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Image from page 293 of “Costume: fanciful, historical, and theatrical” (1906)
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Identifier: costumefancifulh00ariauoft
Title: Costume: fanciful, historic, and theatrical
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Aria, Eliza (Davis) 1866-
Subjects: Costume
Publisher: London Macmillan
Adding Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
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in numerous outfit, andwould yet excel to take into account the advisability ofrehearsing in their frocks on multiple occa-sion before they allow these to accompany themin their particular histrionic obligations. The phase has actually oftentimes had the privilege ofintroducing brand-new fashions, therefore the many apatheticpatron of playhouse is lured to theauditorium by the report of anything brand-new inpetticoats, a great coiffure, and/or newest modishmandate obeyed on page in a belt. MissViolet Vanbrugh may have the credit of bringingto notice the elegant charms of the corselet, andthe trim fascinations associated with stock collar, used withthe right sort of cravat. To Miss Mary Moore Tattribute a revived popularity of the wide blackAlsatian bow ; she w^ore this in velvet in herclever impersonation in Mrs. Gorringes Neck-lace., and all the field of females flocked to seeand to copy ; while her small short-waisted whitemuslin frock, with broad ribbons and puffed sleeves,in Rosemary made that heroine an inevitable

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JULIAN L ESTRANGE AS HERMES. 248 COSTUME CHAP. XX figure at fancy-dress balls for months after theproduction with this dainty small play. Miss LettyLind, Miss Kate Vaughan, and Miss Jessie Mil-ward—I take my instances at random—may allbe counted pioneers. To Kate Vaughan we owethe lace-frilled petticoat, under the influence ofwhich she daintily danced her means into publicfavour. Skip Letty Lind initially wore the accordion-pleated dancing skirt, and Skip Jessie Milwardpopularised the lawn-embroidered collars and cuffs.we forget which Adelphi melodrama she graced withthese trifles, but i’m safe in asserting that she wasthe heroine of the crisis, and ended up being made delighted bywedding bells once the curtain fell. Its simple for us to allow my images in thischapter give me personally my cues for dilating on speciallysplendid productions which it is often my privilegeto enjoy, for Mr. Anderson has been accountable forthe most of these, and his pen features illuminatedthe different hundreds of years with knowledge, infin

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