Image from web page 12 of “Epitome: Yearbook 1910” (1910)

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Image from web page 12 of “Epitome: Yearbook 1910” (1910)
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Identifier: epitomeyearbook134lehi
Title: Epitome: Yearbook 1910
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Subjects: Lehigh University — Students — Periodicals
Publisher: Lehigh University
Contributing Library: Lehigh University Libraries
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Z^XB (gofutne IS INSCRIBED TO QVlrg. <&c6fe^ (§. Cojct in evidence of the understanding of her continued interest in and services to the beloved University believed by all Lehigh guys and particularli) in grateful acknowledgment of the woman support and ample assistance in the hard-on of ©rottjn (^emoriaf §aff TOGETHER WITH ^fubenfe ^auifion at §t feuftec §o0pitaf, structures that have so considerably added towards satisfaction, comfort, and well being associated with pupil body. ^^16 ©ebtcafton normally made with loving commemoration of (gcftfcg qS. <^oxt, to whoever memory Lehigh University owes a great debt of appreciation for his wise advice, active help and untiring commitment as a trustee.

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(Breeding Divine Apollo, attack thij lyre of gold,The Muses nine incite, not merely one alone.To gentle strife, that theu might help unfoldThis work of ours. Oh, support united states from thy throne;Let Clio hold the woman stylus poised to praiseEach noble deed and note each worthwhile nameOf college days. And bid Euterpe raiseInspiring tracks, sweet-flowing from her lute.While trips Terpsichore in measures light.Let perhaps not divine Urania stay mute.That Muse whom loveth sciences exact.For we would eer true sons of Lehigh be,Strong-hearted, keen of brain and pure of heart.

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Image from page 328 of “people of deep piety” (1920)
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Identifier: menwomenofdeeppi00mcle
Title: Men and women of deep piety
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: McLeister, Clara Shelhamer, E.E., ed
Publisher: Syracuse, N.Y., Wesleyan Methodist publishing connection
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, and to bring forth fresh fruits meetfor repentance. The active, wilful, rollicking man, who was the sixthchild into the category of nine kids, reared by their widowedmother, provided promise of being many not a preacher.The father died when Dwight had been simply four years of age, butthe brave, powerful mom held her many brood collectively,aided by the advice and meager assistance regarding the parson and herbrothers. The little residence from the hill part at Northfield,Mass., featuring its couple acres of land many debts, was allshe had, but patiently and hopefully she lifted her burden oftoil and care until the woman kids grew capable fill the woman handswith lots along with her heart with happiness and comfort. When Godwants in order to make outstanding guy, he begins by making a greatwoman. All just who found Mrs. Moody weren’t confused toknow in which he got his vim, nerve, and difficult commonsense.when you look at the shadow of every great man walks their mommy. Herheroism, pluck and nerve to attack hard propositions weretransmitted to her son. 324

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DwiGHT Lyman Moody DwiGHT Lyman Moody 327 Her spouse had died suddenly, on his knees in prayer.She, too, existed a life of commitment and practical piety, and washer childrens main trainer in religion. Until he had been about seventeen this energetic, bold,strong-willed youth went to the area college. But what-ever information he received was mostly unintentionally, as he vol-untarily provided his focus on most something without books.About enough time he’d to stop college he might much more largelyaid in support associated with household, he awakened on realiza-tion of their lost possibility, and sometimes in subsequent life regretted thewaste of their college days. But, as constantly, their pluck helpedhim away, along with his prepared wit spared him from despair. He began to locate his fortune, but initially lot of money didnot appear to prefer him. There was more of the united states in hisappearance and manners than Boston had been accustomed to. Abig boil on their neck didn’t improve their prospects. He wastoo independent to ask em

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