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Photo from page 387 of “Writings. Collection ed., having his autobiography, keeps in mind on Virginia, legislative manual, main papers, messages and also addresses, and other works, authorities and also exclusive, now gathered and also released in their whole for the
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writingslibrarye01jeffuoft Title:< a href=" "> Writings. Collection ed., containing his autobiography, notes on Virginia, parliamentary guidebook, main documents, messages and addresses, as well as various other works, authorities and personal, now accumulated as well as released in their entirety for the very first time, consisting of all of the initial manuscripts, deposited in the Division of State and published in 1853 by order of the Joint Board of Congress; with various pictures and also a detailed logical indes. Andrew A. Lipscomb, editor-in-chief, Albert Ellery Bergh, taking care of editor
Year: < a href="" > 1903(< a href="" > 1900s )Writers:< a href="" > Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826< a href="" > Bergh, Albert Ellery, 1861-1919< a href="" > Lipscomb, Andrew Adgate, 1854-1915 Topics:. Author:< a href="" > Washington, D.C. Released under the auspices of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Organization Contributing Collection:< a href="" > Robarts- College of Toronto Digitizing Sponsor:< a href="" > MSN View Publication Page:< a href="" rel=

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the honor & credit report of your administrationwhich I deem inseparably attached & with it. TO THOMAS JEFFERSON. Phila., June 6, 1794. Precious Sir,– Since my appointment I have been ex-tremely inhabited in a range of aspects– I had like-wise flatterd myself with the hope I shod, see youbefore my separation till within a day or 2 past– but of this I currently start to despair. I shall sail fromBaltimore, for which place I established out in 4 days hence.T is possible the vessel may not be ready altho I am 794] JAMES MONROE. 303 suggested she is. I really feel incredibly nervous upon the sub-ject of a cypher– our former one remains in a small writingdesk at my home. Can you obtain it & send it after mein situation I do not see you prior to I sail? Danton hasbeen implemented,– the charge the plunder of publickmoney– the King of Prussia taken out– & the Brit-ish driven from Corsica– I will write by the severalsucceeding posts whilst I remain I am yr. caring friend & servt. J A? Monroe. Text Appearing After Image: APPENDIX I. 305 APPENDIX I. SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE CONSTITUTION, & C. ^ Gentlemen, When you did me the honour to choose me into the Convention, to choose for

you after the constitution sent
to the statesfrom Philadelphia, I had not back then examined &it with thatattention its value required, and naturally can give you nodecided point of view respecting it. Other cares had unavoidably takenmy focus from it. After you had reposed that trust in me itbecame my obligation to pay it a more major focus. Having givenit the most effective examination that my limited capacity can, as well as possibly developed in some procedure my opinion appreciating it, subject however to modification when I will be persuaded that I amin an error, I ought to believe myself unpardonable if I witheld it fromyou. To you it comes from accept or remedy this opinion, for * Containing Monroes objections to the Constitution, intended to have beenaddressed to his components 8 or ten days before the conference of the Vi Note Regarding Images Please keep in mind that these images are drawn out from checked web page photos that might have been electronically improved for readability- coloration as well as look of these images may not completely look like the original work. Photo from page 313 of “Background of

the twenty 3rd Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, Birney’s Zouaves; 3 months & three years solution, Civil Battle “( 1904)< img alt=" right credit rating mistakes "src="" width=" 400"/ > Picture by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: cu31924030914091. Title:< a href ="" > History of the twenty third Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, Birney’s Zouaves; 3 months &
3 years service, Civil Battle Year:< a href="" > 1904(< a href="" > 1900s) Authors: Pennsylvania infantry. 23d regt.,( 1861-1864) Topics:< a href="" > United States. Military Pennsylvania Infantry Program, 23rd( 1861-1865) Publisher:< a href="" > [n.p: s.l. Contributing Collection:< a href="" > Cornell University Collection Digitizing Enroller:< a href="" > MSN Sight Publication Page:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Book Customer Concerning This Publication:< a href="" rel =" nofollow ">
Brochure Entry View All Images:< a href="" > All Pictures From Publication Visit this site to< a href="" rel=” nofollow” > sight publication online to see this picture in context in a browseable onlinevariation of this book. Text Appearing Before Photo: ds, two years ago, on the occasion of the introduction of the monu-ment of the Twenty-third Pennsylvania program, I took occasion torefer to an injustice which had been accidentally done us, in the reportof the fight by the Military Commander. As the remarks I after that made 808 HISTORY OF THE
TWENTY-THIRD ROUTINE in reference to the Twenty-third Regiment are appHcable to every

and also allthe routines of our Brigade, I quote them verbatim. After speakinga word of praise on behalf of General Doubleday, of the First Corps, and General Sickles, of the Third Corps, for the solutions they renderedon the initial and second days respectively, I say, As well as while claimingthis special acknowledgment for them, I have a much less pleasing, however to you amore important duty to carry out, and that is, to demand an officialrecognition of the solutions, in this battle, of the Brigade to which youwere attached. The pupil that in future years browses the officialreports as well as records in the War Division, will certainly there locate tape-recorded. Text Showing up After Picture: Gulps Hill. This was the second placement of Shalers Brigade. On its arrival hereGeneral Geary of the 12th Corps positioned it in the ravine instantly inrear of this placement. Throughout the early morning the programs of the brigadewere engaged in the breastworks, which will certainly be observed runningalong just below the brow of capital towards a huge boulder in theworks. It continued to be here as eliminating regiments, till purchased to leftcentre, in support of ist Corps during repulse of Picketts fee. over the trademark of the commander of the Army of the Potomac, that in the battle of Gettysburg, Wheatons Brigade was bought tothe right, to assist in driving back the opponent and also in taking back the works.In various other words the soldiers of Wheatons Brigade were credited, inthe main report of the battle, with the solution executed by yourBrigade. After discovering of this error, I talked with General Meadeabout it, at an ^ rmy get-together, kept in Boston 9 years after the battle, and also he promised to have his record remedied. I Keep in mind Concerning Images Please keep in mind that these pictures are removed from scanned page pictures that could have been electronically improved for readability -coloration and look of these pictures could not completely resemble the initial job.