Image from web page 166 of “The Vienna galleries : providing a short history of the public and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a vital information of paintings therein contained” (1912)

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Image from web page 166 of “The Vienna galleries : giving a short history of community and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a critical information of this paintings therein included” (1912)
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Identifier: viennagalleriesg00prey
Title: The Vienna galleries : providing a brief overview for the community and exclusive galleries of Vienna ; with a crucial information associated with the paintings therein included
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Writers: Preyer, David C. (David Charles), 1861-1913
Topics: Painting
Publisher: Boston : St. Botolph Soc.
Adding Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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ut 1658, bears the traces associated with economicstruggles through which he had passed away; the other(No. 1268) shows him inside the final years, with thedeep furrow involving the eyes of painful thought.His was an eventful life, where he saw thesun of appeal sink beneath the clouds of neglect,and the success which his wizard introduced himmelt away through overwhelming debts of hiscareless management. And we also cannot forgethow the devotion of his buddy Hendrikje Stoffelscomforted him inside the declining years, and enabledhim to illuminate their works closely with the effectiveness of hisgenius until the end came. On start of their Amsterdam careerwhen but thirty years old, he painted the magnificent,regal portraits of a man and a female (Nos. 1271and 1272). Right here we discover nevertheless the interest to de-tail by which their brush plays caressingly with thearticles of finery, without neglecting that heart fulnessof appearance which he never ever omitted. Only a fewyears later, in 1639, arrived that portrait which to

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REMBRANDT Plate xvi Ubc flemish anfc> Dutcb paintings 121 me is without question the best portrait of old ageever painted, the Portrait of their mommy (No.1273). Neither Plate XVI, nor the manyreproductions, whether from steel or copper or light-print, is ever going to supply the vividness of that ebbinglife, the breath of truth, that chord of humansympathy which one feels tightening, when standingbefore this marvel regarding the painters art. Additionally the Apostle Paul, stated previously,dates out of this time; as the viewing Youth (No. 1269), a portrait recognised by Bode to beof his son Titus, is of a later duration. Fellow-pupil with Rembrandt in PieterLastman studio was Jan Lievens, whom painted hisfriend Rembrandt as a Youth (No. 1278),around which Jan van den Hoecke painted a wreathof plants. The maturer talent of Lievens is seenin the Portrait of a classic Man (No. 1277). Among the first students who stumbled on Rembrandtsstudio in Amsterdam was Govaert Flinck, whosework can be ascribed to

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Image from web page 99 of “The Varsity war health supplement 1916” (1916)
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Identifier: varsitywarsup1916stud
Title: The Varsity war supplement 1916
12 Months: 1916 (1910s)
Publisher: Students Administrative Council, University of Toronto
Adding Library: University of Toronto Archives & Registers Control Services
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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a lot better than the Anzacs, and/or English, Scotch or Irish, butwe have actually battled aswell. Our guys have actually quitted themselveslike males and that is adequate. We’re baptized and admittedto the councils worldwide. We now have aided into the greatestemergency society has actually ever before understood. We also savedsome of those days if the fate of empire was hanging inthe air between morning and night. For a generation whenmen and women gather collectively in Canada you will have menwrearing medals on the clasps attached to that will beFrench and Belgian names indissolubly related to thesoldiers of Canada. Within environment will mature thechildren who were too-young to take the mans component at thefront or even the womans part yourself, but that will be shapedmentally and literally because of the great deeds of the fathersand moms; and which shall calculate the consequence on the genera-tions yet to come? As soon as the war is finished you will have at first an unpleasant periodof readjusting our affairs financially, industrially and socially.

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94 THE VARSITY MAGAZINE SUPPLEMENT What result will the responsibility associated with war debt have actually upon ourincomes and our capacity to produce inexpensively? Exactly what suitableoccupation can we find for the going back troops as well as for thesoldiers and immigrants off their lands? How do wedea1 effectively with our immigration dilemmas, raciallyand industrially? We would like males on the land, maybe not in thecities, so we must soplan that guys canacquire the land andpay because of it as quickly aspossible, way too long asthey tend to be sensibly fit.We want males of othernations to understandthat that is a Britishcountry and that ifthey started to Canadatheir children mustspeak English. Immi-gration under otherconditions will rapidlybecome intolerable.exactly what will occur tothe many women whohave loaded the places of men during war? Just how can weput to ordinary uses the skill in company, engineering,invention, craftsmanship, division and co-ordination oflabour discovered for making munitions of war? How do wepreserve the newest relations between the stat

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Image from web page 735 of “Baltimore and Ohio workers magazine” (1912)
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Identifier: baltimoreohioemp03balt
Title: Baltimore and Ohio workers mag
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Baltimore and Ohio employees mag Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Topics: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]
Adding Library: University of Maryland, College Park
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS People and Sloan Foundation

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t to those associated with the range who had been there. We have to benefit perfectly by the instances thereset, perhaps not the smallest amount of of which were the classes in promptness as demonstrated by our 3rd vice-president and general manager in performing various sessions. These people were always on time.We were impressed using magnitude of undertaking for the management of such a System asseen from view of an executive officer making to realize the important component those of theline fill, if effective answers are becoming obtained. We had been more than pleased to hear it announcedthat the book of Employes Magazine could be resumed, understanding complete really that this wouldbe welcomed because of the employes in particular. J. W. ROOT, Trainmaster, Wheeling, W. Va. 41 • ^g 4(^ 4 # i^B^ -Ns :;^^^ Pw^ 1 i^ Mfllr ^1 >; w ufl ^^^^Hy. l-^^^n^^^^V ^ pMI ^ this is actually the bit of metal (real dimensions) that flew straight in the eye of Gabe Golart, metal vehicle Repairman,on October 25, and Here you will find the Goggles that Saved his picture

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Mr. Railroadman—ask Gabe Golart if it wasworth while to wear these Goggles—then get and do also 42 :i The Savings Feature regarding the ReliefDepartment By Dr. S. R. Barr, Superintendent HHIS Feature ended up being founded andmade part of the Relief Depart-ment on August 1. 1882, and itspurpose together with objects soughtto be achieved are maybe mostclearly expressed in Regulation No. 3,which reads below: The Savings Feature will pay for opportunityto em()loyos and their particular almost family members t ■ deposittlieir savings and earn interest thereon, and toenaMe employes simply to borrow cash atmoderate rates of interest as well as on easy terms ofrepayment, for the true purpose of ac(]uiring or im-proving a homestead, or releasing it from financial obligation. Any employe associated with the Company, whethera person in the Relief Department ornot. their wife, son or daughter, father or mother,or the benoficiary of every deceased memberof the Relief Department, can become adepositor, and then make deposits with anydepositary designated because of the business,in any

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