Image from web page 365 of “Canadian grocer July-December 1895” (1895)

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Image from page 365 of “Canadian grocer July-December 1895” (1895)
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Identifier: cangrocerjulydec1895toro
Title: Canadian grocer July-December 1895
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Topics: Supermarkets Grocery trade Food industry and trade
Publisher: Toronto : Maclean-Hunter Pub. Co. [1887]-
Adding Collection: Fisher – University of Toronto
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38 THE CANADIAN GROCER WESTERN Incorporated1861. ASSURANCE BUSINESS Fire and Marine Capital – -Assets, ovep -Annual money ,000,000.002,375,000.002,200,000.00 Hq: TORONTO, ONT. Geo. a. Cox, President. J. J. Kenny, Vice-Presidfent. C. C. Foster, Secretary. THE INDIVIDUALS Building and Loan Association (INCORPORATED) Head Office – – London, Ont. Whenever business is successful every business shouldput by a normal month-to-month amount in our Class A stock.It will likely to be available when you need it many. 83 deposit-ed month-to-month is expected to niature a .S500 certificate iny^/i many years. Bigger amounts in like proportion. Safety, first mortgage loans—the foundation of wealth. Money loaned purchasing property, to create, to re-model theold home or pay back old mortgages. Agencies in most the key cities and urban centers inOntario Write for manuals and title of resident agent in yourlocality. Never delay. It will spend you. English Army Blacking

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THE ROYAL RESORT, Hamilton, July 12th, 1894.The F. F. Dalley Co., Ltd., City : Dear Sirs,—Our porters, having a large number ofboots to polish every single day, ranging from seventy-five totwo hundred sets, we try to provide them with the bestblacking becoming got. We’ve used best wishes knownblackings in the market, and also have pleasure m statingthat the ENGLISH ARMY BLACKING is theirchoice, as they contemplate it far superior to any makefor an instant, bright and permanent polish, offering abeautiful jet-black finish towards leather.Yours really, Hood & Bro., Proprietors. CONDENSED MINGE MEAT Delicious Mince Pies daily around. Handled by retaileras rack or countergoods. No waste.Gives general satis-faction. Sells whatsoever Months. Will likely not ferment inwarm weatlier.

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Image from page 408 of “The kid travellers in Australasia : activities of two young ones in a trip to your Sandwich, Marquesas, Society, Samoan and Feejee countries, and through colonies of the latest Zealand, brand new Southern Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and
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Identifier: boytravellersina00knox
Title: The son travellers in Australasia : activities of two youths in a trip toward Sandwich, Marquesas, community, Samoan and Feejee islands, and through colonies of New Zealand, brand new South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australian Continent
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Writers: Knox, Thomas Wallace, 1835-1896 Harper & Brothers. pbl
Subjects: Voyages and moves Adventure and adventurers Tutors and tutoring Friendship Sailing Sailors Animals Natural history
Publisher: New York : Harper & Brothers
Contributing Library: School of Theology, Boston University
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston University

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ng up of lawn. In some years EARNINGS OF SHEEP-RAISING. 385 scores of cattle and sheep have perisiied this way, and hundredsof proprietors were ruined. Compared to sheep-raisingy said Mr. Watson, the cattle busi-ness will get back a high interest in the money invested if correctly man-aged and fairly successful, but cannot afford the quick road to wealththat numerous have travelled by a few successful years with sheep. Cattlerequire couple of males to manage all of them, and involve no great expenditure beforethey are sold additionally the money is acquired for them. A cattle-station hasrarely an event to inquire about the finance companies for loans, whilst the sheep-raiser con-stantly requires cash to cover shepherds, shearers, and other labor-ers, and is under hefty exj)ense the carriage of their wool on sea-ports. Its safe to express, he carried on, your palmy times of sheep andcattle raising have died forever. There is certainly hardly any nation appropriate forgrazing reasons that’s not currently adopted, and also the holders desire

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PROPERTY WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE BUSH. large prices for their titles and improvements. Previously a person couldgo to the interior, find a good area for a run, enter it for lease,and after that acquire somebody because of the money required for stocking itwith several thousand sheep. With half a dozen good seasons theywould make their fortunes, partl}^ from purchase of wool and the increaseof stock, and partially through the rise in the worth for the lease; but at thesame time they could be wrecked by two bad seasons of drought, diseaseamong the sheep, or by the low price of wool.25 386 THE BOY TRAVELLERS IN AUSTRALASL^.. Frank asked what was the type associated with droughts of which Mr.Watson had spoken. In a general means, they are hke droughts any place else, had been thereply; nonetheless they possess some functions peculiar to Australian Continent. In 1883and 1884 we’d two successive years of drought, something never knownbefore. Hardly any rain fell in all that time, plus in some localities nota fall; the lawn withered, water-holes, springs, and creek

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