Image from web page 950 of “Gleanings in bee culture” (1874)

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Image from web page 950 of “Gleanings in bee tradition” (1874)
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Identifier: gleaningsinbeecu39medi
Title: Gleanings in bee tradition
12 Months: 1874 (1870s)
Subjects: Bees Bee tradition
Publisher: [Medina, Ohio, A. I. Root Co.]
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MAULE S SEEDS AFTER GROWN ALWAYS GROWN means that for quite some time past we havedone such a huge seed company. 79,430customers in Pennsylvania alone, with almosthalf a million the world over. My brand new Seed Bookfor 1911 is a wonder; contains every little thing inseeds, light bulbs and plants worth developing. Weighs 12ounces; 600 illustravions 4 colored plates, 176pages. Any gardener s nding his name on apostal card can have it the inquiring. Address WM. HENRV MAULE1707-09-11 Filbert St., Philadelphia. Pa. ^Send 5 cents (stamps) and mention thispaper and I will enclose into the cataloguea packet of seed of this above option pansy. Greatest of Berries PLANTPHOTO is the better Berry the entire world has ever before understood, discovered in tlie Himalaya M oantalne. Its growth and produc- ti V-E –

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Image from page 42 of “Cotton” (1900)
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Identifier: cotton00nati
Title: Cotton
12 Months: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: National connection of cotton fiber producers
Subjects: Cotton make
Publisher: [s.l. : National Association of Cotton Manufacturers]
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toaccount for the exquisite fineness of weaving on virtually any theory. Their particular spinning executes had been also simpler: a polished, delicatebit of hand timber, averaging maybe a base in total, tapering to arounded point, as well as the best diameter about since thick as a finepaint brush; two short bobbins thrust into an element of reed; and athicker and bigger stick carved at either end aided by the mind of ananimal or a person figure, and familiar with double and twist. Specific low clay bowls usually are found in the ancient basketsof the forgotten craftsmen. These probably contained liquid tomoisten the hands associated with the spinner and correct the dryness of thePeruvian atmosphere. Inside vast collections of this United states Museum of NaturalHistory, I discovered cotton fiber when you look at the following kinds: within the seed, intmcarded lint, in broad laps carded and bound in shapes not unlikeminiature beehives. I assume that the seeds had been very first removed bvhand, the lint very carefully dusted, then pulled aside, a lot into the

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Ceramic publishing rollers from pre-historie Peru.(American Mnseutn of Normal History) [31] A SHORT NARRATIVE OF A GREAT FIBER

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Image from page 83 of “America’s war for humanity, related in story and picture, adopting a complete history of Cuba’s challenge for liberty…” (1898)
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Identifier: americaswarforhu00inga
Title: America’s war for mankind, related in tale and photo, adopting a total history of Cuba’s fight for freedom…
12 Months: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Ingalls, John James, 1833-1900
Publisher: New York, Thompson
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onor becoming received by the woman Majesty. Beforebeing ushered in to the stately salon-study, where the Queen Regent receivesvisitors, I had to pass along innumerable lobbies and ante chambers, mountand descend staircases, losing myself right here, finding another lobby here,and being stopped almost at each action by superbly-livered ushers and palaceofficials costumed like ambassadors. His Majesty and his august mom are very well guarded. When I unfortunatelydo maybe not understand a word of Spanish, it had been impossible for me to know the 80 AMERICAS WAR FOR HUMANITY. replies provided to my questions, also supposing these to own been understood;but fundamentally, after a long and checkered trip through the immenseroyal palace, we reached my destination, the anteroom, having created theaudience card with that we was supplied nearly a score of that time period. Three orfour individuals, already waiting their particular turns to-be gotten, were talking famil-iarly collectively. One ended up being the Grand Chamberlain, grave and proper, as befit-

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ALFONSO ALONG WITH HIS SISTERS. ted their place. When I waited, various other audience-seekers came, among thembeing a staff officer. My move to be received came quickly, and I also discovered myself bowing beforethe Queen Regent. Everybody knows, at the least through having seen herphotograph, the options that come with the Queen Regent of Spain; exactly what every onedoes maybe not know, exactly what no photo can make, is the woman Majestys environment of ex- A JOB INTERVIEW AMONG QUEEN CHRISTINA. 81 treme kindness and, at precisely the same time, of energy. One experiences, first, afeeling of value, after that an impulse of sympathy. In her own quick costume ofdark-colored silk, her mind erect, her eyes bright and sparkling with intelli-gence, Queen Christina hasn’t lost the model of the archduchesses of Aus-tria. She reminds one out of numerous ways associated with Duchess of Orleans, which alsowas an Austrian archduchess. I readily understood, on seeing the Queen, the meaningof what a memberof the Cortes had said to myself each morning: Queen Isabella was popular.Queen Christina

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