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Image from page 132 of “St. Nicholas [serial] (1873)
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< img alt=" discover card" src="" size=" 400"/ > Photo by< a href="" > Web Archive Book Images Identifier: stnicholasserial251dodg Title: St. Nicholas [serial] Year: 1873 (
< a href="" > 1870s) Writers: < a href="" >
Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905 Topics:
< a href
=”” > Kid’s literature Publisher:< a href="" > [New york city: Scribner & Co.] Adding Library:< a href="" > Info and also Collection Science Library, University of North Carolina at Church Hillside Digitizing Sponsor:< a href="" > College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill View Publication Page:< a href="" rel =" nofollow" > Publication Visitor Regarding This Publication:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Directory Entry ViewAll Images: < a href="" > All Pictures From Book Click on this link to< a href ="" rel=" nofollow" > view book online to see this illustration incontext in a browseable online variation of this publication. Text Showing up Prior to Picture: r mind, my dear.

I suppose I have to havemade a foolish blunder. I m getting old, child!But it wont take long to resolve this business.I 11 stop and also see Martha on my means hometo-morrow. No, no, Cousin Jane! Please dont! Mary pulled herself with each other with a braveeffort. I might nt bear to have actually that done, as shedashed away her rips. Simply fancy just how shewould feel! Oh, I recognize by myself. Pleasedont! But I implied it for you, opposed CousinJane, clasping Marys hand and rubbing itfondly. This is simply the dear little hand towear pearls. They match it, as well as they suitjw/. Exactly how pleasant to have you state so! AndMary flushed with pleasure, but continued still: Martha thinks you suggested it for her, all thistime; as well as how mortifying it would certainly be to haveto offer it approximately an additional woman now! It was fool-ish and also babyish of me to sob regarding it. I amashamed of myself; and also truly I can nt takeit from her. I ought to always really feel as if I hadrobbed her, therefore would certainly she. Besides,– with a sunshiny smile, and a capture of Cousin Text Showing up After Image: DID COUSIN JANES CARD COME WITH IT? ASKED MRS. RUTHERFORD.II7 n8 COUSIN JANE S BLUNDER. [Dec. Janes hand,– I should have to quit mybeloved work-bag, don’t you see? And also I cantpossibly part with that. You pay attention currently till Itell you exactly what a Precept Regenerator my bag hasbeen. There was a long talk hereafter– the kind oftalk that ladies put out occasionally to sympa-thetic older people who are not their mothersor siblings. Cousin Jane discovered that, sweetand lily-like as Mary constantly was, she had beenin threat of maturing indolent, purposeless, also self-seeking; which the work-bag and also itspointed messages had opened her eyes to that fact.The inference that things were various now-adays followed naturally. It appeared thatMarys mom had actually been eased of varioushousehold cares– all the repairing, for in-stance!– which the Moral Regenerator hadbeen the leader in organizing a guild to function forthe Childrens Healthcare facility, where simply such workwas needed. Mary was really easy and mod-est abou Note About Pictures Please note that these photos are removed from scanned web page pictures that may have been electronically boosted for readability- pigmentation and

appearance of these images could not flawlessly look like the original work.