Image from web page 385 of “QST” (1915)

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Image from page 385 of “QST” (1915)
credit rating
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Identifier: qstamer00amer
Title: QST
12 Months: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: American Broadcast Relay League
Subjects: Radio Radio
Publisher: [Newington, Conn., etc., United States Broadcast Relay League]
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32 . Billings, Mont., area (W7KGF) 133 Bloomfield, N. J. (W2ZPD) » 113 Bozeman, Mont. (W7ED) 9 55 Bristol, Tenn.-Va. (W4IYI)33 122 Broward Co., Fla. (W4PPR)33 184 Burlington Co., N. J. (W2UA)32 Carlton & Pine Co., Minn. (W0IRJ) i 44 Cedar Rapids, Iowa (W0HDX) 11.33 307 1 Nov. 9. 2 Oct. 12.3 Oct. 13. * Nov. 7. ^ Oct. 22. 6 Oct. 17. .-Vug. 31 & Sept. 11, credit for participation in HurricunesCarol and Edna. ^ Oct. 19. 9 Feb. 22, 1955. 0 Oct. 27. ^ Oct.24. 12 Oct. 26. 3 Oct. 15. 1* .sst. EC making report; nopoints computed. ^Oct. 21. « Oct. 14. i Oct. 31; 8 Oct.15, credit for participation in Hurricane Hazel. ^ Oct. 28, 29& 30. 20 Credit for hurricane involvement, Sept. 10-11.2 Credit for participation in tornado emergency, Oct. 11.22 Oct. 18. 23 Oct. 25. ^■i Oct. 3. 25 Oct. 11. 26 Oct. 9-17, com-bined report of all ECs in Nassau Co. 2 Nov. 1. 28 Oct. 23.29 Oct. 30. 30 Oct. 16. 31 Oct. 4. 32 Reported active, but nopoint complete computed. 33 Bettered last years score.

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Centinella Valley, Calif. (W60I) 2 107 Chambly, Laprairie, Vercheres Counties, Que. (VE2KG) 13. i3 315 Charleston, S. C. (W4TWW) i^ Clinton Co., Ind. (W9SKP) 114 Cobb Co., Ga. (W4WRV) 95 Columbia Co., Fla. (W4YNM) 64 Colusa, Calif. (K6CFZ) 25 Cuyahoga Co., Ohio (W8AJH) 402 Dade Co., Fla. (W4IYT)33 415 Daytona Beach, Fla. (V4RWM) 2 74 Daviess Co., Ky. (W4VJV) 86 Douglas Co., Minn. (W0GTX) 81 Duluth, Minn. (W0E.JG) «.33 191 Dutchess Co., N. Y. (W2HZZ) 135 Duval Co., Fla. (W4UHY) « 161 E. La, Calif. (W6RNN) is 107 Elko Co., Nev. (W7PEW) 47 Erie Co., Pa. (W3QN) 6.33 229 Everett, Mass. (WIPJ) 16 92 Fanwood, N. .1. (W2HXP) 61 Fort Worth, Tx (W5CVA) 484 Framingham, Mass. (WIMEG) 60 Frederick, Md. (W3WN) 8 54 Fresno Co., Calif. (W6JPU) 75 Fulton & DeKalb counties, Ga. (W4LXR) 240 Genessee Co., Mich. (W8FP0) 150 Goose Bay Region, Labrador (V06U) 16 80 Great Falls, Mont. (W7DSS) 129 Groveland, Mass. (W1MRQ)33 45 Hamden, Conn. (WINFG) 19 193 Hampton, Va. (W4AJA) 20 86 Harford Co

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Image from page 243 of “Purdue dirt” (1906)
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Identifier: purduedebris00purd_3
Title: Purdue debris
12 Months: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Purdue University
Topics: Purdue University College yearbooks Universities and colleges
Publisher: Lafayette, Ind. : Senior Class of Purdue University
Adding Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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line-upwas still unsettled, but this would not avoid a great exhibi-tion of team act as really as individual starring. Seven-teen men were utilized including these types of coming stars as littleI Ioldie and Robertson. Right end up in this game had been helddown by Frushour, along with his work revealed that the problemof one of many finishes ended up being solved. The final score had been 36 to Gin our favor and every one nevertheless the team ended up being happy. The three men played indeed there during Beloit game but it wasdistinctly available through to the versatile Johnny Johnston wasallowed to show just what he could do indeed there. After his firsttrial he remained truth be told there. About that time I. extended, betterknown as Shorty, left shield, became ill with malaria andhis position ended up being for a while unfilled. Wabash meanwhile had been playing a phenomenalgame, and all sorts of arrangements pointed towards Presbyterians.The scarlet wearers held Illinois and Chicago to remarkablysmall results and found LaFayette with all the full expecta- tion of winning. It absolutely was the initial online game regarding the period to evaluate

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WABASH GAME things of interesl on thai time were, Kings appearance onthe industry prepared for the following online game; Convill declared eligible,and Duke playing right shield. The remaining end place had been nonetheless an issue into the coaches; the mettle for the Purdue Warriors and a large crowd turnedout to witness the contest. The recently obtained Purdueites(Indian Medics) originated in Indianapolis on a particular train and weregiven a royal re-ception by all LaFayette and Pur-due University. Wabash place upa game battle andthe beat she sus-tained had not been atall to the woman dis-credit, but intruth it should besaid that but forthe bad work ofUmpire Burklandthe score wouldhave already been farlarger. Nearly ahundred yardsin penalties is a fearful handicap to virtually any group. Wabashcarried the ball for lows four times, in every various other instances theywere forced to punt because of the perfect defense of Boiler-makers. Allen, Convill and Thomas did the special stunts 218 within online game, Convill specially doing a bit of great grandground gaining. Just once was t

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Blue-ribbon Baby Competition (MSA)
credit history
Image by MissouriStateArchives
Collection Name: Division of Agriculture, Missouri State Fair Range

Photographer/Studio: Unknown

Description: Governor Guy Park stands between the kid and woman scored greatest in the 1933 blue-ribbon Baby competition.

Coverage: Usa – Missouri – Pettis – Sedalia

Date: 1933

Liberties: Copyright is within the community domain.

Credit: Thanks To Missouri State Archives

Image Quantity: Box 14

Institution: Missouri State Archives