Image from page 9 of “creating a country and where to build ideal US domiciles” (1891)

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Image from page 9 of “Building a country and where you should develop perfect American homes” (1891)
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Identifier: buildingnationwh00john
Title: creating a country and where to build perfect US domiciles
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Johnson, Jeremiah, 1827-1898
Topics: Real property company Architecture, Domestic Architecture, Domestic
Publisher: [Brand New York]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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ors – – .34^ 849 1,340 Afonnt of Mortgages furnished to people – – – ,195,3^5 ,697,288 ,919,591 CO U INJ S E l_: Stephen P. Nash, deep.rd Ixgr.h.m, (George F. Demarest, Neweli; Martin. t f* u st age age s : George G. Williams, Eugene Kelly, .Alexander E Orr, Orlando B. Potter, John T. Martin, James D. Lynch, William M. Ingraham, Hugo Wesendonck, William H. Male, Julien T. Davies, John Jacob Astor, John Forsyth, Benjamin D. Hicks, Emil Oelbermann, Martin Joost, John D. Hicks, Ellis D. Williams, Samuel T. Freeman, Charles R. Henderson, William Trautwink. CH.4RLES M.tlack, Charles^Richardsqn, JOHN W. MIRRAY, PRESIDENT. C. H. KELSEY, Vice-PreSIDENT. I.oriS WINDMULLER, Treasurer. FRANK F.AILEY, 2D Yice-PrESIdent. LOUIS Y. VIBRANT, Secretary. as T(J the scores of thrifty souls who’re ambi-tious to live in domiciles of their own, thisbook is respectfully dedicated because of the author, inthe hope that it will assist a few of them to reachthe objective that they truly are trying. JERE. JOHNSON, Jr.

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o z 2> ■s. < X X Introduction. Inside following pages is likely to be found some individual reminiscences,covering a-quarter of a hundred years; an unvarnished information regarding the six attract-ive properties Im today providing on the market ; a short explanatory article aboutmutual building and loan associations ; and some useful styles forbeautiful houses. I’ve endeavored to render every declaration clear, simple and truthful—avoiding all exaggeration. By discussing the maps i’ve had ready, the precise location ofthe various suburbs can be seen immediately. JERE. JOHNSON, Jr., 60 Liberty St., nyc, 189 & 191 Montague St., Brooklyn.buildingnationwh00john

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Image from web page 386 of “hillcrest City and County Directory – 1912” (1912)
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Identifier: sandiegocityco1200unkn
Title: San Diego City and County Directory – 1912
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Writers: San Diego Directory Co.
Topics: San Diego City and County residents and businesses
Publisher: San Diego Directory Co.
Contributing Library: San Diego Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Balboa Park Online Collaborative

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lantic, r exact same.[Huston Harry, longshoremn, h 701 Front.Huston Hugh, elk Cabrillo Club, r 1408 nationwide av.Huston Jennie, roentgen 907, eighteenth.Huston John W, h 1456 Logan av.Huston Mary, packer Showley Bros.Huston Miles H, tmstr, roentgen 1456 Logan av.Hutchason Ella, customer Mrs E G Clarke, r 1908, fifth.Hutchens Jos E, carp, h 740 Crosby.Hutcheon Stuart F, expert acct, r 1642 C.Hutehings Chauncy B, carp, h 4570 Alabama.Hutchings Leo, inmate County Hospital.Hutehings Le Roy, elk C-E Dickason, r 4570 Alabama.Hutchins Bert, dishwasher Chas Langford, r The Brooklyn.Hutchins Edwd, r 940, 3d. Hutchins Harry, tire changer Tibbals-Gavin Co. r 1120 Brookes av.JHutchins Harry B, dftsmn, r 965, 5th.Hutchins Howard, inmate County Hospital.Hutchins Sarah Mrs, r 731, 10th.Hutchinson Alice, h 842, tenth.Hutchinson Allen, sculptor and British vice-consul, h 1733, 1st. SANITARY ICECREAM On all Occasions Phone or Call remind Deliveries constantly Send forOur Price checklist ofFrozen Dainties SANITARYICE CREAM CO.602 G Street

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JMMeO SCMJifMFaea l054-m6/7W. HOLVERSON & BURKETT Hay, Grain,Wood and Coal 1365 India Street &s«t »^e66i Poultry products and loading situations HAMBLEY & SMITH FUNERAL DIRECTORS LICENSED EMBALMERS SOUTHWEST CORNER FOURTH AND CEDAR R. N. HAMBLfY J. D. SMITH ■ LADY ASSISTANT PHONESMAIN 139 RESIDENCE 1130 GORDON GOODWIN &C0. RealEstate Fire and AutoInsurance home mortgages and Rentals 1202FOURTH ST.

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