Image from web page 58 of “Industries of to-day” (1904)

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Image from page 58 of “Industries of to-day” (1904)
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Identifier: industriesoftoda00lane
Title: Industries of to-day
12 Months: 1904 (1900s)
Writers: Lane, Martha Luther, b. 1862
Subjects: Manufactures Occupations
Publisher: Boston, Ginn & organization
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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eteran picker is shownin the accompanying illustration. [48] A Crop of Cranberries Cranberries are not selected like strawberries,daintily and something by one. Experienced workersplunge your hands under the vines, palms upwardand hands curved, and literally scoop up the fruitby handfuls. A rake, makes it possible for the vines topass through its teeth and maintains the berries, isalso made use of, but is far lesssatisfactory than handlabor. Whenever a measure is filledand emptied the book-keeper standing near givesthe picker credit in hisaccount, though tally issometimes kept by meansof passes, all of whichrepresents a measure and a Veteran can be exchanged within store for tea, sugar,or various other commodities. The most common cost paid isten cents a measure, in addition to laborers, like thosein other occupations, are occasionally discontented. A couple of years ago a strike for higher wagesoccurred on a large marsh where there werefive hundred pickers. Fifty of those, preferringa half-loaf to no breads, held meekly on with their [49]

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Industries of To-Day just work at the old price, and, unfortunate to link, themalcontents, perched easily regarding the dikesas a vantage ground, pelted these with a showerof sticks and rocks. Harmony was finallyrestored and* the strikers returned to get results,but, together old lady among them declared, theylooked thereafter upon the fifty employees as poor-spirited creatures. Definitely, because they work because of the job, there isno potential for cheating, said a visitor to a shrewdproprietor. He looked skeptical. We inform you, he stated, cranberry pickets basically like all the remainder of theworld. Some wouldnt just take a berry to save theirlives, as well as others lie awake nights to imagine howto fill-up their measures. Some will slyly just take a measure and dentin the base, and others have a way of givingthe actions a-shake to be able to toss the berriesup and make five quarts look like six. Humannature is great human on a cranberry bog! Berry selecting has its own champion workers, someof who average over 200 quarts aday, and there

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Image from page 341 of “Fables” (1757)
poor credit
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: fables__01gayjuoft
Title: Fables
12 Months: 1757 (1750s)
Writers: Gay, John, 1685-1732
Topics: Fables
Publisher: London C. Hitch
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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lit to his part l>c fitted. Tile Swan, fays he, in hands ihall (LineThe foldicrs marvelous toil be thine.The CiKk lliall mighty wealth attain : get, feek it from the llormy primary. The court ihall function as the Spiders fphertj Pgwr, fortune, ihall reward him there. In -516 PyJ B L E S. In mufics art the Afss fameShall emulate Corellis name. Each took the part that he advisd.And all had been similarly defpisd.A Farmer, at his folly movd.The lifeless preceptor therefore reprovd. Blockhead, fays he, by what youve done.One would have thought em each your fon;For parents, with their offspring blind,Confult nor parts nor change of brain -,But evn in infancy decreeWhat this, exactly what tother fon fliall be.Had judgment weighd the cafe.Their genius therefore had fixd their particular place:The Swan had learnt the failors art;The Cock had playd the foldiers component; The T A-B L E !^. 317 The Spitlcr when you look at the weavers tradeNnil credit had a king’s ransom made ;But tor the luol in evVy clafsThe blockhead had appeard an Afi. ^m>^^ FABLE 38 FABLES.

Text Appearing After-image:
{xra^eirtvn FABLE XV. ^he CooK-MAiDj the Turnspit, together with Ox. To a Poor guy.^^Onfider man in evry fphere; Then tell me, is your great deal Icvere ?Tis murmur, difcontent, diftruft,which makes you wretched. Jesus is juft. We grant F yi n r. K .V. we give that appetite miift l)c fcJ,That toil t(X3 earns thy everyday loaves of bread.What after that – thy desires tend to be feen and knownBut evr) mortal feels his own.Were lx)rn a reftlefs needy staff:Show mc the happier guy than you.Adam, thoiii^h blcli above his type,For choose of focial woman pind :Eves wants the fubtle ferpent law;I ler fickle tafte tranfgrcfi.d what the law states:Thu^ Icll our fires; and their particular difgra<.cThe curfc entaild on people. hen Philips fon, by glor) led,Had oer the world their empire fpread;whenever altars to their name were drcli,That he was man his tears confcft. Tlic hopes of avarice tend to be chcckt;The proud guy constantly wants rcf^xrct. Mut 320 FA B L E S. Wliat numerous wishes on powr attend ? Aspiration never ever gains its end. Whom hath not heard the wealthy complain Of fu

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Image from web page 147 of “the road railroad analysis” (1891)
poor credit
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: streetrailwayrev15amer
Title: The street railroad review
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: American Street Railway Association Street Railway Accountants’ Association of America American Railway, Mechanical, and Electrical Association
Topics: Street-railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Street Railway Assessment Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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e, consequently, of die merit and demerit record, as thiscompany keeps it, is always to separate among the list of great males instead thanamong poor people ones, since this is shown by their particular individual recordson which look credit balances of merits. 128 STREET RAILWAY EVALUATION. [Vol. XV, No. 2. Miller Anchors. The accompanying illustration is of the Miller anchor forrailway wrecking functions, and auger for establishing them.These anchors could be emerge from 30 to 40 mins, eight feet deep,and will stand a-strain of 40 to 50 tons. The anchors tend to be madein three sizes. 10×25 in., with i4-n. pole, 9 ft. long; 10×30 in., eluding a number of controlled by the British Electrical Traction Co., Ltd.,and have actually provided really satisfactory outcomes. The sales company of this United states Ventilating Co. reaches 15 CortUlndtSt., new york, plus the officials regarding the organization tend to be: Presi-dent, Anderson Fowler; assistant, Richard B. Kelly, who is vice-president regarding the Fifth National Bank; treasurer and basic man-ager, H. M. Shaw.

Text Appearing After Image:
MILLER ANCHOR AND AUGER. with iH-m. pole, 9 ft. lengthy; 10×30 in., with ili-in. pole, 9 ft. long.The anchors are constructed of cast-iron together with rods of wrought iron.The anger features a 9-ft. stem, one-inch in diameter, with an adjustablehandle, once the fury decreases the handle can he moved up thestem. The Miller Anchor Co., Norwalk, O., wliich manufactures thesewrecking anchors, in addition manufactures a line of smaller anchors foranchoring guy cables to phone and trolley poles, with acombination auger with two dull heads when it comes to various sizeanchors. The Miller stone anchor can be something of the companyand can be utilized in just about any sort of rock. These are typically ij4 •■ i diameterand 3^ ft. long, with a J^-in. pole, and can remain a-strain of 15,000lb. The Miller items have actually satisfied with significant amounts of success andare used extensively through the nation by these types of problems asthe Bell phone Co., the Appleyard Syndicate, the Detroit &Toledo Construction Co. in addition to united states of america phone Co

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