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Image from web page 314 of “Modern battles of Trenton ..” (1895)
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Identifier: modernbattlestre01sack
Title: Modern battles of Trenton ..
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Sackett, William Edgar
Topics: New Jersey — Politics and government 1865-1950 New Jersey — Background 1865-
Publisher: Trenton, N.J. : J.L. Murphy, Printer [etc.]
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as definitely among theelection professionals when thepolls closed that anti-Davis fusion ticket—andCronan—bad won. Allof the polling-places inthe county had beenmanned by Daviss ownappointees, however, andthe numbers returned bythis suborned crowdshowed the election ofDavis by a narrow ma-jority. There is scarcea guy when you look at the county ofeither celebration but understood inhis internal consciousnessthat Daviss heelers andadherents at pollshad fraudulently counted him in; and hosts of Cronans buddies urged him to uncoverthe frauds by demanding through the courtroom a recount regarding the ballotscast throughout the county. Maybe not a person of huge means, how-ever, Cronan did not believe he could bear the pecuniary outlaythat these types of a study would need, and thus it happenedthat, within ten times^^after he’d been declared elected, Davisassumed the duties regarding the shrievalty associated with the county. His succession to the workplace was ihe sign for aggressiveactivity, in political and official circles, of whole rafts of dia-

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Cornelius J. Cronan. 310 MODERN BATTLES OF TRENTON. paid men. That they had been tempted to the surface by theunderstanding that as long as they kept by themselves solid withthe Sheriff, he would note that these were safeguarded from thepursuit for the process of law by their grand juries. No neighborhood hadever suffered such an invasion. The spectacle was one thatenforced the interest in a change in the system of selectingmembers of this essential human anatomy; therefore the Republican Legis-lature of 1888 took the function off their hands and directedthe Judges associated with the courts within the several counties to appointspecial commissioners in each to mention the grand juries.Almost first thing the Democrats performed, on regaining con-trol of the Legislature in 1889, was to repeal the Commissionact and restore the effectiveness of naming the grand juries to theSheriff. Hudson county ended up being therefore once again put at the mercy of thegangs. Saloon doorways had been thrown spacious on Sunday, andthe ears of driving chapel everyone was offended because of the so

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Image from web page 252 of “Residence college of United states history; adopting the rise and achievements of our country through the very first times of development and settlement to the present eventful year ..” (1899)
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Identifier: homeschoolofamer00morr
Title: House school of US history; adopting the growth and achievements of our country from the earliest days of discovery and settlement to the current eventful 12 months ..
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Morris, Charles, 1833-1922
Publisher: Chicago, C. F. Beezley & co
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towards defeat of Cass b-Taylor. The administration of Van Bu-ren had been one of the most unpopulaiwe have actually ever had, and through nofault of their. A lot of theprosperity of Jacksons term wassuperficial. He had already been despotic,as shown inside the removal of theUnited States Bank deposits and theissue associated with specie circular of 1836.Confusion ensued operating, and a period of wild conjecture then followed a distribu-tion regarding the excess inside treasury among the States. The credit system took theplace associated with the cash system, financial institutions sprang up like mushrooms, and an immenseamount of irredeemable money had been added blood circulation. These institutions had been called wild-cat banks, and their particular technique ofdefrauding tlie public ended up being as follows : They bought a number of hundred thousandsof cheap bills which, having cost them practically nothing, they found in offeringhigher costs for general public places than others could spend in gold-and-silver. Theytrusted to risk that their particular expenses will never soon come-back for redemption, but

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MARTIN VAN BUBEN. (1782-1S02.) One term, 1837-18-11. 228 JACKSON, VAN BUREN, HARRISON, AND TYLER. if they performed so, the finance companies were unsuccessful while the hoklers of this notes lost everydollar. The fraud was a deliberate one, although organization for the national bank-ing legislation subsequently renders a repetition of the swindle impossible. THE PANIC OF 1837. Van Buren had been barely inaugurated when the jmnic of 1837 rush upon thecountry. The banking institutions were obligated to suspend specie jDayment, numerous failed, andmercantile houses which had weathered various other economic storms toppled over like ten-pins. In two months the problems in ny and brand new Orleans amounted to0,000,000. At the beginning of May, a deputation of brand new York merchants and bankerscalled upon the President and requested him to place from the number of duties onimported items, to rescind the sjiecie circular, and convene Congress in the hopeof devising measures for relief. All that the President consented to accomplish had been todefer the collection of duties. Instantly the ba

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Image from page 451 of “Harper’s encyclopædia of US history from 458 A.D. to 1906, in relation to the plan of Benson John Lossing ..” (1907)
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Identifier: cu31924024922241
Title: Harper’s encyclopædia of united states of america history from 458 A.D. to 1906, in relation to the plan of Benson John Lossing ..
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Writers: Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Publisher: New York, London, Harper & brothers
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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ttle home comprises in abiding. He informed Franklin that as Spainhouses in those cities; you can create and France had been in perfect agreement hebonfires of them when you please; might communicate easily utilizing the Span-the concern about dropping them won’t modify ish minister, the Count de Aranda. Withmv quality to resist into final the him the commissioners presented key but bar-claim of Parliament. ren interviews as Aranda would only Mr. Strahan, of London, have been a promise the freedom of Spanish ports to sort of go-between through who Dr. Us vessels. Franklin had communicated with Lord Vindication of the Colonies.—On June, North. On July 5, 1776, Franklin penned 15, 1775, Franklin granted listed here to him: you will be a part of Parlia- address into the public: ment, and another of the majority with ^ condemned my nation to destruction. You Forasmuch once the opponents of America in have begun to burn off our towns and murder the Parliament of Great Britain, to ren- 423 rRANKLIN, BENJAMIN

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FRANKLIN ON their WAT TO FRANCE. der united states odious to your country, and provide anill effect people in the thoughts of otherEuropean powers, having represented us asunjust and ungrateful in the highest de-gree; asserting, on every occasion, thatthe colonies had been satisfied at expenseof Britain; that they had been, within expenseof similar, protected in their infancy:that they today ungratefully and unjustlyrefuse to play a role in their protec-tion, therefore the common defence regarding the na-tion; that they intend an abolition of thenavigation functions; and they are fraud-ulent in their commercial transactions, andpropose to cheat their particular lenders in Brit-ain, by steering clear of the payment of theirjust debts; And as by regular repetitions thesegroundless assertions and harmful cal-umnies may, or even contradicted andrefuted, acquire additional credit, and beinjurious throughout European countries towards repu-tation and interest of the Confederate colo-nies, it appears appropriate and essential toexamine them inside our very own only vindication.

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