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Image from page 30 of “Crofutt’s trans-continental tourist’s guide : containing the full and authentic information of over five-hundred towns and cities, cities, villages, channels, government forts and camps, mountains, lakes, rivers, sulphur, soft drink and hot springs, s
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Identifier: crofuttstranscon1873crof
Title: Crofutt’s trans-continental visitor’s guide : containing a full and genuine information of over five-hundred metropolitan areas, cities, villages, programs, government forts and camps, hills, ponds, streams, sulphur, soda and hot springs, scenery, watering locations, summer hotels; where you should try to find and hunt the buffalo, antelope, deer, as well as other games; trout fishing, etc., etc. Indeed, to inform you understanding worth witnessing – locations to see it – locations to go – tips go – and who to avoid with while driving throughout the Union Pacific Railroad, Central Pacific Railroad of Cal., their particular limbs and contacts by phase and liquid, from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean. Illustrated ..
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Writers: Crofutt, George The
Topics: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Mormons
Publisher: New York : George A. Crofutt, Publisher
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Younger University

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—For Central United states Ports on Pacific Coait-aUATAQCIL, CALLAO, VALPARAISO, and Inter-mediate Ports of PEBU and CHILLAt SAN FBANCIS. 0~ForSANDWICH ISLANDS, OBESON.BRITISH COLUMBIA, ALASKA, and NOBTH and SOUTHERN COAST of CALIFORNIA. For Rates of Passage, Datoa of Deiiarture, P;i«saf;o Tickets, orfurther information, ii]>]ily jit tiio workplace, on the Wharf, Pier 42 North Eiver, base of Canal Street, nyc.F. R. BABV, Agrent, Or 1(, S. K. IIOLMAN. Acting Agent. Companys Wharf, cor. Firstand Hrannjin Streets, San J-raneisco. 10 SlITE mill AND THB GREAT OVERLAND RAILROAD, IN EVERY II^IZKS. The Ursest assortment in tbe world, on EzhibitioD and sale at th« YO SEMITE GALLERY, Number 9 Montgomery Street, Lick House, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. CAL.. BV THOMAS HOUSEWORTH & CO., LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS,And TICKET AGENTS for the visit vu wmu nwM m huge trees. Travelers tend to be invited to consult with this Establishm^t ^^*Catalogues of Views absolve to any address. Views ef anypan for the Pacific Coast made-to-order.

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HON. HORACE F. CLARK,PreHident of Union Pacific Railrodd Company. company in Culurado, Wyominor, Montana,Utali, or Nevada, and just one or twoIQ all the various other Statea or Territories.On the <)Llter hand, by the buildinj^ ofthe rond, many huge amount of money havealready fund their way into the Govern-ment coffers, and &ijust twice as much xisxialprice per acre. The us government to-daystands in tlie place of boy whowanted to consume his apple, offer it, and thenjret, credit for providing it away. O gener-owity ! The Union Pacific Railroad. Though but little trust is at firstfelt inside succeesful completion of thisj^reat railway, no-one, presently time,can neglect to appreciate the enterprise which characterized the projjfref-a andfiual conclusion of this road, the loncr-est within the wojjd, and its immense valueto the us government, our very own individuals, andthe world at larjje. Because of the work of 1862, enough time for thecompletion for the road had been specified.The utmost limit ended up being July 1, 1876. Tlie

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Image from web page 79 of “Swedish Day 1916” (1916)
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Identifier: SwedishDay1916
Title: Swedish Day 1916
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Authors: Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive
Topics: Swedish Day 1916 Panama-California Exposition San Diego California
Contributing Library: The Committee of One Hundred Or So
Digitizing Sponsor: Balboa Park Online Collaborative

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OFF, Proprietor prices .00 every day or more; with personal shower, .50 daily and Up; Elevator provider totally free Auto Bus Center Shopping District Residence Phone 2358; Pacific, principal 3678 1161 FIFTH STREET SAN DIEGO, CAL. Residence mobile 4779 Main S86 THE BURNAP HOTEL in the middle associated with the City 238 BROADWAYSAN DIEGO. CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, Cal. All vehicles go the doorway PASADENA:Colorado 1S60 L . A .:Home F 1546; principal 4938 Get a W. B. STIRDIVANT management PHOENIX MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE CO. Of Hartford, Connecticut 908-10 Baker-Detwiler Bldg. LA HARRY NOBLE SOUVENIR HAT Wear it from the tripIt is nifty and great Only prices .00 Write to HERMAN BOSTROM 424 MARSH-STRONG BUILDINGLOS ANGELES THE LIMIT RESTAURANT CORNER BROADWAY AND FRANKLINLOS ANGELES, CAL. ■…-.-.-.. ..•:,. ANTONE SUK g steam-heat Hot and cold-water Phones: principal 4630, Home 4342 s HOTEL WHITE HOUSE 1053 SECOND STREET (Just off-broadway) NORTH PARK, CA Phone Main 3948 QUALITY CONSUMES % Free Telephone in Each area Rates .00 Up

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Top Line, from Remaining to Right—P. Rosell, A. Lauritz, A. Nelson, T. Nerdrum, D. Dahlin, C, Benson.Bottom Row, from Remaining to Right—£. Ohlund, H. Bostrom, J. Axelson, G. Gustafson, A. Dahlim.The Lower Left Corner—A. Hyberg. Lower Right Hand Corner—H. Berggren. S. S. S. HARMONY By David Dahlin, Secretary The Swedish Singing Society Harmony is just a little jewel on the list of SwedishSocieties of Los Angeles. A huge number of individuals of all nationalities have-been present at andgreatly enjoyed the concerts and festivals in the past 12 months, not only inLos Angeles, but also in Pasadena and San Pedro and from now on in hillcrest. The S. S. S. Harmony began its life under great troubles and its own presentsuccess is consequently a lot more appreciated. It had been no easy task to gathertogether good singers, and more tough however to procure just the right director. Much credit is due our current song frontrunner, Mr. John Axelson, and thanksis in addition because of the various track frontrunners before him. All concerts and festivals hav

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Image from web page 74 of “The Canadian nurse” (1905)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: canadiannurse081961cana
Title: The Canadian nursing assistant
12 Months: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Canadian Nurses’ Association
Topics: Nurses Nursing and Nursing Management Periodicals
Publisher: [Ottawa, etc. Canadian Nurses’ Association]
Adding Library: University of Ottawa
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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• HOSPITALS + NURSING STATIONS OTHER WELLNESS CENTRES SOLUTIONS REGISTERED HOSPITAL NURSES, PUBLIC WELLNESS NURSES, AND CERTIFIED AUXILIARY NURSES for roles in Hospitals, Outpost Nursing Stations and wellness Centres inthe Provinces, Eastern Arctic, Northwest and Yukon Territories. SALARIES

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(1) Public wellness Nursing Supervisor II — ,100 to ,460 per annum (21 Public Health Nursing Supervisor we — ,620 to ,160 per annum 131 Directors and Assistant Directors of Hospital Nursing solutions: al Classification III — ,860 to ,400 per annum bl Classification II —,350 to ,860 per annum c) category we — ,900 to ,560 per year 141 Public wellness workforce Nurses(5) Hospital team Nurses — ,600 to ,050 per annum — ,300 to ,750 yearly (61 Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses and NursesAides: up to ,400 yearly depending upon qualifications andlocation of opportunities. • loom, board and washing in residence at reasonable rates. Statu-tory holiday breaks. Three days yearly leave with pay. Ample sickleave credits. Hospital-Medical and superannuation programs offered. e Unique pay and leave allowances for those of you posted to separated areas. For interesting, challenging, satisfying work apply to — Indian andNorthern Health Servic

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