Image from web page 843 of “Atlanta City Directory” (1922)

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Image from web page 843 of “Atlanta City Directory” (1922)
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Identifier: atlantacitydirec1922atla
Title: Atlanta City Directory
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Publisher: Atlanta City Directory Company
Contributing Library: Emory University Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

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hi2 Evans dr Frank ship elk Ozburn-Abston <Sr Co rl5 Evans dr Gordon (Mary) cashr in the morning Exp Co h Hall C H Willene Mrs elk have always been Ry Exp Co r95 Elmira av Wm P (Martha) wtchmn hl5 Evans dr Mote Carl M (Minnie) hll Whitehall ter Charlie (Gertrude) oiler h21 Wylie David V (Allie K) asst mgr Adams Tailoring Co h27a Racine Edgar L (Fletcher) provider P O h Hamilton H Georgia r49 Tumlin Guy V (Essie) pntr r64 S McDaniel Henry A (Mattie L) whsemn Sou Elec Supply Co h269 Anniston av K Jesse b electn rl67 Kennedy Jno W auto mech rl67 Kennedy Jos N (Ida) agt White & Thurman hl67 Kennedy Minnie Mrs slsldy Richs rll Whitehall ter Paul (Hattie) credit mgr r490(550) Beecher Victor E (Annie M) elk was Ry Exp Co hl07 Richardson Walter M (Teresa) foremn Constitu-tion hl55 Jett ^^ E collr Ga Investment Co MONEY On Improved City real-estate No Concimissions Charged M. P.TAGG 1323 Healey BuildingBeli Piione Ivy 3793 THERE IS M8RE ENERGY THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE AND SUPREMEAUTO OIL GOLFREFINING COMPANY _J 845

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Victrolas .00 TO 5.00EASY TERMS IF DESIRED Records Most CompleteStock in Atlanta PHILLIPSand GREWPiano Co. 181 Peachtree St. Knox & Maier Co. Tin, Slate and TileRoofing Retinning Ice Cream and Milk Cans Ventilators Metal Ceilings ConcreteRoofing Tile Sky-lightsCornices,Jobbing,restoring 573-581MARIETTA ST. Phone Ivy 5726 IF IT COMES FROM A DRUG STORE, YOULL BELIEVE IT IS AT PROGRESSIVE DRUGGISTS MUNNS Broad Street at Walton Mobile Ivy One-Three Moten Amy (c) dom hl8 Carter Emma (c) dom h249 Little Geo (c) baker rl20 Larkin Nona M (c) waitress rl20 Larkin Hobt (c> driver hl20 Larkin Willie (c) cook h4y DanielMotes Jno (e) draymn hl4 Irene av Milligan A (Dora) uphlsr h724 Chest-nut Robt elk r2(> Whitehall ter Roy (Nancy) pntr h395 WhitehallMothershed Alice dom il30 Bell Helen Mrs sten Fulton Loan & Disc Co r30 Orange Julia (c> hlO Shelton al Mary (c) hl30 Bell Richd (c) pntr hl2 Shelton al Richd (Helen) tel opr r30 OrangeMotley Lela (c) cook h421 Chapel Ruth B r75 W Nort

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Image from page 110 of “The Spotlight [1922]” (1922)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: spotlight19221922eliz
Title: The Spotlight [1922]
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Elizabeth City High-school (Elizabeth City, N.C.)
Subjects: Elizabeth City Highschool (Elizabeth City, N.C.)–Students–Yearbooks.
Adding Library: Pasquatank County Library
Digitizing Sponsor: North Carolina Digital History Center

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Mostly of the Industrial Insti-tutions of The united states whichhave weathered threewars without finan-cial impairment. In the last couple of years it’s doubled itsfacilities. It is todav definitely the largestmanufacturer of SIXES on earth. Sharber j& WhiteHardware Go. esale andRetail ryit—innn( innni —innnr ry EQUIPMENT andFARM SUPPLIES ioCIDOOOC -innni .rmr. J. M. McMULLAN. JR. DEALERAll Northeastern New York ELIZABETH CITY,NORTH CAROLINA Cr. AUTO AND GASENGINE WORKS INCORPORATED Ford Cars and Fordson Tractors Kelly Springfield Tiies and Tubes Fabric and CordGoodrich Fabric Tires and TubesThe Famous Silvertown Cord TiresThe endurance Exide space BatteryGabriel SnubbersHassler Shock AbsorbersGill Piston RingsGenuine Ford PartsA big line of add-ons, natural oils and (Ureases Insist on Genuine Ford Partsfor all fix Perform fake parts are a dangerous and expensivesubstitute 105-7 N. WATER STREET C. W. GATHIER. Supervisor

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Weeks & Sawyer where in fact the Best Clothescome from Diamonds Watches H. C. BRIGHT BUSINESS mobile 504HINTON BUILDING Silverware China ABILITY 75 TONS DAY-TO-DAY amazingly Ice and Coal Corp. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Pennslyvania J^j^ DEALERS Anthracite Coal Telephones: 16 and 716 ALL SALES PROMPTLY FILLED Elizabeth City vermont Fowler Company Dry products Notions Hosiery the Specialtyffl We appreciate yourpatronage G. W. Twiddy Phone: 185-985 EVERY LITTLE THING WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE GROCERYLINE If its good to eatwe get it Chase & SanbornsTeas and Coffee 112 S. Poindexter Street Read exactly what Building and Loan Does IT leaches ECONOMYencourages THRIFTassures INDEPENDENCE stops IMPOVERISHMENT in old ageassists anyone to develop STABILITY of CHARACTERprovides AN ACADEMIC FUNDfor your young ones inculcates SYSTEMATIC METHODS in businesssecures you against FINANCIAL EM-BARRASSMENT establishes available AN INDUSTRIAL CREDIT wherever you livelessens CRIME entitles that a BUSINESS STAND-ING that your spender never ever acquiresIT tends to make f

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