Image from page 417 of “Boone County Recorder” (1908)

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Image from page 417 of “Boone County Recorder” (1908)
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Identifier: Boone_County_Recorder_Vol_34_1908
Title: Boone County Recorder
12 Months: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Boone County Recorder
Subjects: Boone County, Kentucky newspapers
Publisher: Boone County Recorder
Adding Library: Boone County Public Library
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this season. The reverse istrue associated with candidates or perhaps the Probibitlon. Populist add Socialist Labor par Emdcncc.U w*v Mend tUnm •wfehnW*-(Wk** hsit.WW pafea you Aink »? hW7* Mr dined at hb housefTfc. kuf IW Smoked M«torf kU -* ** W»<*»r». An Encouraging Typical. I have already been overlooking my finanelal operations, stated Mr. Easigo. **must say they have been more successfulthan normal. Have yon been making largeprofits V No. I dont anticipate something Ilkathat. But you state you were auccessfnir* relatively successful. Duringthe thirty days I have loaned money to flvsfriends, and just three of them havi•jMt speaking, to ma FREEDOM DAWN8 IN TURKEY brand new Ottoman Parliament Is Openedby the Sultan. _ Constantinople.—Turkey made herbow as a complete fledged constitutionalmonarchy Thursday, when the newOttoman parliament presented its very first ses-sion. ties. The Independence party performed notfigure in presidential election offour years back. PLUNGE TO DEATH WITH CAR. Milwaukee Guy and Chauffeur DrownIn the River.

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■= f» Stock-broker Kills Himself.Joplln. Mo.—Standing before a mir-ror into the bathroom of their apartmentshere Friday, Col. Hy B. Marchbank, aprominent stock broker, delivered a bulletthrough hie mind. Marchbank left anote to his sibling ascribing ill healthfor hia action. Blizzard In Newfoundland. St. Johns, N. F.—The worst blizzard practiced In Newfoundland for many years was raging for 50 hours and heavy harm happens to be done to fishing vessels, some had been withdrawn DyMr. Taftiwhich have actually l>eenT)1ow1Fasnbre, ~ ~ wouldn’t be _ Weil-Known creator Dead.New Haven, Conn.—Donald GrantMitchell, 84 yrs . old, the popular author whom composed under thenom de plume Ik Marvel, died at bisborne, Marvelwood. In Edgewood, asuburb of this town, Tuesday nightAt the bedside at the time of Mr.Mitchells death were their sons, Haroldof brand new London and Walter of Newark,and their daughters. Mrs. Walter Hart.of Rye, N. Y.; Mrs. Mason Hoppin aridthe Misses Elizabeth, Bessie and Har-riet Mitc

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Image from web page 564 of “Railway technical engineer” (1916)
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Identifier: railwaymechanica92newy
Title: Railway technical professional
12 Months: 1916 (1910s)
Subjects: Railroad engineering Engineering Railroads Railroad automobiles
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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. :> ft. 10 in. and spaced l.-^ ft. 10 in. between facilities. vapor lar 1 in. .■mong the greater amount of essential areas are three 3-in. Con- S^.r Mfgefr.:::.:;;;;;.;.:;:.;:.:;.::::::..:;.::::.:::::;;:;i;i I: Make the Fourth Loan a Success! October, 191S RAILWAY .MECHAXICAL ENGINEER llhcels Driving, _ diameter over tires 51 in. Driving journals, wain, diameter and size 10 in. by 12 in. Driving jotimals, other individuals, diameter and length 9 in. by 12 in. Boiler. Style right top Operating pressure 175 pound. per sq. in. Outside diameter of first ring 80 in. Firebox length 102 4 in. by 66 Ji in. Firebox plates, depth Crown, edges and straight back, ^ in.; pipe, y* in. Firebox, water room Front Side. 5 in.; edges and back 4J^ in. Pipes, quantity and outdoors diameter 230—2 in. Flue5, number and outdoors diameter 36—5^ in. Tubes and flues, length IS ft. Warming surface, pipes and flues 2,569 sq. ft. Warming area, firebox including arch pipes 212 sq. ft. Heifing area, complete 2,781 sq. ft.

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Half parts through Firebox Showing the TubeSheet Layout Superheater heating area 673 sq. ft. Equivalent helting surface* 3,737 sq. ft. Grate location 46.6 sq. ft. 7 endc- Tank liquid bottom Frame cast-steel Weight packed 167,900 )b. Wheels, diameter _ 33 in. lournals, diameter and size 6 in. by 11 in. Vater capacity 8,000 gal. Coal ability 16 tons * Equivalent si-rface =: complete evaporating Iieating surface + 1.5 Libert V Mutuk Cylinders.—While previously all auto-mobife motors and American aviation motors had cast ironcylioders, the J. G. Brill business of Philadelphia, railwaycar designers, are making metallic cylinders for a few associated with the Libertymotors by a process age.xactly much like which used for makini;shells. A steel billet, very nearly white-hot, is placed in a moldof the prq>er size the outside of the cylinder; after that aplunger ofjerated by hydraulic force is forced into the steel.The outcome i.s a steel glass with thin wall space, ready to-be ma-chined into a finish

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Image from web page 190 of “1913 Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa, City Directory” (1913)
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Identifier: 1913DesMoinesAndPolkCountyIowaCityDirectory
Title: 1913 Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa, City Directory
12 Months: 1913 (1910s)
Subjects: des moines iowa polk county city directories

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50 18th ; Brouder John M brkmn re; 803 7thBrought see in addition Braught ; Brought Homer F res 2220 Capitol avferoughton H D bds 753 ith ;jprous Jane (wid Benj F) bds 922 9thprous Mede B res 922 9thBrowder Edward hlpr Polrter-^Tidrick[ Co bds 423 so electronic 6thBrowder Rose M inspr bdsJBrowder Wm H carp res 4Browder Wm H Jr driverj J6th (Brower Chancellor J bds 1051Brower C W fireman C & G WJ RyBfower Fred watchman Indpj car CoBrower Fred E carp res 1435 33dBrower Inez bds 11171/* Jackson avHJROWEIl LEON C Stock and Bond Broker and In-vestments, Suite 708-710 Qbserva- tory Bids, Tel Walniit 3084, res 1703 7th, Tel Red 3781 jBrower Lova elk S S Kresge Co bds 713 7th 😐 Blrower Nellie Mrs (Boos & [Brower) res 124 4th rown see additionally Braun and Browne rown Aaron (c) laboratory res 914 14th pi rown Abbie (c) res 1208 Mfilberry rown Ada (c) bds 1348 e seventeenth rown Adda F student Drake Univer-sity rms 1160 27th T rown Addie L (wid George)( res 1419 e 9th j BRO 185 i 4 423 ko e 6th3 so e 6thds 423 therefore e nineteenth

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NEW HOMEOF MechanicsSavings Bank 319 Fifth St FURNITURE CARPETS STOVES OFFICE FURNITURECASH OR PAYMENTS MSRM NCOflPO«»TCO ■:•. .Mi V *v Lorn- Brown Adin F motorist res 1427 LindenBrown Albert A bkpr Mark Johnson Co Inc res w s so w 1st 1 s of India- nola avBrown Alberta elk St P Fire & aquatic Ins Co bds 743 19thBrown Aldrich V bds 1524 23dBrown Alex fireman la P C CoBrown Alexander A bkpr Ross & Ross res 1008 e 6thBrown Alexander F wks Steel Roofing and Stamping Wks res 1635 JacksonBrown Algona L oiler D M City Ry res Mitchellville laBrown Alice housekpr D M Gen HospBrown Alma L stenog D M Natl Bank bds 1010 8thBrown Alonzo L lab res 509 age 16thBrown Alta stenog Stoner Wall Paper Co res Val JuneBrown Alva F atty with Corn Belt Land & Loan Co bds 3221 woodland avBrown Anna nursing assistant Meth HospitalBrown Annex 618 4thBROWN FLATS CO Ernest W Brown Pres, J W Brown V-Pres, S A Brown Sen*, Proprs The Brown, 4th nw cor ChestnutBrown Artemus U S pure-food Inspr res 1820 8thBrown

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