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Image from web page 225 of “Bell telephone mag” (1922)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: belltelephonemag4344amerrich
Title: Bell telephone mag
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: American Phone and Telegraph Company American Telephone and Telegraph Business. Information Dept
Topics: Telephone
Publisher: [Brand New York, United States Phone and Telegraph Co., etc.]
Adding Library: Prelinger Library
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,credit condition or loan repayment record. This is the model of items to come,and the arrival of those things dependson many facets. This will depend, for example,on exactly how rapidly, if, a nearby bankconverts to computer procedure and de-cides to provide this kind of service to itscustomers. A few finance companies currently arestudying the likelihood. We inside Bell program anticipate thattouch-tone phones for this usage will beavailable in 1966. Of course, once we havealready pointed out, phone centraloffices must be customized to address thenew solution on a general basis. But,if a bank desired to put in the equipmentright now to deliver these types of services, thecentral company wouldn’t need certainly to beequipped for touch-tone. Auxiliarytouch-tone push button sets could beassociated using the familiar rotary-dialphones until these types of time whilst the centraloffice is changed. In that case, the dial Retail store: clerk might phone central com-puter to capture account quantity, price, mer-chandise rule, clerk quantity, credit history.

Text Appearing After-image:
phone could be accustomed phone through tothe computcM-, then your touch-tonephone would take over in feeding datato the computer. The number of choices of touch-tonk phone-computer service are practically unlimited.For example, information retrieval sys-tems may be created for students toobtain details from a librarys computer system.(See Switching Attitudes Toward Col-lege Communications, BTM, Autumn1964.) Health practitioners could get the newest wordon remedy for an ailment from a medicalcenters computer system. Or it can be possibleto actually store by phone—order mer-chandise directly from a stores computersystem. The client would just usehis TOUCH-TONE phone home to trans-mit their identification, credit card numberand the quantity and recognition num-ber regarding the desired merchandise. The storewould costs him later on, most likely by mail.This electronic extension of their fingersand legs could do everything except wrapthe bundle for him—and it may evendo that. Telephones and computers will prob-ably never ever

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Image from page 40 of “Utah : its folks, sources, tourist attractions and organizations” (1915)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: utahitspeopleres001915chur
Title: Utah : its folks, sources, destinations and institutions
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Writers: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Temple Square Bureau of Information
Topics: Mormons Mormon Church
Publisher: Salt Lake City [Utah] : Bureau of data, Temple Block
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Teenage University

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t 500 couple of shoes andshoes each day, and 100dozen garments. Z. C. M. I. has prosperedfrom the commencement. This has weathered the storms of three great commercial panics andseveral company depressions, maintained its credit in chieffinancial and business sectors of country, assisted materially inthe upbuilding of an evergrowing State, and stands today into the frontrank as a thriving, progressive and strenuous organization and en-terprise, the best when you look at the magnificent kingdom of the West.Its motto is: real time and Help to Live. We lllllllll I I Iiiiiiifii Q AiiiiiiiiiL Hotels The resort Utah, a magnificent, thoroughly tire-proof hostelryof 500 areas, erected at a cost of ,250,000, and unsealed in June,1911. No hotel in America features an even more ideal area. Situated im-mediately next door from the Great Mormon Temple withits splendidly held grounds, and inside the heart of the in-teresting and historical spots of the town, but into the very cen-ter for the shopping district.

Text Appearing After Image:
The rates for space without shower, .50 and .00 daily.With bathtub, .00 per day and upwards. Everything when it comes to exceptional solution that could be foundat the newest and extremely most useful resorts for this country—and at sen-sible costs. Underneath the handling of Geo. O. Relf. 38 Resorts. This new Wilson resort is located in the very heart for the business portion of the town

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Image from page 31 of “the storyline for the Pullman automobile” (1917)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: storyofpullmancahusb
Title: The tale associated with Pullman car
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Writers: Husband, Joseph, 1885-1938
Subjects: Pullman Organization Sleeping automobiles (Railroads)
Publisher: Chicago, A. C. McClurg & co.
Adding Library: Boston College Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Early passenger cars, created after the after that commonplace kind ofhorse advisor. These cars had been an element of the train that went regarding for-mal orifice associated with the Mohawk & Hudson Railroad {the initial link ofthe New York Central program) on July 5,1831, inclined-plane unit from the top of just one slope tothe top of some other. Three years later on a prize of ,000 had been offeredby the Baltimore & Ohio business for an Americanengine, additionally the following year a locomotive con-structed by Davis and Gastner won the prize bydrawing fifteen tons in the price of fifteen miles anhour. In 1832, Matthias W. Baldwin, founder of [II] THE STORYLINE OF THE PULLMAN vehicle the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia,designed his very first locomotive, Old Ironsides, forthe Philadelphia, Germantown & Morristown Rail-road; and soon after their second locomotive, the E.

Text Appearing After-image:
One of the first important improvements made by The united states inpassenger vehicles was the introduction of the ** bogie/ or vehicle; theshort curves of the US roads compelling the abandonment ofthe English type of four-wheeled automobile with rigid axles. The illustra-tion shows a bogie* automobile applied to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroadin 1835. L. Miller, ended up being added service on the Southern CarolinaRailroad. The very first passenger solution is put in regularoperation in America needs to be paid into the Charles-ton & Hamburg Railroad within the belated autumn of 1830. [12] BIRTH OF RAILROAD TRANSPORTATION the next year building ended up being started on theBoston & Lowell Railroad, plus exactly the same year apassenger train, earlier mentioned, ended up being put inservice between Albany and Schenectady on newMohawk & Hudson Railroad. The diary of Samuel Breck of Boston, affordsan interesting glimpse for the conditions of contem-porary railroad travel: July 22, 1835. This morning at nine oclock I tookpassage on a railr

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