Image from page 101 of “The brand-new book of the pet dog: an extensive nature of British canines and their international loved ones, with chapters on regulation, reproducing, kennel monitoring, as well as vet treatment” (1911).

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Picture from web page 101 of “The brand-new book of the dog: an extensive all-natural background of British dogs as well as their international family members, with phases on law, breeding, kennel management, as well as vet therapy” (1911)
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Title: < a href= "" > The brand-new publication of the dog: a thorough nature of British pets as well as their international relatives, with chapters on legislation, reproducing, kennel administration, and veterinary treatment Year: < a href="" > 1911(< a href="" > 1910s) Writers:< a href="" > Leighton, Robert, 1859-1934 Subjects:< a href="" > Dogs Publisher:< a href=" ” > London New york city: Cassell Contributing Collection: < a href ="" > Webster Household Collection of Vet Medication
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Tufts University Sight Book Page: < a href="" rel=" nofollow"
> Book Audience Concerning This Book:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Brochure Entrance View All Images:< a href="" > All Photos From Publication Click on this link to< a href="" rel=" nofollow "> view publication online to see this picture in context in a browseable online variationof this publication. Text Showing up Prior to Photo: Kings Child and also The Viking; therough-coated bitch, Judith Inman, and also thesmooth Viola, the last-named the finestspecimen of her sex that has actually most likely everbeen seen. These canines and also bitches, withseveral others, were distributed all overEngland, with the exemption of Klingsorwho went to South Africa. Mr. J. W. Proctor, of Mobberley, pur-chased Tannhauser and also Viola, but theyare, regrettably, both dead, as also areNarcissus and Wolfram. Messrs. Scott andKostin, that got Leontes as well as The Viking, with Judith Inman, have actually been much more fortu-nate, as both first-named are both aliveat this time around of writing, the former one of 72 THE BRAND-NEW BOOK OF THE PET DOG. the finest rough-coated pets before thepublic. The Kings Boy, that was a greatfavourite with the late Dr. Inman, re-mained at residence, as well as his bones are pro-bably to be discovered beneath the turf in somequiet corner in the grounds of BowdenPriory. Nearly all the finest St. Bernards in GreatBritain at the present time have beenbred or are descended from the Bowden

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A FIVE MONTHS OLD KID OFCH. LEONTES. canines. Mrs. Lawson, of Swansea, has beenvery successful in breeding with the stress, This girl possessed Cinq Mars, that is nowthe residential property of Mrs. Parker, for whom hehas been doing a big quantity of winning.Mrs. Parker additionally has in her possessionChrysantheme and also Queen Isabel, two of thebest of their variety; whilst various other success-ful dog breeders as well as exhibitors are Mr. H.Stockin, Mr. D. W. Davies, Mr. G. Sinclair– the owner of Lord Montgomery, the Cham-pion at the Crystal Palace and also Edinburghin 1906– Mr. James Redwood, Miss L. T.Vere, Mr. E. H. Walbrook, Mr. W. H.Bennett, Mrs. Duncan King, Mrs. Jagger– whose popular canine, Florentius, passed away atten years old while these lines werebeing composed– Mr. J. S. W. Harding, Colonel Williamson, and Mr. J. Muir. The following is the description of theSt. Bernard as prepared by the members ofthe St. Bernard Club: Head.– The head ought to be big as well as substantial, the circumference of the skull being a lot more thandouble the lengt

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Picture from web page 149 of “The grange of St. Giles, the Bass: and the various other baronial homes of the Dick-Lauder household” (1898)
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< img alt=" acquire home" src="" size=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href="" > Internet Archive Publication Images Identifier: grangeofstgilesb00smit Title: The grange of St. Giles, the Bass: as well as the various other baronial residences of the Dick-Lauder household Year:< a href ="" > 1898(< a href="" > 1890s) Authors:< a href="" > Smith, Jane Stewart Subjects:< a href="" > Penis household< a href="" > Lauder household< a href="" > St. Giles Grange( Scotland) Publisher:< a href="" > Edinburgh: Printed for the author by T. and also A. Constable Contributing Library:< a href= "" > Allen County Public Collection Genealogy Facility Digitizing Enroller:< a href="" > Net Archive Sight Publication Web page:< a href=" ” rel =” nofollow
” > BookVisitor About This Book:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Brochure Entry Sight All Images:< a href= "" > All Photos From Publication Click on this link to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > view publication online to see this image in context in a browseable online
variation of this publication. Text Appearing Prior to Picture: ir nests in unmolestedpeacefulness and
protection. However a change atlength came the scene, andwith fixings and changes came likewise human voices calling via thedeserted halls, and human kinds were quickly seen flitting within its chambers.Then it was known to the wayfarers and holiday pedestrians who enjoyed itsseclusion that Craighouse of Plewlands was let. 104 SIR ANDREW DICK OF CRAIGHOUSE Loving hearts brought back the sensation of residence, and also tender hands stayedthe devastations of Time within the quaintly-beautiful yard– almost solemn in. thedepth of its darkness as well as the stateliness of its hedges and stunning trees.The dear, old-fashioned flowers lifted their sagging heads again, and also the grassybanks around them quickly reclaimed their soft qualities and also their verdure. Yet a weirdand creepy influence had actually crept about the place, which it never wholly lostespecially about the lower apartment or condos, the whole under-flat being risen, andat that time extremely dark and also gloomy– fearfully symptomatic of rats. Text Showing up After Photo: Such was the old Manor-House of Craig when the supervisors of the Edin-burgh Asylum bought the building in 1878.

As well as great, without a doubt, have beenthe modifications that have actually overlooked it ever since. The ancient wall surfaces of solidmasonry are still undamaged, as well as the inside of the old mansion has been recovered, enhanced, and provided habitable, with one of the most admirable discriminationand regard to its previous characteristics. Every sixteenth and also seventeenthcentury function has actually been preserved, and also a number of its previous appeals brought tolight during the remediation. As an example, when the workers strippedoff the contemporary wallpaper, canvas, and plaster, they uncovered eleven curiousold paintings on the initial oak-panelled wall surfaces, done in the ornamental style of a SIR ANDREW COCK OF CRAIGHOUSE 105 former duration, with temples, columns, trees, water fountains, falls, caverns, etc., which had been hidden from view for several long years. It is hard atpresent to inform whether they were paintinged by George For Keep in mind Regarding Images Please keep in mind that these images are extracted from checked page photos that might have been digitally improved for readability- coloration and look of these images might not flawlessly resemble the original work.