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Image from page 71 of “Æsop’s fables : with well over 100 and fifty emblematical devices” (1839)
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Identifier: sopsfableswith00crox
Title: Æsop’s fables : with up to one hundred and fifty emblematical products
Year: 1839 (1830s)
Authors: Croxall, Samuel, d. 1752
Publisher: Philadelphia : Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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ture of which costfifty thousand even more ; along with his gardens were pro-portionably magnificent. Besides which, hethought himself under essential of buyingout two or three tenements which endured in hisneighbourhood, that he may have elbow-roomenough. All this work he could very well keep ; andstill might have been pleased, had it perhaps not already been foran unfortunate view that he one day happen-ed to just take of my Lord Castlebuilders home gardens,which contains twenty acres, whereas hisown weren’t above twelve. From that timehe grew pensive ; and, ahead of the ensuing v.in-ter, offered five and thirty years buy for adozen acres more to enlarge his gardens; builta handful of inflated greenhouses, and a largepavilion within further end of a terrace-walk.The bare fixes and superintendencies of allwhich demand the remaining part of their income.he could be mortgaged quite deep, and pays no body ;but, becoming a privileged person, resides altogetherat a private cheap lodging in City of West-minster. 56 FABLE XXVII.

Text Appearing After-image:
THE FOX AKD THE LIOW. X HE very first time the Fox saw the Lion, he feDdown at his legs, and was prepared perish withfear. The 2nd time, he took courage, andcould also keep to check upon him. The thirdtime, lie had the impudence ahead to him,to salute him, also to come into familiar con-versation with him. APPLICATION. With this fable we might observe the two ex-tremes where we might fall, on a proper be-haviour towards our superiors: the main one is abashfulness, proceeding either from a viciousguilty head, or a timorous rusticity ; one other,an over-bearing impudence, which assumesmore than becomes it, and thus makes the per-son insufferable on conversation of well-bredreasonable men and women. But there is however this differencebetween tlie bashfulness that comes from a wantof training, in addition to shamefacedness that ac- FABLE XXVII. 57 companies aware guilt; the initial, by a con-tinuance period and a nearer actjuaintance,may be ripened into a suitable liberal behaviour ;the other no quicker fin

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