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Image from web page 137 of “The Street railway record” (1884)
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Identifier: streetrailwayjo201902newy
Title: The Street railroad diary
12 Months: 1884 (1880s)
Topics: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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face. The hands and rim tend to be of cast-steel andthe center of air furnace cast-iron, plus the rate can be increasedto 100 r. p. m. without surpassing the elastic limit of any user. The crank shaft is of fluid-compressed metal, 39 ins. in diameterin the wheel and 34 ins. diameter within the bearings, with a 16-in. holethrough the center. It weighs in at 75,000 lbs. without cranks or wheelhub. The main bearings are lined with babbitt and 60 ins.long. They’ve been built in two parts, a top and a bottom layer, thelatter becoming detachable for relining or repairs by raising the shaft,as currently explained. Underneath layer is water-jacketed, and isso designed which should the babbitt steel have no choice but down, the shaftwill not be unhappy regarding layer. The most stress persquare inch from the projected section of the bearings cannot ex-ceed 250 lbs. An automatic stop is provided, and it is fitted withpressure lubrication for both bearings and cylinders. At three-quarters of rated horse-power a sieam consumption is

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NEW GENERATING SET; ENGINE MADE FOR SUPER-HEATED STEAM guaranteed of 15 lbs. per horse-power per hour, including thewater furnished towards receiver, the first force becoming 165 lbs.and the machine 26 ins. In the event vacuum pressure of 26 ins. is not ob-tained, a credit of .4913 lbs. per square inch of mean effective pres-sure when you look at the low pressure cylinder is to be allowed for each inchthe vacuum drops below 26. The armature of a Westinghouse direct-current generator iscarried in the primary shaft involving the questionable and reasonable pres-sure cylinders. This might be among largest direct-current railroad July 26, 1902.] STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. 119 generators in brand new England. It’s a 24-pole machine of 2700-kwcapacity. The commutator and armature are 12 ft. and 15 ft. indiameter, respectively, and also the complete fat of generator isabout 338,000 pounds. An interesting function associated with the switchboard installation, whichwas also designed by the Westinghouse business, may be the operationof the circuit breakers, w

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Image from web page 88 of “suggestions to servants..” (1843)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: hintstoservants00lond
Title: Hints to servants..
12 Months: 1843 (1840s)
Publisher: Londn
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roentgen upright.But one thing much more, then youve sped,—Get your title up, after that lie in bed ! THE PORTER. If an excellent Minister of StateYour master be, after that guard the gateFrom all but eg teem with newsTo suit his honours celebration views:You judging kindly and genteelly,Those mainly such which i tip most easily. 56 THE HOUSEMAID. From all rest your office differs, is really so exempt from pert vagaries, we cease to write, as stop to believe,— You cost myself scarce one plunge of ink. At the least, thanks to the march of brain, (for which so few today lag behind,) My authors terms, if eer therefore true, Are really much too coarse obtainable. Fain would we produce all their jocoseness, and all sorts of their wit without his grossness. Thus, in which our Dean appears many in rapture, I omit almost half a chapter ; Checking, simply speaking, their worst innovations, To c execute his most useful motives. In lieu of lying, graces, airs,keep mops and pails upon the stairs ;And if some servant break both their shins,What then worry you ?—why, simply two pins !

Text Appearing After Image:
57 THE STEWARD. There is absolutely no servant just like the Steward,For permitting lordships go to leeward;And we neer knew of one so thorough,while he just who served Lord Peterborough ;And therefore, permanently, made that stationA perfect personificationOf every virtue upon earth,That can befriend a guy of beginning.He pulled their Lordships mansion down,-*One for the handsomest around;He marketed the bricks, the flooring and stairs,And charged my Lord when it comes to fixes :Then, to surpass the candies of honey,He lent their Lordship his or her own cash !we spare you much more advice, the rather,Thinking you can not really go fartherThan keep, in most thing you do,Your Masters interest still in view. 58 THE GROOM. Each cooking pot of ale (whod ever believe it, Except your self the when you drink it ? And thinking therefore, take in all the quicker) Tells the credit of your Master. I am talking today, as on a journey You operate by means of their attorney; Through who smith, saddler,—half the county Participate his worships bounty. You might be the herald of their worth, His vast es

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