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Image from page 386 of “Winter India” (1903)
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Identifier: winterindia00scid
Title: Winter Months India
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Writers: Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah, 1856-1928
Subjects: India — information and travel
Publisher: New York : The Century Co.
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
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vegetable, metal, and pottery bazaars, strungdown the center of an extensive street, were facilities of lifeand uproar; nevertheless regional guide bore united states off to theAvorkshop of a carpet-weaver,—poor program after Am-ritsar, Lahore, and Agras industrial facilities,—and to thegate for the chief wood-carver which executes Americanorders for interior designs. There was clearly holidayor personal bankruptcy on for the day, but much search-ing and pounding on mute doors finally produceda lank Moslem with an integral, which launched a fantastic roomcontaining a table, a book of designs, and four carvedchairs, tagged with price-marks five times those ofthe Lahore Art class. We searched the metal ba-zaars and all the brass-shops when it comes to pierced screensthat a winter-touring M. P. lauds as a local niche.In clouds of hot dust we drove here and there,hunting the popular kincob-shops, walking througharchways to alleys and ill-smelling process of law and cul-de-sacs, in which little dealers had bundles of creasedsamples of tawdry, wall-papery brocades. Others

Text Appearing After Image:
MOUNT ABU AND AHMEDABAD 367 shook squares of tinselly stuffs from top windows,and shouted, Fifteen rupees! per damagedremnant. The smells of these byways had been invita-tion to and guarantee of every pestilence, as well as in onedamp, fetid part that we retreated from abruptlyeven the glib guide appeared to smell something or two.* Phew! the drains! the drains! What an extremely badmunicipal! and then we never wondered your nativestates reveal such an excellent decrease of population dur-ing the last five years for the century, while thebubonic plague raged. At the busy garments bazaar, tinsel caps and orangejackets for little men had been the deals of this daythat crowds of people had been competing for, and more and morepeddlers were opening rainbow packages and preparingfor a night bazaar. We had done our duty bythe places and shows of Ahmedabad; we’d had ourfill of local color and smells; and we also drove right back torest on comfortable section. Our guide and thebearer had been bewildered, and the latter tearful atour wasting

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Image from page 901 of “Electric railroad record” (1908)
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: electricrailway551920newy
Title: Electric railway record
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: Electric railroads
Publisher: [Brand New York] McGraw Hill Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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he ramifications of that mess andstew today’s feud had been born.There ended up being nothing that Nelson likedbetter than good and healthy andextended feud. Have actually we perhaps not alreadytold you that he also had been enlisted in AS SUBJECT for 2nd■■ of their group of researches on theelectric traction circumstance when you look at the UnitedStates Mr. Hungerford features selectedKansas City. He’s got found that inthis city some unique problemswere is met, and Colonel Kealy hasmet all of them. A two-fisted fellow iswhat Mr. Hungerford calls the presi-dent associated with the Kansas City Railways, butconstructive fighters were needed inKansas town along with in other places, andColonel Kealy is winning aside. the clan associated with two-fisted? Thestreet railroad line ended up being near to hisheart. He was huge and personallyvery popular. He’d sight, too—the neat rows of exquisite littlehouses into the Rockhill section ofKansas City are proof sufficient ofthis. Incidentally those houses weremade functional by the expansion of thetrolley system to their doors. Every one of

Text Appearing After-image:
Colonel Kealys energy sources are not restricted to Kansas City, but he could be helping the as an officer and a lot of energetic worker of this United states Electric Railway Association.. which periodically got by ColonelNelson. Not many things, however, havegone by the other colonel. The rea-son exactly why is so simple as become obvious. Kealy cant manage to let them getby. For longer than a-year now hehas been facing four big things,almost any one of them terrificenough to scare an ordinary streetrailway and a typical street rail-way president into personal bankruptcy andruin. Influenza epidemics, long-con-tinued epidemics of work problems,the severest kind of automobile andjitney competitors and the steadilygrowing prices of gas, raw materialand labor. Not that these thingshave perhaps not counted—and counted big.From a healthy small working sur-plus, in some thing over two yearsthe road came to a spot in which inthe year ended June 30, last, it hadachieved an actual operating deficitof 5,000, to state nothing of tu

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Image from web page 841 of “The Saturday night post” (1839)
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: saturdayeveningp1933unse
Title: The Saturday evening post
12 Months: 1839 (1830s)
Publisher: Philadelphia : G. Graham
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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ket because of their stock, now situated during the place of man-agement, and carried on funding associated with brand-new aggregation—in Boston, Philadelphia or Baltimore—and had these untilthe beginning of Wall and wide streets twenty-five years back,at enough time when international capitals grasp on The united states beganto loosen with general railway bankruptcy and Americancapital began to arrive—through the financial institutions, cost savings banksand insurance companies—in a national market for securi-ties in New York. Immediately after that the great general floodof free, separate, wild American money began toturn toward wide Street—coming, as not all the may know,in addition associated with the Mississippi Valley. If you will go back and spot your self in seventiesor eighties, anywhere away from greater cities, with fivethousand bucks within hand to spend you are going to start atonce to comprehend this movement. Within the seventies or eighties and/or nineties perhaps the stockor even bonds of corporations had small significance WETM ilmirm<sir

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COPYRIGHT with UNDERWOOD d YORK CITY wide Street along with its Curb marketplace in Session towards the normal People in america brain, and just what significancethey carried wasn’t pleasant. The only great obviousplace for investment, in a half vacant and growing nation,was land therefore the land mortgage. Land and productsof land had a meaning to one hundred males, in which one wouldhave the faintest understanding of a corporate stock. Andso it came about your first wild, indigenous Americancapital began very first to show its attention toward graspingthe future of America through business shares by way ofthe great, rich, alluvial, cereal-producing plains in thecenter of the country—following the creation and intro-duction toward uses of agriculture of that commonly knownimplement, the alleged stock ticker. This innovative electric tool ended up being, the recordsshow, very first utilized in crude kind for purposes of trans-mitting stock quotations in nyc in 1867. Its use,however, proved restricted here, due to the restricted

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