fourteen days, beforethe conference at which they were to be created. The auditors need to obtain as well as examine the came, andmight empiyye at the expense of the company such accountants andother individuals as they might think: fit to assis them. They shouldeither made an unique report on the accountc or just validate them. The supervisors should maintain the accounts of the company.The hooks ought to be stabilized at the principal periods, as well as there-upon the precise annual report he made up, which ought to show atrue statement of the capital supply, credit reports, and also building of everydescripti

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Photo from page 583 of “Yearly record of the directors of the Boston Raised Train Co.: 1898-1940” (1898)
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< img alt=" yearly credit history record" src="" size=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href="" > Web Archive Publication Images Identifier: annualreporto18981917bost. Title: Yearly record of the directors of the Boston Raised Railway Co.: 1898-1940 Year:< a href="" > 1898 (< a href="" > 1890s) Authors: < a href ="" >
Boston Raised
Train Company Topics:< a href="" > Boston Raised Train Company< a href="" > Railway, Elevated– Massachusetts– Boston< a href="" > Local transportation– Massachusetts– Boston Metropolitan Area< a href="" > urban transit< a href="" > raiilroads Author:< a href=" ” >
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> Publication Audience Regarding This Book: < a href ="" rel=" nofollow" > Catalog Access Sight All Images: All Pictures From Publication Click here to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > sight book online to see this image in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Showing up Before Photo: price cut on funded debt 5,826.69 Miscellaneous debits … 5,238.80 Total deductions from gross earnings. 4,669,153.86 Take-home pay Transferred to Credit score oe Revenue and also Loss … 7,505.86 * Includes rental fee for Tremont Metro, 3,957.82. t Rental fees for all various other trains as well as passages. 22 c. REVENUE As Well As LOSS ACCOUNT. Debit.To debit equilibrium at beginning of year$ I57,555-86 Returns Appropriation of Surplus: To Returns No. 39, paid Feb. 15, 1917, iK %8,191.00 To Dividend No. 40, paid Could 15, 1917, A% 119,397-00 To Returns No. 41, paid Aug. 15, 1917, ilA %358,191.00 835,779.00 Delayed Income Debits: To Web Loss by East Boston Car-House Fire of Nov. 1, 1915 1,488.62 Miscellaneous Debits: To Bottom line on Republic of Massa-chusetts Bonds. These bonds were ondeposit as safety under Acts of 1894and 1897, as well as were gone back to the Com-pany under Man. 743 of the Special Acts of 1917,224.50 To other Miscellaneous Debits … 1,607.34 52,831.84 To Credit score Balance, Dec. 31, 1917 28,557.78 Text Appearing After Photo: Total 23 c. YEAR END DECEMBER 31, 1917. Credit.By balance moved from Revenue Account … 7,505.86 Postponed Income Credit reports: By discount of W. E.

St. Ry. Co., Federal Earnings Taxes, forthe years 1909 to 1912 and component of 1913 …,814.54 By amount charged versus Revenue throughout the three months finishing Dec. 31, 1916, on account Compensation Tax obligation. This tax was eliminated 43,091.75 105,906.29 Miscellaneous Credits: By quantity transferred from the Fire Insur-ance Get … 0,000.00 By various other Miscellaneous Credits … 2,800.95 252,800.95 Overall,076,213.10 24 D. TRAFFIC STATS. YEAR END DECEMBER 31, 1917 Round Trips. Run by Rapid Transportation Traveler carsRun by Surface Traveler cars.Run by Express cars. Overall 1,315,4445,660,534 15,3126,991,290 Revenue Miles. Run by Rapid Transit Passenger carsRun by Surface Passenger cars.Run by Express cars and trucks … Run by Lawn sprinkler as well as Miscellaneous automobiles Overall 14,467,78244,725,977 247,29514,639 59,455,693 Revenue Auto Hrs. By Rapid Keep in mind Concerning Images Please keep in mind that these images are extracted from scanned web page images that might have been electronically enhanced for readability -coloration and also look of these illustrations may not flawlessly resemble the original job.