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Image from page 272 of “Industrial reputation for america, through the earliest settlements to the current time: being a complete review of American industries, embracing farming and horticulture; such as the cultivation of cotton fiber, tobacco, grain
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Identifier: industrialhistor00boll
Title: Industrial reputation for the United States, through the earliest settlements to the present time: being a total survey of US industries, embracing farming and horticulture; including the cultivation of cotton fiber, cigarette, wheat; the raising of ponies, neat-cattle, etc.; all important manufactures, delivery and fisheries, railroads, mines and mining, and oil; in addition a brief history associated with coal-miners and the Molly Maguires; finance companies, insurance, and commerce; trade-unions, hits, and eight-hour movement; and a description of Canadian sectors
12 Months: 1878 (1870s)
Authors: Bolles, Albert Sidney, 1846-1939
Topics: Industries Industries
Publisher: Norwich, Conn. : The Henry Bill club. Business
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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ab-surd in extreme, has ex-erted a material effect uponthe product sales of this manufactur-ers of arms. Halls breech – loadingweapons never emerged intogeneral usage. Their concept wasvaluable ; but he could notgive it useful kind. Prus-sia preceded the UnitedStates, for that reason of their army. Dreyse had perfected a breech-loading gun in 1836, where an extended slug-likebullet had been discharged through a rifled barrel exPenments-by means of a cartridge done up in paper, and containinga fulminate at its base ; the fulminate being exploded bythe shock of a blunt needle entering through a tiny holein the breech-plate. In 1841 Prussia place sixty thousandof these rifles with cast-steel drums in to the fingers of the woman army, one hun-dred guys in each battalion being built with them. In 1848 theywere distributed to the whole military. The master called all of them inside the decree a unique dispensation of Providence for strengthening of our nationalresources, and indicated the hope that the system are kept key until

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in enabling a breech-loader into the hands Prussian in-ventions and INDUSTRIAL HISTORY the great component which it’s destined to try out in history may couple it with theglory of Prussian arms and also the extension of kingdom. The beat of theAustrians at Sadowa in 1866 offered the needle-gun a great celebrity. Needle-gun. . ° ° » and induced all the governments around the globe to improve theirmuzzle-loaders and smooth bores for a more modern type of gun. Abetter firearm as compared to Ziindnadelgewehr of Prussia had, but already been inventedin the usa in 1852 by Sharp of Philadelphia. The breech-pin inSharps this tool was pulled listed below the barrel utilizing the trigger-weapon, guard as a lever, making the barrel open on breech. The ball-cartridge being placed, the breech-pin was thrown back again to its spot by closingthe trigger-guard to its destination. The sharp top side of the breech-pin cutoff the report end of the cartridge, therefore leaving the dust in the today closedbarrel confronted with the fi

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Image from page 120 of “daily ways for American girls and boys” (1922)
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Identifier: everydaymannersf00phil
Title: On A Daily Basis manners for American girls and boys
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: Philadelphia. South Philadelphia high school for women. [from old catalog]
Topics: Etiquette
Publisher: New York, The Macmillan business
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ituation is never assisted by losing people mood. Atsuch a time attempt to keep your poise; you will discover thatyou can accomplish more and better work.If reproved for poor work, or fixed in a blunder,apologize for the work and show your gratitudefor the modification. Give your vow for betterresults in the future. Never sulk, nor attempt to excuseyourself, nor waste time in lengthy explanations. Theo. point usually a mistake is ry, ry once again. made hence it will never take place once more. Does it not seem far better to state BUSINESS MANNERS 103 — Oh, we see I was incorrect; Im sorry. Many thanks forpointing out my mistake/—than, Oh, really, thats whatI suggested,—you see, someone interrupted me while I wasat run that, but we understood, of course, that which was right,or, No, I never ever will have done that when somebodyhadnt butted in, etc. If you’re a stenographer, and your manager asksthat you take some letters, visit him rapidly andquietly, along with needed materials. If he is nearly

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Dress suitably; dont degrade your party clothes in the office. ready, sit completely still until he could be willing to begin. Youwill help him by refraining from tapping a floor withyour foot or perhaps the table together with your pen, or from arrangingyour hair or choosing at your fingernails, or doing any one of thoselittle items that often distract the interest. You’ll, at some point, be asked to report the proceed-ings of a committee meeting. Whether or not themembers associated with committee tend to be seated when you enter theroom, stay standing until a spot is suggested for you. 104 DAILY WAYS whenever brand new situations arise, make use of your common senseand great wisdom, keeping in mind to call upon all yourpast experiences that will help you when you look at the answer of them. Whatever your situation may be, the abilityto work amicably in an organization is a decided asset in busi-ness. A kindly toleration for the views of other individuals,and for ways of working distinct from your own, willhelp to make you a more acceptable coworker. If you should be a newc

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Image from web page 749 of “The United states encyclopedia and dictionary of ophthalmology Edited by Casey A. Wood, assisted by a sizable staff of collaborators” (1913)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: encyclopediaopth06wood
Title: The Us encyclopedia and dictionary of ophthalmology Edited by Casey A. Wood, assisted by a sizable staff of collaborators
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Wood, Casey A. (Casey Albert), 1856-1942
Subjects: Ophthalmology
Publisher: Chicago : Cleveland Press

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s of Ernest Clarke, whichcontains spherical and cylindrical contacts in eigiitiis of a dioptre to1.00 D., in quarters to 5.00 D., and in half dioi)tres to 20.00 D. Thisextensive assortment of contacts, togetlier witli pi-isius. etc. is containedin an instance, measuring 26 by 22 indies. As an invaluable inclusion to tlie completeness of fhc tiial lens put, thefolding tinted lens combo (see figure) is an iinpoi-tant asset. 4730 STUDY OF THE EYE The recofjnizcd valut of linttd eye-glass and spectacle contacts has actually ledto their basic work, and oculists are generally consulted asto the appropriate tone is worn. The group of fronts making up thetrial ready illustrated herewith, tend to be of great price in assisting thephysician and his patient in identifying just what color provides the bestresult in just about any certain situation. The structures, four in number, tend to be of tough plastic and contain one paireach Amber # 1, Amber No. 2, Euphos #1 and Euphos No. 2.When not being used, the set is folded into small compass.

Text Appearing After-image:
Folilino- Tinted Lens Sot. The first contacts useful for o])hth;iliiiic i»urposes had been numbered accord-ing into radius of curvature of tool on which these people were ground,both areas having the exact same cui-vature. Aided by the glass commonlyemployed included it just happened lliat for smli a lens, the number indi-cating the radius of curvature in inches additionally suggested approximatelythe wide range of ins of the i)rincipal focal distance. Such a .systemthe energy associated with the lens was always expressed by a fraction—onedivided by the focal distance of lens. Hence, tlie IS-incli lens luula strength of 1/18. In incorporating contacts in pi-actical work, it becomes necessary to addand subtract the strengtlis associated with the lenses combined. Such calculationsmust be manufactured continuously for each eye that is tested, in addition to difficulty EXAMINATION OF THE EYE 4731 of including and subtracting fractions make it a matter of severe im-portance. Minor objections to your old system of numbering were the variationsof ins in

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