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Image from page 248 of “Reports of Bvt. Brig. Gen. D. C. McCallum, Director and General management of this Military Railroads of the US, and [of James B. Fry] the provost-marshal General, in two components : appendix to the Report associated with Secretary of Wa
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Identifier: reportsofbvtbrig00unit
Title: Reports of Bvt. Brig. Gen. D. C. McCallum, Director and General management associated with army Railroads associated with united states of america, and [of James B. Fry] the Provost Marshal General, in two parts : appendix on Report of this Secretary of War accompanying Message of President to the 39th Cong., first sess
Year: 1866 (1860s)
Authors: United States. Congress (39th, first program : 1865-1866). House United States. Armed forces Railroad Dept McCallum, D. C. (Daniel Craig), 1815-1878 Fry, James B. (James Barnet), 1827-1894 United States. Provost-marshal General’s Bureau
Topics: United Says. Provost-marshal General’s Bureau United Says. Army Military railroads
Publisher: Washington [D.C.] : National Printing Workplace
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: The Institute of Museum and Library Services through an Indiana State Library LSTA give

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REPORT ASSOCIATED WITH PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL. 1G3 O Ci i^ — X: ^ Oi O^ i^ X) <^ o^sairj^jiin — r-(—ir:^ c^ i^ iij lO o 3^ ro toro -5-1^ o-o o ^ fcjD 00 CO -C lO o-o Tj< l^ {*? ,0 -^ CO O -t< lO i.O o CO — t^ CO -^ i.T ..■ —• lO •-£; lO o CO 10 CO « —* CJ o en (^ f^ 05 ai 00 lO Ci 00 — tc 10 o o CO r^ 35 tr? Tt c^ CO {^ Cl (?< rr C-< C^ ~j CO —. Ji O O 10 CO CO —we r-H o-o t- t^ (0< o-o C-l r^ £^ O 00 05 r-H 05 C| 10 ifO c< c0 IfO CO CO OJ 00 05 f^ O CO 35 CO Tti —we o-o O00 O) t^ ~ ~ O) TT 0* — CO O CO {^ 0» Xi (^ O 00 Ct >0 —. —- CO — 00 CO L-O X C! O 00 t^ f-^ 00 O O. O T ~. CO t^ CO C3 O CO rr rr ^ Oi 10 -^ coirf lOf 35 00 •*^-of 00 co o~ •^co cc 05 oT 1 ro oT co r-cf o (of r-T t^COCOCOrHTTOC^OOrHJ^COr-lOOirOO-, Offit-CJOr-*r-( iOeO CO—<CJp-l r-lr-l

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164 REPORT ASSOCIATED WITH PROVOST-MARSHAL GENERAL. Dining table No. 4.—Statciiicnt of trooj>s mustered to the solution associated with United Statesfor a less duration, than six months, (including all three-months guys,) perhaps not here-tofore paid on any quota, since the commencement of the rehellion, hut whichwould are correct credit wpon a suhsequent call, relative to pro-visions of part ]5, work of March 3, 1865. States. Maino brand new Hampsliire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York nj Pennsylvania Maryland .. western Virginia District of Columbia Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Missouri Kansas PERIODS OF SERVICE. a few months. Totals 771 932 782 4,983 3,147 2,402 16,922 3,123 20,175 900 4,720 12,357 6, 409 9,516 781 817 930 915 10,591 650 101,823 100 times. 167 6,809 5,640 769 7,675 1,297 36,254 7,197 11,328 2,134396144183,612 4 months. 121 121 o ^ ao 771 1,099 782 11,913 3,147 2,40222,562 3, 89227,850 1, 297900 4,720 48,611 13,606 20,844 781 2, 951930

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Image from web page 292 of “The street railroad analysis” (1891)
3 credit agencies
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Identifier: streetrailwayrev15amer
Title: The street railroad analysis
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: American Street Railway Association Street Railway Accountants’ Association of America American Railway, Mechanical, and Electrical Association
Topics: Street-railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Street Railway Assessment Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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to its jt-tractivencss. During the conclusion regarding the energy station which hasbeen explained, the employes of the Camden Inter-state Railway Co., as a token of respect, presentedto the organization a 21 x lo-in. three-chime whistleto be applied from the brand-new section. The erection for the generators additionally the wiring ofthe whole plant were done by the companys em-ployes underneath the way of Mr. James Pagan, theelectrical and technical engineer of the company.The architectural plans associated with the energy house weredrawn by Mr. Fagan and all the construction workon the building was continued under their personaldirection. Great credit flow from Mr. Fagan for hiscareful study regarding the needs for the business and thesuccessful manner in which the new plant has actually fulfilledthe demands. The road railroad organizations of Tennessee are making prepara-tions to observe the Jim-Crow legislation passed at the current sessionof the Legislature, effective July 3rd, plus don’t anticipate a gflea:amount of trouble in complying along with its arrangements.

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BOILERS AND AUXILIARV APPARATUS, C. I. RV. CO. The contract for the power plant of Toledo, Port Clinton &Lakeside Electric Railway Co., which will be erected at Port Clin-ton. O., happens to be awarded to regional functions, and it’s also expected thatthe contractors will likely make quick progress. The non-public take into account the Adjustment of Damage reports. liv l)u. 11. 1!. Km KWELL, Manager Railway Adjusting Bureau, Cleveland, O. The vagaries of human instinct assert theinselves with morepersistence and be more stril<ingly conspicuous, when observedfrom the perspective associated with the claim adjuster compared to just about any otherrelation of life, for which men and women come into close and intimate con-tact with each other upon matters of company or policy; and of allthe idiosyncracics of this mind not one is much more connnon or dithcultof explanation as compared to preparedness and simplicity with which peoplelapse into lying if they were hurt through instru-mentality of a corporation or its servants, a person is virtually susceptible tnb

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