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Image from web page 15 of “Punch” (1841)
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Identifier: punch08lemo
Title: Punch
12 Months: 1841 (1840s)
Writers: Lemon, Mark, 1809-1870 Mayhew, Henry, 1812-1887 Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 Brooks, Shirley, 1815-1874 Burnand, F. C. (Francis Cowley), 1836-1917 Seaman, Owen
Publisher: [London : Punch Publications, etc.]
Adding Library: Harold B. Lee Library
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[Numerous robberies op attornhks chambers in Lincolns Inn. The thieves saying the house once the attorneys next of km.|Mr. S. Buckingham deniks inside Timet ms experience of; TUB FAILURE OF HIS NEIGHBOUR WhITMARSII. Mr. S. U. Stating! ^ fl [that the Institute ia not next door to personal bankruptcy.] The thieves haunt in West-street, razed. The floor becoming! a capital plot for a Newgate novelist to build three tales ujion.Mu>stkr Train. Yesterday a carriage containing one traveler left the terminus of Kensington Railway !Proposals to regulate the number of passengers on steamers.1 lUtlier premature. Why don’t you wait till a boat-load visits underneath ?|Dr. Lamb, aged SO, has actually lived and brought up a family group on ve talie diet. Ha ! we come across: Lamb and greens.The Ministerial White-bait dinner. Brougham, being an excellent kid, had been permitted to are available with all the i!cs*ert.Novel Punishment. A new lady, having married hrr dads font man, had been lately sentenced to Mrs. Ellis Wives of England for a^iinnnn

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Image from page 174 of “The typography of commercials that pay : how to pick and combine type faces, engravings and all sorts of another technical elements of modern-day ad building” (1917)
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Identifier: typographyofadve00farr
Title: The typography of adverts that pay : how to choose and combine type deals with, engravings and all sorts of others mechanical components of contemporary ad construction
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Writers: Farrar, Gilbert Powderly, 1886-
Subjects: Advertising Type and type-founding Typesetting
Publisher: New York London : D. Appleton and organization
Adding Library: Duke University Libraries
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Written by arw^* we 1 t« Treasurer They call me a Tightwad we now have plenty of young lovers working depart-ments, that would drive us into bankruptcy in annually ifI didnt pose all of them on th^ carpet about once a month andput the fear of Banl. Stability to their souls. ThePresident could be the worst of the great deal. Get results! he yells;hang the cost. The advertising supervisor, in his expansive, free handedway, was going to send 100 formletters on our most useful, lithographed, 18c a pound stationery.After some sort words from me, he found a splendidpaper, company and fine in surface, with a quality experience andrattle, that costs under 9c a pound, east associated with Missis-sippi. We didnt save any money for he sent out two times asmany letters alternatively. That presents what I need cope with. The report isHammermill Bondform let- 115(8)80© .;:…-. Send for a very important book, The Signal System, and fora big portfolio of samples in 12 colors, including types,letterheads, etc., suitable for your busines

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Image from page 444 of “Canada, the kingdom for the North; becoming the intimate tale associated with the brand new dominion’s development from colony to kingdom” (1909)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: canadaempireofno00laut
Title: Canada, the kingdom regarding the North; being the enchanting story of the brand new dominion’s growth from colony to kingdom
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: Laut, Agnes C. (Agnes Christina), 1871-1936
Topics: Canada — History
Publisher: Boston, London : Ginn and company
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
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ally your English federal government informed the rivalsto discover some basis of union, which virtually designed that when theinvestigations under way were pressed to extremes, both sidesmight are in uncomfortable plight ; nevertheless the fight hadgone beyond the time of pure commercialism. It absolutely was today amatter of deadly personal hate between man and man, which,i’m sorry to say, is held clown because of the descendantsof the old fighters nearly to the current day. Each side hopedto drive another to bankruptcy ; and the final throes of the IN ATHABASCA 401 deadly fight were to stay in Athabasca, the richest fur industry.While Selkirk is fighting their cause in the courts, he givesRobertson carte blanche to gather 2 hundred even more Frenchvoyageurs and check out the Athabasca. Midsummer of 1819 discovers the stalwart Robertson crossingLake Winnipeg to ascend the Saskatchewan. Within mouth ofthe Saskatchewan a miserable remnant of terrified guys fromthe last Athabasca journey is added to Robertsons celebration;

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MONITORING ON ATHABASCA RIVER and John Clarke, breathing death and destruction against theNorwesters, goes along as lieutenant to Robertson. Every-where are signs of the lawless circumstances associated with fur trade.Not an Indian dare speak to a Hudsons Bay guy on discomfort ofhorsewhipping. In place of canoes gliding up and down theSaskatchewan like wild birds of passage, reign a silence and soli-tude by the dead. Though Robertson bids his voyageurssing and fire off muskets as signals for trade, maybe not a soul comesdown to your river banks till the fleet of advancing dealers iswell out of the Saskatchewan and halfway across theheight of land to the Athabasca. 4-02 CANADA: THE KINGDOM OF NORTH The amazement of the Norwesters at Fort Chippewyan inAthabasca when Robertson pulled ashore on conglomerationof huts known as Fort Wedderburn, are guessed. Two orthree of the partners ran clown into coast and called down thatthey wish to parley ; but John Clarke, filled up with memoryof previous outra

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