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Image from page 615 of “St. Nicholas [serial]” (1873)
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Identifier: stnicholasserial4311dodg
Title: St. Nicholas [serial]
12 Months: 1873 (1870s)
Writers: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Topics: Children’s literary works
Publisher: [New York : Scribner & Co.]
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of vermont at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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WINTERSPORTS All Models in Ice Skates . $ 1.50 to $ 15.00 per set. Skating Footwear. Size 10, Childrens, to size 10, Mens,.00 to .75 per set. Hockey Sticks, Pucks, etc. Skis and Canadian Snow-Shoes, .00 to .75 and .50 to .75 Toboggans .00 to .00 Versatile leaflets „ .50 to .00 Sweaters, Scarfs, Caps and Childrens Snow Sets in alarge range of colors and designs. F. A. O. SCHWARZ (Established 1862)303 Fifth Ave., at 31 st Street, nyc vibrant andClean—^JustLike brand new! You are able to hold almost every-thing in home, workplace orstore constantly perfectlyoiled, sparkling clean,polished bright as new and asfree from rust and tarnish asthe day it was bought. Attempt 3-in-One for sewingmachines, clocks, digital cameras,typewriters, furniture, bath-room fixtures, electric followers,lawn mowers, firearms, fishingrods and reels, etc. Three-size bottles—10 cts.—25 cts.—50 cts. In addition in pat-ent Handy Oil Cans, 3 ozs.,25c. Sold at all good shops.

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Image from web page 112 of “The women’ home log” (1889)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Ladies’ house record
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Topics: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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supported in also manyCabinets to expect that all choices wouldmatch his advice, and it also was not his dis-agreements because of the President on details ofpolicy that bothered him, while he looked backin 1947; it absolutely was rather that Mr. Rooseveltspolicy had been so frequently either unidentified or notclear to those who must perform it, andworse yet, in some instances it felt self-contradictory. When it comes to China, for ex-ample, those which worked therefore energeticallyat cross purposes in Chungking undoubtedlyregarded themselves as possessors of a man-date from Washington—and also from theWhite home. To sum up, after that, Stimsons experienceof the diplomacy of coalition warfare inWorld War II left him with this particular conclusion:Franklin Roosevelt as a wartime interna-tional leader proved himself as effective as oneman could be—but one man wasn’t enoughto keep an eye on so vast an undertaking. Additional installments of Time of Peril is pub-lished within the February and after problems of theJournal. LADIES RESIDENCE JOURNAL 109

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H. ARMSTRONG ROBERTS Encouraging an ordinary desire for food and pleasing it using rightfoods will help your son or daughter to be healthy, active, alert. The Undernourished Child with DR. HERMAN >. lit MM*I President, Chicago Hoard of liealtti worries ago, once I first entered thehealth division, I often ended onmy regular college visits to view theyoungsters at play in schoolyard—nning, pressing, swinging, climbing one forest gym and/or trapeze. InvariablyI these types of events I realized that several ofe children were not getting involved in motifs, but were standing aside looking on.^serving all of them closely, i foundat those who were inactive had been pale,in and dispirited, with pipestem armsid legs, sagging shoulders, hollow chestsid, often, curved backs and. vtrateful young mothersfrom Maine to California tellus that Doctor Bundesensbahy booklets have already been ofthe biggest make it possible to all of them incaring because of their own babies.The first eight booklets coveryour babys very first eight months.They offer for 5

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Image from web page 27 of “Theatrical and circus life;” (1893)
sell residence
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: theatricalcircus00je
Title: Theatrical and circus life;
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Writers: Jennings, John Joseph, 1853-1909. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Theater Circus
Publisher: Chicago, Laird & Lee
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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rmans Sell – – – – – 432 The Box Trick, Fig. 1 – – – -• – – – 440 the container Trick, Fig. 2 – – 441 The Box Trick, Fig. 3 – 441 The Box Trick, Fig. 4 442 The Box Trick, Fig. 5 443 regarding Boad 465 The McCall Tragedy 472 Blackmailing an Actress ——- 474 Jealousy – 476 Edward Kendall 478 call at the cool 480 John Wilkes Booth 485 Scene from Grand Duchess ——- 493 John W. Norton 496 Mary Anderson (coloured Plate) 496 A Candidate in Regalia 504 Muck-a-Muck —– 508 The Circus World 512 Twenty-five thousand-dollar Beauty 517 Adam Forepaugh – – 520 Beating the Circus – 523 W. H. Donaldson 525 Catalina Georgios Frightful Death – 526 Bareback Riding – – -■-■..- – – – – 537 Trapeze ———– 539 Mdme.Lasalle -.—;- 542 Annie Livingstone (Colored Plate) – 545 Circus Eiders – – – – . – – – — – 546 Dan Bice — 550 a person Pyramid _.._••_ 562 jumping 565 Bicycle Riding ——— 571 large and Giantess 579, 580 Performing Elephants 596 Jumbo —– 599 Curtain – – = – – = – – – – – 608

Text Appearing After Image:
STAGE OT A MODERN THEATRE. CHAPTER We. AN INITIAL PEEP. Anybody can get into the auditorium of a theatreby spending an entry charge reaching from twenty-fivecents to .50, and the sawdust precincts of thecircus is penetrated for small amount of fiftycents ; but behind the curtain of theatre and beyond the screened door whereby circus destinations enterthe exhibition arena, are sacred places, with secretsthat are so valuable with their proprietors that they dare notfor less than a lot of money permit the general public to viewor even to know them. A broad knowledgeof the simpleness of theatrical and circus tips — ofthe delusions that make up the stock in trade of show-men usually — would destroy their value as salablearticles, and work out every person somewhat Barnum or JackHaverly of their own, with ability to provide himselfwith enjoyment at home, whilst former masto-donic managers could just look in and weep at theeducational facilities with that the nation was ove

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Take note these pictures tend to be extracted from scanned web page photos that will have been digitally enhanced for readability – color and appearance among these illustrations may not completely resemble the initial work.