Image from page 223 of “The industries of Saint-Louis: her advantages, sources, services, and commercial relations as a center of trade and make;” (1885)

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Image from web page 223 of “The companies of Saint-Louis: her benefits, resources, services, and commercial relations as a center of trade and make;” (1885)
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Identifier: industriesofsain00morr
Title: The sectors of Saint Louis: the woman benefits, resources, facilities, and commercial relations as a center of trade and make;
12 Months: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: [Morrison, Andrew and Irwin, John H. C.] [from old catalog]
Publisher: St. Loius, J. M. Elstner & co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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ummiskey, wiiohas occupied that place for fourteen years, as well as six many years prior thereto had been affixed tothe household in a clerical ability. The past four many years the institution was located at 617 Chestnut road, nearlyopposite the true home Exchange, the centre of trade in this range. Your house features theentire charge of numerous estates of opulent non-residents. Besides, the home has fee of avariety of important store home through the wholesale company area on 2nd andThird roads, and. of residence property atlanta divorce attorneys residence area in the town. Thefirm has at all times money to loan on property into the town and county, and tends to make product sales,collects rents, and usually attends to residential property entrusted to its guidance within St.Louis and also the county exterior. The standing for the firm is of this greatest in businesscircles, and reputation of the people in your house is of experienced, painstakingand lively business guys. 2l8 THE INDUSTRIES OF ST. LOUIS.

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THE BELMONT NAIL COMPANY. Wlieeliii}?, western Virginia* St. Louis Braiuh, J no A. (iibney, Aj^ciit: 310 Norili Third Slreet. The works associated with Belmont Nail business at Wheeling, western Virginia, cover thirty acresand use 1,000 fingers. Tleir capacity is 350,000 kegs yearly. The majority of this productis sold in St. Louis in addition to area furnished from this. The business has recently embarked when you look at the manufacture of steel nailsexclusively, and are also nowerecting Bessemer metal ma-chinery for the purpose. John A. Gibney is thegeneral telemarketer of thecom|iany at this point. Helias tilled that post for somenineteen many years, handlingwhile hence involved almostthe entire output of works.Pormerly, whenever only ironnails had been created by the com-pany, a large stock was car-ried available right here, hut tiie steel fingernails are in such need so it has not been possible to ac-cumulate a stock. The Belmont companys works would be the oldest in Wheeling, and probably for the West.They also are of the most useful capacity. Just before 18

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Image from web page 298 of “The street railroad review” (1891)
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Identifier: streetrailway03amer
Title: The street railway analysis
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: American Street Railway Association Street Railway Accountants’ Association of America American Railway, Mechanical, and Electric Association
Subjects: Street-railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Street Railway Evaluation Pub. Co
Adding Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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hesame gallery is the remote light division, displayingthe standard type incandescent device while the brand-new typesof direct-driven isolated lighting tnachinery. The alter- direct machine-made, and loaned toward General Electricby the latest York Illuminating Company. It has beenn solution 11 many years and you will be returned to again simply take uphard work. The Edison column of light, which types the centralattraction associated with the main floor, is planned following the Germantower of success. Below in the collonade the beautifuldisplay of electric glass ware additionally the surmounting glasslamp of 30,000 pieces forms a never to be forgottensight. The sum total space occupied is 300 by 350 legs in theElectricity building, form track space south of theTransportation plus the exhibits within the second building.The intramural road and energy house is also_cataloguedas an exhibit. Lieutenant Spencers work has-been magnificentlycarried away and grand display will entice the thous-ands it offers designed to touch and thrill.

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CAR HOME AND TRACKS REGARDING THE INTRAMURAL RAILWAY—SHOW ING CURVES. naling plant east associated with the center includes an immediate drivenalternator regarding the a Mcintosh-Seymour en-gine. In the same course of screen are definitely operatedthe Edison kind engine, the Lake Erie, together with M. C.Bullock engines straight to General Electrical multipo-lar generators, that have the latest iron clad arma-tures. This engine-generator display is in machineryhall and types a really interesting function regarding the initialpower supply. At the conclusion of the east screen is the extremely interestingmarine exhibit, listed below are shown the ship burning plantsboth direct and belt-driven, and search lights, with theprojector recovered through the U. S. S. Trenton, wreckedoff the Samoan isles. Additionally there is a fine screen of hoist, drill and electriclocomotive specialties into the room towards the Northwest ofthe center. The 3 period device is really repre-sented. North associated with the center may be the incandescent three wire sys-tem. The grand

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