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Image from web page 197 of “Legislative legislation of railway finance in The united kingdomt” (1911)
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Identifier: legislativeregul00wang
Title: Legislative regulation of railroad finance in England
12 Months: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Wang, Ching-Chun, 1883-
Subjects: Railroads and condition Railroads Theses
Adding Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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hemortgagees depended. The balance so long as: 3. The task as difined by the Companies Glauses J Consolidation Act, 1845, and all sorts of the motors, carriages, wagons andother plant, movable and inmovable (including work-shops), used orrequired for proper administration and working regarding the railv;ay, andbelonging toward railroad organization, will probably be protection when it comes to paymentand due to the fact situation may need, the payment, associated with principalmoney associated with the debenture debt; plus it shall perhaps not hereafter be lawfulfor any person to seize or take in execution, in satisfaction of anydebt or claim, (apart from rates or fees, or rent costs in respectof which there clearly was an electrical of stress, or settlement for personalinjury, or reduction) sustained or made following the passage of this work,such undertaking, machines, carriages, wagons, or other plant, in-cluding workshops as aforesaid. 1. Hansard, vol. 185, p. 781. 2. the balance had been introduced on Feb. 12, 1867. Hansard, vol. 185,pp. 297-299. 3. Hansard, vol, 185 p. 781.

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As is seen from th< passageway, the bill didn’t assist thedebenture-holder to his principal. It just protected him his in-terest. For, clearly, it had been just the purchase of range in vh ichhis cash was sunk which could spend the mortgage when the credit ofthe task was therefore damaged that no brand new loan provider would come for-ward to replate the old people. But this in reality wasn’t veryobjectionable, since provided that one received his interest regularly,he generally couldn’t stress much about his key. This was es-pecially true in The united kingdomt in those days, whenever individuals were veryent erpri sing. This measure had been considered to be both prompt and helcful in establishing the desirability of debentures. No body could question, 1 remarked the Economist, that this enactment is beneficial. Itamounts to protecting the attention of the mortgages from all danger,if the line yields money adequate to pay it, because entire earn-ing machine is kept collectively and intact which will make what gains itcan. It was in addition thought in Parlia

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Image from web page 40 of “Rural centralized, graded and design schools” (1918)
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Identifier: ruralcentralized00okla
Title: Rural centralized, graded and model schools
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Writers: Oklahoma. Superintendent of general public training. [from old catalog] Duke, Eugene Alberto, 1879- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Schools
Publisher: [Oklahoma City, Warden company]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
of areas. It is strongly suggested that in which thevoting is through written or printed ballots a voter should cast two ballots,one in the business of the area and another for three per-sons he needs for school board officials in the event the area or-ganizes. When a lot more than two districts combine not more than oneschool officer may be elected from anybody of the areas. Theseballots should-be deposited in individual containers. Ballots on organizationshould be counted initially. If president declares that a majorityvoted for the business associated with consolidated district the votes forschool officials is counted, initially permitting all people, if any,just who failed to vote for officials to deposit their ballots. The secretary for the conference should certify towards the county super-intendent how many votes cast in favor of consolidation, the num-ber of ballots cast against consolidation, in addition to brands and postofficeaddresses of persons chosen as people in the consolidated school (34)

Text Appearing After-image:
Canute Consolidated District No. 1, Washita County district board. Upon receipt with this report the county superintendentwill go to declare the old common college areas disorganizedand the consolidated area arranged. The recently chosen officersshould take the oath of office and qualify. They’ve been after that ready toassume all abilities and tasks of the college iDoards when you look at the disor-ganized typical college districts, along with these types of additional powersand responsibilities once the law confers upon college panels in consolidated dis-tricts. The county superintendent should make a careful record of allproceedings had inside organization associated with the region. This is really important. Payment of Outstanding Debts If any school district uniting to create a consolidated area hasa warrant or bonded indebtedness, the money available and cash de-rived through the sale of this school building, site as well as other propertybelonging to such district should be applied on the payment of these in-debtedness. Should this be maybe not sufficien

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