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Image from page 449 of “The digressions of V. : written for his or her own enjoyable which of his buddies / by Elihu Vedder ; containing the charming legends of his infancy, a free account of their stay-in Florence, the garden of missing options, get back residence from the trac
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Identifier: digvwr00vedd
Title: The digressions of V. : written for their own enjoyable and that of his pals / by Elihu Vedder ; containing the charming legends of their infancy, a merchant account of his stay static in Florence, the yard of missing opportunities, get back residence from the tabs on Columbus, his struggle in New York in war-time coinciding thereupon of the country, their prolonged remain in Rome, and likewise their prattlings upon art, tamperings with literary works, struggles with verse, and lots of other items, becoming a portrait of himself from childhood to age ; with several pictures because of the author.
12 Months: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Vedder, Elihu
Topics: American Art
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Business
Adding Library: Whitney Museum of American Art, Frances Mulhall Achilles Library
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s the eye. This tendency, which unduly cultivatedmight lead me personally to the extravagant, is held down by my senseof humour, and has now allowed me oftentimes to tread with safety thatnarrow path lying between your Sublime and the Ridiculous, —the road of commonsense, which in its turn is dangerously nearto the broad highway of Commonplace. There was anotherthing — the convenience with which I can conjure up visions. This fac-ulty if developed would shortly allow us to see as realities mostdelightful things, nevertheless the reaction would be beyond my controland would inevitably follow and make certain generate photos of hor-ror indescribable. A few experiences show me personally that thatway insanity lies; and thus, while i’ve rendered my Heaven WILLIAM BLAKE 409 notably tame, at the very least my Hell continues to be rather endurable. Thusit comes that Blake can roam with pleasure and keep their men-tal health in an environment which may show deadly in my experience; andthus I’m not suited to pass a judgement on him — but I can at

Text Appearing After Image:
THE HARDON-GIVING AND IMPLORING HANDS the very least give some account that might help eliminate that ideathat he had been insane. My buddy Ellis had been a person saturated with Blake. The twolarge volumes, William Blake, by Ellis and Yates, testifyto this. He explained way back when in Perugia that he then thought hehad discovered the answer to Blakes wonderful and interminable mysticpoems. I confess, using the biggest love and veneration for theman and singer, these lengthy poems tend to be in my opinion a veritable Slough of 4io THE DIGRESSIONS OF V. Despond; that in wading through all of them, once I believe I havegained a firm foothold, it sinks from under me personally, while Ellis goesskipping from hummock to hummock and appears to turn out dry-shod within farther part. Yet, if Blake is ever before to-be inter-preted, those two men are the only people which give a promise ofsuccess. It can take forever to actually realize Blake; andwhat if after all it must turn out to be — not too. Since I havemade a book that sells, I have often already been as

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Image from page 279 of “The Ladies’ house journal” (1889)
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Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Ladies’ home log
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Subjects: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
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CONTINUE WEEKEND he sees Laura makingBordens Instant Coffee. Somethingnew? he requires. Most readily useful coffee ever, saysLaura. Trigger its all coffee, not a mixture!Also, no cooking pot, no reasons, no waste! WELL, YOU SHOULD have heard of look ongood old Horaces face. Kindly, Laura,he claims, coffees my one weakness. I hateto ask you to answer, but wont you make me personally somegood, old-fashioned, surface coffee?

Text Appearing After Image:
LAURA ONLY NODDED and moments later on sails in, all innocence, and fingers him a bigsteaming cup of Bordens. You merely cant overcome real coffee, gloats Horace, draininghis glass. Therefore we tell him sure its genuine. . . its Bordens. Horace gasps: But I was thinking Iknew all about instant coffee! Aaah! However didnt understand Bordens, we chorus. Passyour glass and get on bandwagon, Bud! Money back if BORDENS doesntbeat your preferred coffee!* AMERICAS FASTEST SELLING NATURAL INSTANT COFFEE •J* utilize at the least half a jar of Bordens. After that, if you dont concur it tastes a lot better than any coffee you previously used, sendus the jar using the unused contents, and well refund your cash. The Borden Co.. 350 Madison Ave., N. Y. 17, N. Y. appeared later on, the three minds,blond, black and copper, simply visible and alltalking simultaneously. He went into the housewhere he lay out at full-length regarding the sofaand went along to rest from sheer surprise. I suppose all reunions tend to be sort of alike,Candy said abruptly. No body answered. It had been Sunday after

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Image from web page 217 of “The Tiger (student paper), Sept. 1911-June 1912” (1911)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: tigerstudentnews14unse
Title: The Tiger (student newsprint), Sept. 1911-June 1912
12 Months: 1911 (1910s)
Subjects: Colorado College Student publications Colorado College student paper College magazines and periodicals
Publisher: Colorado College
Adding Library: Colorado University, Tutt Library
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) by pro-motion inside engineering bureau ofthe war department, (3) by transferto the bureau from some otherservice. Consequently to-be qualified to receive the ex-amination a civil professional mustfirst pass the study of juniorengineer and division prom-ises togive all feasible aid to anyonedesiring to be entitled to theexamination. The examinations cover a widescope, equivalent to a 4-year engin-eering training course. To pass through, a mark of70 percent, must certanly be obtained in eachsubject for the written, and 80 per cent, in each topic into the mentalexamination. Inclination will likely to be given THE TIGER Youre going residence xmas, and undoubtedly youll want to recall the individuals athome with a few little gift. We a complete stock of Mark Cross Leather merchandise, alsonumerous small articles in Nickel and Brass, which can make useful gift suggestions. Make your choice now, although you have actually a sizable assortment that to makeyour selection. 1GANO -DOmS* At Gano-Downs Corner. Tejon at Kiowa WE’VE AN UNIQUE PAINT

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1 1 1 ■ for virtually any factor 75c Per Gallon up in an identical way with Wall Paper, Kalsomine,and in fact, Everything we Sell. Askyour next-door neighbor, he understands. PAINT PROVIDE BUSINESS Whloesale 113-115 E. Bijou St. Retail Hunt Up Bissells Drugstore Once You WantDrugs, Cigars or Stationery Cor. Dale and Weber Colorado Springs UNIVERSITY SUPPLIES Pikes Peak Book & Stationery Co. 27 S. Tejon StPhome Ebony 354 Seldomrid^e Grain Co. Wholesale and Retail Dealers inFlour, Feed, Grain, Hay and Seeds 108 S. Tejon Street CALL 2000 When You Want any such thing QUICK!QUICK SHIPPING MAI . 2000 COTRELL & LEONARD Albany, N. Y.Makers of CAPS & GOWNS into the United states Colle.es from the Atlantic toward Pacific Class Contcacts a Specialty Deichmann & Douglas FloralCompany CARL H. HAGEMEYER, Mgr. Selection Cut Flowers and flowers designs a Specialty Students Trade Solicited 111 N. Tejon St. phone 1593 Wills, Spackman & Kent real-estate, Mortgagesand Insurance Gazette Building THE TIGER to those securing the large

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