Image from page 477 of “Mirror, 1908” (1908)

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Image from page 477 of “Mirror, 1908” (1908)
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Identifier: mirror190800unse
Title: Mirror, 1908
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: yearbooks
Publisher: Bates College
Contributing Library: Bates University, Edmund Muskie Archives and Special Selections Library
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en we sang and chatted a few more And later we cheered.We set-up 1908 steen times, and managers and capsThen piled to the Turner vehicle And hung to the straps. jimmy had an odd desire To be, what exactly is known as, passed away straight back,And so we made it happen, as if hed been Upon an air line track.One other stated, hed like sound Of crackling, breaking glass,So we formed in soccer style And rushed the door, en masse. When Phoebus gan his head to raise. We got back to Parker Hall.Ask Cussie and Doc that which we did to them. They might maybe not let you know all. Ah ! Such a night! Oh ! Such an occasion !Will we previously see another. Maybe some cool, November night as time goes by football weather.Again really poke the turn on brilliant And remain and smoke cigarettes together.And talk of these old college days When Shu had been Cap, and WilderAnd Cyrus smoked the vile Qboid And McCool something more gentle. One of the occasions of the season very long becoming remem-bered the enjoyable we’d, ended up being if the dormgirls entertained the men at the gym. Never ever performed

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o8 have actually a much better time. Junior self-esteem and col-lege cares were forgotten when you look at the life and enjoyable ofCountry supermarket, Tucker, and Seven in andSeven Out. Later on, whenever our ideas turnedtoward the chafing dishes, something over apassing interest ended up being evinced because of the young men in theculinary plans. Several spoon wassturdily, though deftly wielded by a masculinehand, and captain Shu ended up being discovered beatingeggs, as carefully intention upon his task as thoughit have been the plannings of a football campaign.Even now as we read once again the supper cards, weseem to get the appetizing aroma of rarebit, andfeel again the pangs of appetite that it developed after that. Ill present a hint —For a rarebit To skip Knox or Miss Blanchard youll go.Miss Shorey will giv-e you creamed chicken And chicken is great we all know !Miss Melcher tends to make Mexican Rarebit, Miss Jones has shrimp wiggle for you.Creamed salmon is served by skip Wentworth — Go pass in your order for two. Although our course through the Juni

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Image from web page 273 of “Canada, the empire of North; being the romantic tale associated with brand new dominion’s growth from colony to kingdom” (1909)
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Identifier: canadaempireofno00laut
Title: Canada, the empire regarding the North; becoming the enchanting tale of brand-new dominion’s development from colony to kingdom
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Writers: Laut, Agnes C. (Agnes Christina), 1871-1936
Topics: Canada — History
Publisher: Boston, London : Ginn and organization
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
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h of Lake Champlain, then get across through the woods to Johnsons fort. Dieskauchose the second trail.Leaving half their males toguard the baggage,Dieskau bade fifteenhundred picked menfollow him on swiftestmarch with provisionsin haversack for onlyeight times. September8, 10 a.m., the marchersadvance through thewoods on Johnsons fort,when out of the blue theylearn that their particular scout haslied, —Johnson himselfis still at the fort. In-stead of five-hundred arefour thousand English.Advancing along thetrail V-shape, regulars inthe center, Canadians and Indians for each side, the French comeon a business of five-hundred English wagoners. In wildmelee of shouts the English escape in a rabble. Pursue!March ! hire ! Force the spot ! yells Dieskau, dashing forwardsword in hand, thinking to check out so closely from the pumps of therabble he can enter the English fort before the adversary know;but his Indians have forsaken him, and Johnsons scouts haveforewarned the approach of the French, as opposed to ambushing

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SIR WILLIAM JOHNSON DIESKAU DEFEATED ■39 THE SPOT for the English, Dieskau locates his own military ambushed. He hadsneered in the un-uniformed plow-boys of the English. Themore you can find, the greater we shall kill, he previously boasted ; butnow he discovers that the rude bushwhackers, just who fought likeboys each morning, at noon fought like men, by afternoonfought like devils.Their sharpshooterskept up a collision of fireto the fore, and fifteenhundred doubled on therear of his army, fold-ing united states up, he reported,like a pack of cards.Dieskau fell, shot in theleg plus the leg, anda bullet hit the cart-ridge box of this servantwho had been cleansing outthe injuries. Lay my telescopeand layer by me personally, and go!ordered Dieskau. Thisis as good a deathbed asany spot. Go! he thun-dered, witnessing their secondofficer hesitate. Dontyou see you might be required ?Go and appear a retreat. A 3rd shot pene-trated the wounded com-manders kidney. Lying alone, propped against a tree, he heardthe drums moving a retreat, when one of

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Image from page 423 of “Railway and locomotive manufacturing : a practical record of railroad motive power and rolling stock” (1901)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: railwaylocomotiv14newy
Title: Railway and locomotive engineering : a practical log of railroad motive energy and rolling stock
12 Months: 1901 (1900s)
Subjects: Railroads Locomotives
Publisher: New York : A. Sinclair Co
Adding Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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method andrepeated right back another, additionally the mistake notbe found. of Chicago. These are typically nonetheless using the sys-tem at New Orleans alongside ter-minals. American Locomotives in Asia. Although the foreign outcry has actually becomerather a matter of old record by thistime, nonetheless the following criticism by anengineer of an Indian road is quite in-teresting and evidently quite honest. Thepoint we cannot realize is the allegedhard cycling. Whenever Pennsylvania roadwas tinkering with the Webb com- viewpoint from connection with an Indianengine driver. The B. B. & C. I. Railway in 1899 re-ciuired mail motors; owing to the engin-eers hit in England, the tenders weresubmitted to an American firm, Baldwin& Co., nevertheless the company persistently declined toaccept any design, preferring to erect themin their own practices. Ten Yankees arrived on the scene to Bombay at acost of i200 less than any firm in Englandwould have actually recharged. The engines were shortly erected. We canassure my visitors they were rather a curi-

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w ESTixi.iiiM^K Fnii;n> in tiik ki.kctkicity building. Assistant Superintendent Jones said thatthere must certanly be two circuits—one for thetrain despatcher to communicate their or-ders, the other a nearby circuit between theblock providers. The movement of trainsby telephone is through signalsand perhaps not written requests, aside from clear-ance, permissive and caution cards, whichwould be applied as circumstances needed. The actual only real purchase that a train should re-ceive should really be one ordering it to movefrom one block to another; trains that areon time should be let alone. The Illinois Central Railroad used thetelephone for operating trains on St.Charles air-line throughout the year thatthese tracks were being raised into the town lb No. 1320, Wes Hartman (whogot more out of the woman than anyone else)shook down about 30 weight of avoirdupoisand he didnt have any to free, either.If these Indian motors ride worse thanthis there is something wrong together with them.some tips about what he claims into the Raihvay Time

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