Image from page 1400 of “Hardware merchandising January-March 1916” (1916)

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Image from web page 1400 of “Hardware merchandising January-March 1916” (1916)
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Identifier: hardmerchjanmar1916toro
Title: Equipment merchandising January-March 1916
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Topics: Hardware business Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Adding Collection: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

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To assist you Sell much more Paint Every Canada Paint Agent has received ourbig broadside illustrating dealer helps thatwill allow each to offer even more CANADA PAINT Send for people who you will need now—link upyour store, thoroughly not wastefuUy, w^ithour huge Consumer venture and acquire yourshare associated with the profits. To-day could be the day toGet Out to get Under. The Canada Paint business, restricted 572 William Street, Montreal112 Sutherland Avenue, Winnipeg 7/ intereeted, tear-out this site and hold with letters to-be anmoersd. April 8, 1916. EQUIPMENT AND METAL 67 OLrnkheaii^

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100% product sales Increase on Pratt &Lambert Varnishes during 1915 THATS the result of last many years businesson Pratt & Lambert Varnishes in thestore ofW.A.Wilson& Sons, Wheeling,W. Va. Considering which they arecarload purchasers, 100per cent product sales boost meanssomething! The product sales of Vitralite, 61Floor Varnish and 38 Preservative Varnishran way ahead of every other similar productsthat the Wilson folks ever handled. Mr.Wilson credits this result to Pratt & Lambertadvertising, making the varnishes ofreal quality proven to everyone. Then purchase some ready-made salesw^hen you buy varnish? You can do it byhandling Pratt &, Lambert Varnishes. Write for Complete Pratt & LambertDealers Proposition. Pratt & Lambert-Inc. Varnish Makers 67 Years24 Courtwright St., Bridgeburg, Ont. PrdttalambertUdmishpiioposition iQualiiyL Sales iProfits 1 Repeats*** Factories: Bridgeburg, Ontario nyc Buffalo Chicago London Paris Hamburg // curious, tear out these pages and keep with lett

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Image from page 448 of “Journal of electrical energy, power, and gas” (1899)
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Identifier: journalofele241251910paci
Title: Journal of electrical energy, energy, and gasoline
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Writers: Pacific Coast Electric Transmission Association
Subjects: Electrical manufacturing Electricity Gas manufacture and works
Publisher: San Francisco : Specialized Pub. Co.
Adding Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: California State Library Califa/LSTA Grant

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age Northern Electrical business has the distinc-tion to be a carefully California corporation; thatis, it had been founded and it is owned and run by Cali-fornia passions. The government workplaces have reached san francisco bay area; thepresident is Mr. E. R. Lilienthal; the vice-president,Mr. Louis Sloss, while the secretary, Mr. NormanLogan. The actual operation of the system is under thesupervision associated with basic manager and purchasing broker, Mr. A. D. Schindler, whoever office is within SanFrancisco, and who’s accountable for the admirableresults received. He has got an able assistant in Mr. Mel-ville Dozier, whoever headquarters are in Mulberry. Mr.J. P. Edwards is, as before claimed, the electrical andmechanical professional, and him flow from the credit ofthe design and construction associated with varous electricaland technical features. Most of these men have actually because of the publisher everyassistance feasible in his try to make an accurateand creditable description with this sjstem, of which ailCalifornians may feel happy.

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Five-Car Northern Electrical Train. 392 JOURNAL OF ELECTRICITY, POWER AND GAS [ Vol. XXIV—No. 17 THE WATTHOUR METER. BY WM. M. SHEPARD AND ALLEN G. JONES. CHAPTER VI.MISCELLANEOUS. (Continued.) The Pre-Payment Watthour Meter. The prepayment device as applied to the gasmeter has actually shown its usefiihiess after a numberof several years of service, it becoming particularly important incities where many of consumers are transient resi-dents, also in which those served find it a burdento result in the normal monthly payments, preferring topay as occasion needs. The slow introduction ofprepayment electric yards was partly because thelimited need, because often the course of peoplethat have used electricity for light, power, heat-ing and cooking haven’t been for the type that woulddesire or that could warrant the installation of pre-payment yards. Today electricity occupies these types of overseas industry it might be reported to be used by all classes

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Image from page 147 of “The community capitol; a course for American unity” (1921)
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Identifier: cu31924013104199
Title: The community capitol; a program for American unity
12 Months: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Kelly, Melville Clyde, 1881-
Subjects: Community facilities Farm produce
Publisher: Pittsburgh, The Mayflower hit
Adding Library: Cornell University Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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f mankind up against the oppression ofplutocracy. It will be the means where all Amer-icans may have equal rights, with unique privi-leges to not one. It makes feasible the effectiverecognition that employees tend to be more valuable than 126 The Community Capitol. workshops, miners mightier than mines, menholier than machines and people higher thanpossessions. It really is a reconciliation, a reaffirma-tion, a restoration and a recovery of the democ-racy where all our institutions tend to be created. The city capitol tends to make real the reli-gion of democracy, the faith of peace onearth, good might to men. The sound regarding the peo-ple, no further throttled and fettered by division,becomes certainly the voice of Jesus. It offers allof united states the right to make of our mistakes, laddersinstead of millstones, even as we workout throughneighborly advice and mutual assist the measures bywhich The united states, torchbearer around the globe, mayfollow that Progress, the onwardstride of Almighty God. Component IIIFood Goods from Farm to Pantry

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O S tJ i! r/j 3 ■A •Q O ^ u ^5 o H 0) tf 01 H n & p 0 [-, o d! ffl Ph m S a o ^ oi ri fcn iR III. FOOD PRODUCTS FROM FARM TOPANTRY. In most American domiciles the highcost of lifestyle is still a tragedy. The prices ofthe necessaries of life being skyrocketeduntil obtained become luxuries to many per-sons. During the Great War it absolutely was consideredpatriotic to just accept the mounting costs of foodwith a smile in addition to remark, Its the war. Itwill be-all correct after ward. But afterwardsis right here. The young men tend to be back but reasonableprices are not. Amidst disorganization of in-dustry and deflation of credit, the customer suf-fers extortion. We speak about cold figures. The numbers ofthe retail price listings of meals products tend to be flaminghot and gleam purple in eyes of each and every man towhom they imply privation and struggling forhimself and people dependent on him. Wage-earners and persons with fixed incomes arecrushed beneath this burden. To them the highcost of living is but another name for reasonable w

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